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Joyce Hoen
Homepage Link
Phone: 31575516479
Oudewand 19
Zutphen, 7201 LJ,  
Best way to contact: Email
Short Bio: Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S maintains an interesting website. Visit - She is based in the Netherlands where she has a fulltime practice besides teaching astrology online
Astrologer since 1975.
Credentials: Diplom Faculty of Astrological Studies (1986)
Memberships: ISAR
Consulting Services: In Person
By Mail
Cassette readings and personal readings in Amsterdam. $100 by creditcard or banktransfer
Books: Medische astrologie voor professionele niet medische astrologen, CHTA 1999, ISBN 90-90129065
Articles: For all online articles visit  
Upcoming Lectures: ISAR October 2000
Enschede, NL, Astron, October 2000
Available Tapes: sold out
Classes Offered: A 4 year astrology course in Amsterdam, Zutphen and by email (online)
Special Astrology Interests: Editor of weekly email newsletter for ISAR.

Work with a group of astrology students both online as well as through weekend in the Netherlands, organization CHTA - Center for Humanistic & Transpersonal Astrology
My favorite astrology book: Dane Rudhyar, an astrological Mandala, Ray Merriman, Evolutionary Astrology, and others



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