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Astrology by Hand


Astrology by Hand 1
by Rob Hand
One of the most respected astrologers in the world examines astrology's relationship to science. 6/17/2000
Astrology by Hand 2
by Rob Hand
Astrologer Robert Hand continues his examination of the relationship between astrology and science. 6/24/2000
Astrology by Hand 3
by Rob Hand
Astrologer Rob Hand takes a look at psychological and humanistic astrology as a challenge to science. 7/1/2000
Astrology by Hand 4
by Rob Hand
Astrologer Rob Hand continues his discussion of the relationship between astrology and science, and the changes astrology has undergone in an attempt to bring the two studies together. 7/8/2000
Astrology by Hand 5
by Rob Hand
Rob Hand continues his discussion of the conflicts between astrology and science with an examination of horary astrology. 7/15/2000
Astrology by Hand 6
by Rob Hand
Rob Hand continues his discussion of horary astrology and its connections to other branches of astrology and to science. 7/22/2000
Astrology by Hand 7
by Rob Hand
Rob takes a time out from his discussion of horary to look into the idea of action-at-a-distance in physics, and how it relates to astrology. 7/29/2000
Astrology by Hand 8
by Rob Hand
Rob continues to answer reader feedback, this time addressing a letter about psychological astrology written by psychologist and astrologer Glenn Perry, Ph.D. 8/5/2000
Astrology by Hand 9
by Rob Hand
Rob returns to his discussion of horary astrology and the particular challenges it makes to astrology's acceptance by science. 8/12/2000
Astrology by Hand 10
by Rob Hand
Rob discusses what he believes to be the most common reason for errors made in chart readings. 8/19/2000
Astrology by Hand 11
by Rob Hand
Rob continues his discussion of the relationship between the mind of the client or questioner and the chart, and begins to explore the connection between astrology and magic. 8/26/2000
Astrology by Hand 12
by Rob Hand
Rob continues his discussion of the connections between astrology and magic, and gives an example of astrological polymorphism. 9/2/2000
Astrology by Hand 13
by Rob Hand
Rob explores different definitions and types of magic, as well as whether or not such a thing even exists. 9/9/2000
Astrology by Hand 14
by Rob Hand
Rob explores different types of magic—natural, ceremonial, white magic and spell-casting—and looks at their relationship to the use of the will. 9/16/2000
Astrology by Hand 15
by Rob Hand
Rob discusses whether or not there is a difference between magic and technology. 9/23/2000
Astrology by Hand 16
by Rob Hand
Rob looks at the role consciousness and will play in magic and spell-casting. 9/30/2000
Astrology by Hand 17
by Rob Hand
Rob takes a look at what consciousness and free will really are. 10/7/2000
Astrology by Hand 18
by Rob Hand
Rob looks at the link between language, magic and astrology. 10/14/2000
Astrology by Hand 19
by Rob Hand
Rob argues that the use of astrology today to help clients become more self-determining may actually be a return to the combination of magic and astrology of olden times. 10/21/2000
Astrology by Hand 20
by Rob Hand
Rob looks at the use of ritual in magic and astrology. 10/28/2000
Astrology by Hand 21
by Rob Hand
Rob continues the discussion with a look at the languages of nature. 11/4/2000
Astrology by Hand 22
by Rob Hand
Rob discusses other worlds and layers of reality. 11/11/2000
Astrology by Hand 23
by Rob Hand
Rob argues that having planet-sign combinations traditionally known to be in their detriment or fall may not simply be bad, but have their own gifts as well. 11/18/2000
Astrology by Hand 24
by Rob Hand
Rob goes more in-depth about planets in their debilities and looks at a few examples. 12/2/2000
Astrology by Hand 25
by Rob Hand
Rob gives examples of correspondences between historical events and the movements of the equinoctial and solstice points through the constellations. 12/9/2000
Astrology by Hand 26
by Rob Hand
Rob concludes his thoughts on the dialogue between heaven and earth. 12/16/2000
Astrology by Hand 27
by Rob Hand
What exactly is "traditional astrology" and how does it differ from "modern astrology?" 12/23/2000
Astrology by Hand 28
by Rob Hand
Rob Hand gives a brief but fascinating history of Western astrology that explains how astrology lost the sponsorship of universities in modern times. 12/30/2000
Astrology by Hand 29
by Rob Hand
Rob brings us up to the present with his history of Western astrology. 1/6/2001
Astrology by Hand 30
by Rob Hand
Rob looks at the tension that has built up in astrology between modernists and traditionalists and describes how each reflects different times and needs. 1/13/2001
Astrology by Hand 31
by Rob Hand
Rob begins to explain how modern astrology can benefit from updating deterministic traditional techniques to fit in with today's ideas of freewill and individual choice. 1/18/2001
Astrology by Hand 32
by Rob Hand
Rob looks beneath the surface of a seemingly ludicrous medieval astrological statement and shows that traditional astrology rests on a sound theoretical base. 1/27/2001
Astrology by Hand 33
by Rob Hand
Rob explains the medieval view of the concepts of body and soul, looks at how it differs from today's thought and explores the possibility of modern astrology learning something from this ancient wisdom. 2/3/2001
Astrology by Hand 34
by Rob Hand
Rob continues his exploration of the function of the planets by examining medieval ideas regarding the difference between a planet occupying and ruling a house or sign. 2/10/2001
Astrology by Hand 35
by Rob Hand
Rob looks at George W. Bush's chart for indications of how his administration will differ from others in recent history. 2/17/2001
Astrology by Hand 36
by Rob Hand
Rob uses traditional astrology to show why George W. Bush's Twelfth House Cancer Sun may not be as weak as it appears according to modern methods for evaluating planet strength. 2/24/2001
Astrology by Hand 37
by Rob Hand
Rob delves deeper into George W. Bush's horoscope using traditional astrology to show what modern techniques fail to see. 3/3/2001
Astrology by Hand 38
by Rob Hand
Rob takes a different angle on the new presidency by looking at the horoscope of George W. Bush's inauguration. He finds that astrology tells more about the current administration than does the administration itself. 3/10/2001
Astrology by Hand 39
by Rob Hand
Rob Hand finishes his examination of the Bush administration's inauguration horoscope and comes to some interesting conclusions regarding where sudden conflicts are likely to arise. 3/17/2001
Astrology by Hand 40
by Rob Hand
Rob Hand interprets the horoscope of John McCain as the Virgo senator's bill on campaign reform is being debated in Congress. 3/24/2001
Astrology by Hand 41
by Rob Hand
Rob continues his look at John McCain's horoscope by showing how the senator's imprisonment as a P.O.W. in North Vietnam is accurately symbolized by astrology. 3/31/2001
Astrology by Hand 42
by Rob Hand
Senator John McCain is a Republican who has a reputation for bucking his own party on campaign finance reform. This week, Rob Hand looks at what factors in his horoscope encourage McCain to be such a maverick. 4/7/2001
Astrology by Hand 43
by Rob Hand
Vice President Dick Cheney and former president Franklin Delano Roosevelt share many striking astrological similarities. Yet one was a progressive liberal and the other a staunch conservative. 4/14/2001
Astrology by Hand 44
by Rob Hand
Vice President Richard Cheney has already suffered two heart "incidents" since the election in November. This week, Rob looks at his birth chart for indications of health issues during his term in office. 4/21/2001
Astrology by Hand 45
by Rob Hand
Rob looks at the birth chart of Ariel Sharon for clues to what kind of man the new prime minister of Israel really is and what the rest of the world can expect from his leadership. 4/28/2001
Astrology by Hand 46
by Rob Hand
Rob discusses transits to the birth chart of Israeli leader Ariel Sharon whose planetary patterns look quite challenging during the latter part of 2001. 5/5/2001

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