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Astrology has moved onto the Internet with great speed. It is becoming widely-known by educated and successful people as an important tool for self understanding.

The Astrology Market
"Astrology" and "horoscope" among top most searched words on the Net
37% of Americans believe in Astrology; up from 17% in 1976
Horoscopes are a standard feature in virtually all newspapers, popular magazines and content-driven web sites is Unique
Individualized personal astrology
A content-driven site with daily news, features and columns
Personal astrology information tied to content
Interactive community of astrologers, students and organizations centered around common interest

Sun sign astrology is common on the web, but the public wants more than generalized advice about their zodiac sign. In fact, individualized astrology offers a blueprint of the whole person. Until now, these individualized astrological profiles were only available for a fee. Now you can provide this kind of personalized information to your customers free of charge.

Here is your chance you to be a pioneer in providing these revolutionary free services to your viewers.

AffiliateIQ Benefits:
Repeat site exposure and sales with advertising from a free customized e-mail service
Drives daily traffic with publication of entertaining and informative content
Income through revenue sharing programs
Co-branding opportunities

How you can participate:


Article Syndication will provide their Affiliates content free of charge with varying levels of participation. StarIQ can also create material customized to target an Affiliate's specific audience. Below is a list of the content available through the AffiliateIQ program:

General Topics
Current Events
Special Interest
 Market Week by Ray Merriman
 Aquarium Age by Ralfee Finn
 Cosmic Cafe by Kim Rogers-Gallagher
 NewsScope by Michael Wolfstar
 StarIQ Advisor

Basic Content Syndication
Affiliates agree to publish the article in its entirety and for the time period agreed upon. Article content cannot be archived, edited or abridged. (Some articles are available to archive under a separate agreement). In exchange, the Affiliate provides a link to

Affiliates have several choices on the amount and delivery of the content they would like to receive from


Content Partnerships's top astrology writers are available to create custom articles or features based on your specific content needs. Content partnerships can be created in the following ways:

The requested article content is written to the specifications of the Content Partner with agreement from Any customized article(s) are for publication on the Content Partner's site and are not available for resale or redistribution by the Content Partner. has the rights to publish or sell this content.

Requested articles are written to the specifications of the content partner with agreement from


Free & Frequent Advertising: MyPlanetIQ Email Services
Free subscribers submit their birth date, place and time to receive individualized astrology messages delivered directly via email. Each personalized email is strategically sent prior to your customer's significant days to help provide insights on their own planetary rhythms. This approach brings quality, relevant astrology to the market for the first time.

You can offer your customers free personalized astrology and enjoy the benefits of repeat advertising. Six to twelve personalized e-mails will be delivered each month with your sponsorship tag. In addition, you will be allocated six emails per month to target specific advertising messages to your audience. Affiliates provide a registration box on their web site linking customers to All registrants are identified by the sending Affiliate.

Co-Branded MyPlanetIQ Email Service
Affiliates are provided with co-branded MyPlanetIQ email service. Affiliates enjoy the freedom to send an unrestricted amount of advertising and/or sponsorship messages in the emails delivered to their subscribers. Affiliates are also eligible to share revenue on paid subscriptions and a-la-carte services that are offered on the co-branded site.

  Revenue Sharing Partnerships: StarIQ Means Business to Business

LoveCycles: Your 60-Day Guide to Relationships
Nothing sells like love... and astrology. LoveCycles is an original, personalized product describing each individual's needs for love and partnership, including dates and times of specific opportunities and challenges. LoveCycles is based on each individual's birth date, time and place, so that each one is custom-generated. This compelling information is a natural for anyone seeking a new relationship or interested in improving an existing one. LoveCycles sells for $10.95, with 60-day renewals available for $5.95.

Affiliates simply place a product banner or button on their site to start giving customers tools to create meaningful relationships in their lives. StarIQ completes all product registrations, fulfillments, and manages payment of commissions from 15%-40%, based on sales and website traffic.

Each service is designed to be a stand-alone offering or can be combined to maximize your presence with your viewers. Please complete the online Affiliate Application and we will contact you. If you have further questions, please contact us at or 425.497.9447.

Energize your site today!

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