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 September 11, 2001
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Venus corresponds to our social behavior.

Bill Bradley was born July 28, 1943 at 11:37a.m., in Crystal City, MO when the social planet Venus was in one of the least social signs – Virgo. Dry and undemonstrative like the other earth signs, Taurus and Capricorn; Virgo is more introspective than either. Unlike the “social Lion” label generated by Leo charisma, Virgo is understated and generally uncomfortable in settings where they are the center of attention. To Bradley, social functions are just that, “functions,” practical necessities required of anyone seeking political office.

Such discomfort is in part the result of Virgo’s perfectionist tendencies, which with Venus can make for a lot of anxiety about correct social behavior. A person with Venus in Virgo can sometimes be downright self-effacing and overly critical of what they perceive as their own shortcomings. But practice makes perfect – especially with Virgo – “and so,” as a recent Time magazine cover story points-out, “Bradley taught himself how to meet and greet.”

Venus shows the nature of our appeal.

Bradley’s acquisition of people-skills does not appear to be a contrivance. If anything it’s Bradley’s genuineness that seems to impress those he’s charmed along the campaign trail thus far. People comment on his down-to-earth sense of reality, his sincerity, and his earnestness – all Venus in Virgo attributes.

Bradley is also known to quiz strangers about their lives, (a curiosity in part whetted by his Gemini Moon, to be discussed), but one can nearly feel the gears turning as Bradley quietly analyzes and evaluates what the person is saying. Carefully he categorizes and prioritizes his impressions. He could almost be an affable census taker, patiently recording the details and facts of someone’s life before politely moving on to the next person on his list.

The Venus in Virgo list is practical and pragmatic.

Competence is valued over glamour. Skill and expertise get high marks. Yet, a person with Venus in Virgo is not inclined to woo the support of colleagues until its necessary. Bradley’s 18-year legislative record as a Senator from New Jersey, shows he could hob-knob with the best of them when he had too, to gain the support for his landmark 1986 Tax Reform Act, or play politics to help bring about water-use reform in California. But Bradley did not go out of his way otherwise.

He seemed to prefer incremental legislative tactics, a very Virgo approach to problem solving, i.e. the strategy of the limited objective. Little by little he extended Medicaid benefits to more pregnant women and to children and bit by bit increased the Earned Income Tax Credit, as well as mandating a 48-hr. maternity stay in hospitals. Such modest gains are the stuff of Virgo, and unlikely to attract much attention.

Venus in Virgo needs time to assimilate experience.

The busy social whirl of campaigning takes its toll on introspective Virgo. Staff and campaign workers have learned not to try and chat with Bradley in-between campaign stops. Bradley prefers to curl up with a book – he carries a stack with him – and reacts irritably to friendly attempts to strike-up a conversation. His mental preoccupation is typically Virgo. A little like Spock, he probably sees little logic in small-talk with those already on-board. Better to conserve one’s supply of congeniality for those not yet won over.

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