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 September 11, 2001
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Mercury in Leo adds resonance and color to one’s way of speaking.

There’s a tad of arrogance in Bradley’s tone when he wants to be left alone, evidence of his Mercury in Leo, though his own growling probably embarrasses his Venus in Virgo side. However, having the planet of communication in Leo helps him make speeches and presentations, adding color and drama to what might – if he had Mercury in Virgo too – be a very drab performance.

He can wax eloquent on occasion, but tends to sound like someone inviting you to take a look at something interesting they’ve found. You’d almost expect to find him reading a book out-loud to a class of school-age children in a small town library. “Once upon a time a shy lad worried he might grow up to be president…”

A quiet Moon in Gemini?

Gemini is considered the most talkative sign of the zodiac and those born with the Moon in Gemini are usually gregarious – that is unless Saturn was in the Gemini neighborhood too. The planet Saturn tends to restrict the expression of whatever it comes in contact with.

Were it not for the conjunction (union) of Saturn with the Moon when he was born, Bradley would be a chatty guy. His verbal gymnastics would out-slogan the best media hustlers and provide a stream of clever sound bites. However, Saturn won’t allow irresponsible chatter.

Serious and careful, Saturn – like the sign Capricorn it rules – is concerned with consequences! As a result, Bradley retains much of the mental curiosity of Gemini, but with the volume turned way down. Adversely this inhibits Bradley’s free emotional expression, but it also makes for a more responsible attitude and a sense of duty.

Thoughtful instead of witty, Bradley’s Moon Saturn conjunction in Gemini added an element of mental discipline helpful for a Princeton student and Rhodes scholar. Yet the conversational urge of Gemini still plays out – as evidenced by his habit of conversing with strangers. Thus Bradley is instinctively drawn to reality-test (Saturn) his ideas by finding out what the so called man-in-the-street (Gemini) is thinking about.

Mars in Taurus indicates endurance.

Bradley was born with Mars, the planet of action, in the earth-sign Taurus. Slow to get started, this is not the adrenal urge of someone in a hurry. However, once underway, this position of Mars is noted for steadiness, dependability and endurance.

As a rookie with the Knicks his first year was lackluster and to Bradley a great disappointment. Yet, he didn’t quit. Instead he went on to become one of the most reliable players on his team. Dogged and determined, Bradley will undoubtedly go the distance in his quest for the Democratic nomination. Taurus, like Virgo, is not a very exciting sign. The style of Mars in Taurus is plodding, but should not be underestimated in terms of endurance and the stubborn ability to wear down opponents.

Bradley's Venus in Virgo
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