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Valentine’s Day celebrates Venus, the astrological goddess of love. This planet of love and desire appears in our horoscopes, defining what makes us romantic and hot. What romantic gestures and sexy ideas will make the celebrities sizzle this Valentine’s Day? How will Elvira, Mistress of the Dark achieve her passion potential? What will rekindle Jane Fonda’s flame? Our quest for romance revolves around the Venus placement of each sign.

Venus in Aries

Jack Nicholson has Venus in fiery Aries, along with a fire sign Mars in Sagittarius. The desire for conquest and adventure rates high with this planetary combination. He may enjoy a hot pursuit for Valentine’s Day, like chasing a sexy woman in a red dress while driving a racecar. Perhaps she’s another racecar driver, since independence is attractive to someone with this combination. Best gift idea for Jack: a trip to attend the annual running of the bulls in Spain.

Venus in Taurus

The Artist Formerly Known as Prince has Venus in sensual, musical and artistic Taurus, along with a sensitive, spiritual Piscean Mars. Love poems (Pisces) recited while lying amongst satin sheets littered with rose petals stir Venus in Taurus’s love of sensuality. Best gift for The Artist: a book of poetry by the twelfth century poet, Rumi.

Venus in Gemini

The Matrix’s Laurence Fishburne’s Venus is in Gemini, with Mars in Virgo offset by his Pisces Moon and Leo Sun. This combination creates a turn-on through intellectual and spiritual venues. A free-spirited weekend getaway to a mystical location (Moon in Pisces),where pampering (Leos like to be spoiled) at a luxury health spa (a Virgo treat) is capped off by champagne on ice (Pisces again), is a Valentines’ dream come true. Ideal gift for Laurence: an autographed set of the complete works of Carl Jung.

Venus in Cancer

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Venus is placed in sensitive, soulful Cancer. Venus in Cancer adores food. Cooking a meal together with his sweetie using recipes from The Passionate Gourmet, a book featuring sexy recipes and serving suggestions, would make him purr. Best gift: a trip to the ocean. Venus in Cancer would love a moonlight swim on Valentine’s Day.

Venus in Leo

Sylvester Stallone has Venus in Leo. A heroic placement, this Venus would love nothing better than an opportunity to be gallant and chivalrous. Leo is always performance-driven. An opportunity to express his prowess with an Oscar-winning bedroom performance would be a turn-on. This is a warm-hearted, gregarious Venus attracted to cuddling by a roaring bonfire at the beach or fireplace while sipping fine wine. Best gift: a personal hand-held video camera so he can record his performances as hero and lover.

Venus in Virgo

What would Elvira, Mistress of the Dark desire for Valentine’s Day? Her chart has a strong Virgoan signature with Sun, Mercury and Venus in the sign of the Virgin. The Virgoan Venus knows precisely what she desires. No point in trying to surprise her—she would prefer to direct her lover to fulfill her exact requirements, and since perfectionism is in her nature, improving on her ideas will not be necessary. Best present: a private karaoke room where an extremely powerful male, preferably a world leader, movie star or business mogul, is held captive while she sings her favorite songs to him.

Venus in Libra

Former president Bill Clinton has a stellium, or cluster of four planets—Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Neptune—in Libra, the sign of love and romance. The sign of Libra is “ruled,” or associated with, the planet Venus. Venus-ruled planets love sweets, flowers and all the sensual delights of a romantic gourmet dinner, complete with servants and no effort on their part. Best gift: fine wine and bon bons.

Venus in Scorpio

Hillary Clinton has the Sun and Venus conjunct in Scorpio. Venus in Scorpio is sexy and secretive, therefore a secret location known only to her and her husband would create Valentine sizzle. Where? In a tent pitched in a desert or on a deserted beach; in a psychiatrist’s office after hours; or a bordello in a ghost town. Animal magnetism exudes from Venus in Scorpio, creating desires for overwhelming passion. Best gift: a key to the secret meditation room in the Pentagon. What she does with it is nobody’s business.

Venus in Sagittarius

Jane Fonda has Sun and Venus in Sagittarius. Her Valentine hotlist could include tickets for travel to exotic locations with a handsome male tour guide and an active itinerary of indoor, as well as outdoor, sports. Proud and free-spirited, she knows how to have a good time and may enjoy the hunt for an attractive beau. Where is he? She should try looking in the jungle, at the ranch, white water rafting, climbing the Himalayas, or at a race. Best gift: a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride after seeing a theatrical performance.

Venus in Capricorn

Paul Newman’s Venus is in traditional and conservative Capricorn. This reserved and faithful Venus values character and compatibility, since love is an investment. Latently sensual, his sexual nature may express itself in a Valentine’s Day ritual including a romantic Valentine card, flowers, candy and candlelight. Venus in Capricorn enjoys objects of great worth and historical value. He may have a collection that he’d welcome a contribution to as a gift on Valentine’s Day.

Venus in Aquarius

Oprah Winfrey’s planets are strongly positioned in the air signs. Her Venus is in Aquarius. Known for their communication abilities, people with many air planets crave intelligent and interesting pursuits. She’s turned on by a man’s intellect and how he thinks. Surprises rate high on Aquarius’ love list. A romantic, unconventional getaway or flying to an interesting city, wildlife preserve or rainforest could be a successful romantic gesture. Hot gift item for Oprah: The Soul of Sex by Thomas Moore.

Venus in Pisces

Barbra Streisand’s Venus is in Pisces. Her sensitive Venus placement is regarded as the most exalted of the zodiac. She has a refined sense of beauty. The joy in giving a gift that expresses her ideal of true love, as well as receiving such a gift moves her emotionally. Ideal gift: her Venus in Pisces would love the enchantment of slow dancing near a moonlit ocean to a song written just for her.

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Marcia Masino has been a working astrologer for over thirty years. She is the author of the books Easy Tarot Guide and Best Tarot Practices, both modern classics on tarot interpretation.She has been awarded certification as a Grandmaster of Tarot by the American Tarot Association She is also a contributor to Llewellyn Publications' first Tarot Calendar and writer for Fate Magazine.

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