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The Nervous System

Have you wondered why you are sometimes so aware and quick on your feet? Or you experience a boundless, intuitive compassion that surprises you? Or your tolerance for difference surpasses your usual limits of objectivity? Perhaps, you thought, you were just having a good day.

More likely, you were reaping benefits from the bodyís most sensitive, finely-tuned systemóthe nerves. The disparate qualities of standing, understanding and withstanding arenít lessons of discipline, but natural consequences of good nourishment and balanced living.

Your Personal Communications Network

Extending throughout your body, your nervous system is a completely integrated communications network, carrying informative signals and responsive messages. Without it, you would be a yielding mass of flesh and bone, at the mercy of every external force, unable to protect yourself with sensory reconnaissance or willed defensive action.

This exquisite complex reaches into your skin, muscles and every organ, speedily transmitting information to its important hubs, the brain, solar plexus and feet. Although nerves can work constantly through the day, like fine wiring, they short out from prolonged stress.

When an overload occurs, youíll know the network needs repair. You may experience physical symptoms of stumbling, trembling, dizziness or confusion (that fuzzy mind sensation). Your emotions drift to unconcern for othersí needs or outright anger (a sure signal to withdraw). Your mind becomes cross, exhibited as belligerence, prejudicial speech or domineering attitudes (an unmistakable message for sleep). Real neural burnout manifests as numbing, deadening and short-term paralysis (an alarm to see a physician).

A healthy nervous system runs flawlessly, without a hint of its far-reaching activities. Messaging is carefully governed by the brain, a complex organ, and dispatched by the spinal cord, a well-shielded, massive nerve. Feet receive external stimulation, with the solar plexus registering the cumulative impact on organs. Two small glands, the thalamus and pineal, located in the brainís regions of associative thinking, identify sensory messages and coordinate responses.

Astrologyís Effect on Your Neural Health

Although most astrologers believe that Aquarius is associated with the nervous system, I believe the general nervous system is ruled by Pisces, instead. The silvery color and flexible texture of nerves, plus the brainís soft mass and gray color, reflect Neptuneís influence. Neptune is associated with the sign of Pisces.

In addition, Pisces is traditionally associated with the feet, although some astrologers donít see the link. Because neural messaging from the feet directly impacts the brain, a full-circle connection from Pisces to Aries, which is associated with the head, is undeniable. Reflexology therapy assigns reflexive correspondences to parts of the body for each foot. When areas on the feet are pressed, the corresponding stress is interrupted, communication reestablishes with the brain and relaxation ensues, which helps keep the nervous system healthy. With Pisces or Neptune strong in your horoscope, expect a fortified nervous system.

Pisces is a composite expression of the other eleven zodiacal signs, and although it is in charge of the nerves, the various components of the nervous system have their own planetary associations.

  • The brain, capable of multiple tasks, is ruled by the Moon, which accepts continual variety.
  • The spinal cord, simultaneously receiving and transmitting messages, is ruled by the Sun, which excels at complex organization.
  • The filament pathways are ruled by Mercury, which enjoys roadways and destinations.
  • Neural messaging, also ruled by Mercury, reflects the Roman godís swift transmissions.
  • The feet, sensory receivers, and the solar plexus, the sensory register, are ruled by Neptune, attesting to that planetís strong perceptions and reactions.
  • The thalamus gland coordinates information for the brain to and from the sensory organs (eyes, ears, nose, taste buds and skin) and is also ruled by Neptune.
  • The pineal gland, a mental stabilizer and entrance for divine revelation (the "god spot"), is ruled by Uranus, which appreciates intuitive thinking.

Keeping Healthy, Strong Nerves

The nervous system benefits from a well-balanced, moderate diet. However, a few good habits of nourishment and lifestyle keep this important system in excellent shape.

  • B vitamins are essential to repair nerves and calm the brain. Eat bee pollen, raw nuts, fruits and vegetables with deep color, and whole, unpolished grains. During unusual stress, add a short-term supplement of B-vitamin complex or nutritional (not bakerís) yeast.
  • Avoid stress, which burns B vitamins. Step back from pressure to prove yourself. Excessive exercise depletes B vitamins, lost in perspiration. Instead, walk briskly for 30 minutes, daily.
  • Give your nervous system a rest with sleep; let leftover ďflashĒ messaging work out as dream images.
  • Relax with undirected daydreaming.
  • Avoid strong or prolonged medication. Ask your physician for a gentler prescription, or switch to short-term herbal, flower or homeopathic remedies.
  • Love your feet. Go barefoot, a natural reflexology. Wear correctly fitted shoes. Use fifteen-minute lukewarm soaks, adding sea salt or Epsom salts to soothe or three drops of peppermint oil to refresh.

If, today, you find yourself unsteady on your feet, short on compassion, or fresh out of tolerance, visit a reflexologist for a 45-minute extraordinarily relaxing therapy. Just be sure to have someone else drive your yielding mass of flesh and bones home.

Editorís note: The health information given in this article is not meant as a substitute for care from a qualified physician. This information is given for educational purposes only, and is not intended to diagnose or prescribe. is not responsible for any mishaps that occur as a result of using this information.


Leeda Alleyn Pacotti is a student of naturopathy, nutrition and herbs who specializes in crises of subtle bodies, using dream language as a health diagnostic. She also counsels in health astrology.

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For more information about Leeda Allen Pacotti, click here.

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