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Reliable, durable ole Cal Ripkin just passed another baseball milestone, adding to his already stuffed locker of accolades. How does this aged artifact of baseball keep ticking?

3K in 2K

Here in the year 2000, an almost 40-year-old Cal Ripken (born August 24, 1960, in Harve de Grace, Maryland) finally did it. On April 15, he smacked a crisp single to center field in Minneapolis for his 3,000th career hit. Ho hum, another record for the third baseman based at Camden Yard. We watched back in 1995 as he demolished the consecutive games played and consecutive innings played records set by the Iron Man, Lou Gehrig. Once the notion of surpassing the insurmountable record set by Gehrig was as odd as going to the Moon back, but Cal did it. Now he joins the baseball elite. Now 23rd (tied with the late, great Roberto Clemente, at least for a few moments) on the all-time hit list, Cal will conceivably move up several spots this year. What in the world drives this ball player?

Ah, Perfect, Man!

For one thing, Calís dad, the late Cal Ripken Senior, was quite a player in his own right. At one point, Cal Senior managed both Cal Junior and his brother Billy for the Baltimore Orioles. Nepotism aside, the trio did well for the orange and black bird franchise. Cal Junior manages a retrograde Saturn in Capricorn, which symbolizes the father (and contributes to his early greying). A strong sense of dedication, discipline and drill (both Capricorn and Saturn) probably took some of the fun out of playing catch with Dad as a youngster. Of course, there were all those other major leaguers to play with, instead of dad. But you gotta look up to the old man, especially when he becomes your boss. Thatís the ultimate in Saturnís performance pressure.

Now Cal, the Junior, that is, holds many planets in fastidious, perfectionist Virgo. With or without a dad in baseball, this engine would have driven Cal hard to be the best he could be, no matter what. You can bet no criticism stung along the way like the criticism Cal could dish out to himself. His Sun (core self) in Virgo aligns with powerful Pluto. This presence gives Cal a nuclear engine to boot. No wonder he can go on forever like the Energizer Bunny.

While Cal edged up against the record for consecutive games played, critics chastised him for keeping himself in the game even when only marginally fit. But after a certain point, who would even think of telling Cal he couldnít play? After all, he is Cal Ripken. He hits well, as his over 3,000 safeties suggest. His fielding has been outstanding, even measured by a Virgoís yardstick. Why not play him? His very presence, fueled by Pluto, inspires, motivates and spreads enthusiasm as only the influential Pluto can render.

A Hot Ticket

One of Calís other Virgo planets is his Venus (planet of love and relationships). Venus actually likes Virgo. Itís pristine, clean cut (Iíll sayóRipken could do soap commercials with a face like that). Thereís a likeable quality to the image of this kind of organic Venus. None of that offensive, ďholier thanĒ stuff you can get with other placements.

Venus also has the good fortune of squaring (making a 90-degree angle  to) Mars (energy, action) in Gemini. The square in astrology tends to be interpreted as a difficult angle. It is, but it also creates wonderful doses of dynamic tension. And this type of tension possesses its own version of attraction. People with this contact arouse othersósome in a good way, the rest in an agitated way. Itís hot either way you slice it. Funny thing about Calís Mars in Gemini (the sign of the twins), though. Some folks both like and dislike him for the same traits. Heís so dang good at what he does. You gotta love him for that. And envy certainly follows suit.

No Hat Tricks in Baseball

Now that tricky Mars in Gemini has another attribute, that of the sibling rivalry. You wonder how Cal and Billy got along with Dad, while Dad was the head honcho. Did Dad have favorites? Cal outlasted Billy and pretty much anyone else playing at the same time. Actually, the brothers were in different leagues, despite being on the same team.

Mars has yet another trick up its sleeveless uniform. That is an odd angle to Saturn known to astrologers as a quincunx (itís not as bad as it sounds, really!). This aspect brings involuntary adjustments. Mars, the raw energy planet, makes a quincunx to Saturn, the planet of extra and very early batting practice, relentless games of pepper to quicken instincts, shadow batting to straighten a crooked swing and unending viewing of hitting replays to find a slouch in the stance in order to end a slump. Whatís Ripkenís trick? Itís not a trick. As he lifts his hat to the fans after his 3,000th hit, remember his gimmick. Itís simply drill to the verge of excess to perfect the techniques.

The inspiration, the man, the monolith in Baltimore, the legend of endurance and persistence shows once and for all to play the game is a lot of work. Hatís off to you, Cal.



Philip Sedgwick began his study of astrology in 1969. He is the author of Astrology of Deep Space, Astrology of Transcendence, The Sun at the Center: A Primer of Heliocentric Astrology, The Galactic Ephemeris (a compilation of over 8,300 points in deep space).

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