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It remains a common dream in this country for little boys to grow into ballplayers. Once a ballplayer, it’s a dream to have a son who loves the game as much as you do. Baseball has been blessed by these dreamers and their offspring. The more obvious father-son combos are Ken Griffey, Sr. and Ken Griffey, Jr., Jose Cruz, Sr. and Jose Cruz, Jr.; Buddy Bell and Dave Bell and Bobby Bonds and Barry Bonds. There are plenty more, but perhaps the most poignant is the relationship between Mel Stottlemyre, pitching coach of the New York Yankees, and his son Todd, one of the aces on the staff of the Arizona Diamondbacks.


The patriarch of the Stottlemyre clan, Mel (born November 13, 1941, in Hazelton, Missouri), began with the New York Yankees in 1964, a year in which he pitched in the World Series, with victorious Jupiter crossing masterful Saturn in his birth chart. Now, under his watchful, fatherly eye (coming from his obsessing Scorpio Sun and Virgo Moon), Yankees pitchers receive the support of his knowledge and experience. When you look at the Yankee record over the last years and the strength of their pitching, it appears that he’s a good dad, even to those who are not actually his children.

Mel’s career has not been free of tragedy. In 1981 he lost an eleven-year-old son to leukemia. And this year it was announced that he now conducts his own pitching duel with cancer. However, Saturn recently opposed Mel’s Sun and is currently conjunct his Saturn (this is called a Saturn return), and hopefully it will lend its contracting properties to fight against his tumor.


Todd (born May 20, 1965, in Yakima, Washington), with the second best record on the Diamondbacks after Randy what’s-his-name, truly “works” his chart. Blessed with the planets Jupiter and Venus in Gemini mixed in with the lunar node, you can never be sure what he’ll offer as his next pitch. The situation might call for a slider, but he’s confident of the change. Guess what you’ll get and you’ll guess wrong. The multiple duplicity of this alignment serves him well.

Add to this tricky Gemini combination the mixture of three planets (Uranus, Pluto and Mars) in Virgo, also a mental, logic-based sign. With the contrary and unpredictable Uranus, there’s nothing more fun than defying logic. Toss in the strength of the intense Pluto, and a powerful fastball perfectly spotted in a batter cold zone, and he polishes them off. Mars, the energy lord, provides intelligence about the use of energy. Mars aligns exactly with Pluto in the chart, and the competitiveness and determination of this alignment has no comparison. And it’s a good thing. It is here we see where he inherited his father’s determination and obsessiveness. He currently is working out with extreme diligence to ensure complete healing of a torn rotator cuff, and a more recently strained tendon.

Pluto, the planet of personal growth and challenge, currently activates all these Gemini-Virgo planets in Todd’s chart. With the lingering memory of the loss of his brother, he has donated a million dollars (big money comes from Pluto) to cancer research (also a Pluto activity). Early in this season, Todd heard the news of his father’s illness. He told his dad he’d fly to meet him to be with him in the critical time of treatment.

Get in There and Pitch

What did Dad say? Don’t worry about me. You’ve got a game to pitch. And pitch he did. He won a convincing victory, pitching with Stottlemyre mastery.

What could be more inspiring to fathers and sons? The son serves the father proud in a time of crisis, with life-altering resolve.

Mel is back coaching. Todd takes the mound regularly and quite convincingly. You gotta wonder how it would have been to play catch in that family.

This Fathers’ Day, dust off your gloves and play some ball with Dad or the boy with the radio tuned to the game. Or pull out your credit card and pop for some tickets. What could be better than baseball on day like today?



Philip Sedgwick began his study of astrology in 1969. He is the author of Astrology of Deep Space, Astrology of Transcendence, The Sun at the Center: A Primer of Heliocentric Astrology, The Galactic Ephemeris (a compilation of over 8,300 points in deep space).

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For more information about Philip Sedgwick, click here.

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