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Have you felt cramped for space recently when you look around your home? Perhaps you’ve decided it may be too small, or your family has outgrown its charms. Maybe your job has been transferred, or you just inherited a windfall and want to put your money into new bricks.

Even if you don’t currently own a home, you may be feeling the wanderlust. One reason for the restlessness could be the movement of one of the outer planets in a key area of your chart. Outer planets are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. This “movement” you may be experiencing is called a transit. Transits are the current places of the planets in the heavens by sign and degree. Where these transits occur in your own chart influences actions or events that are unfolding, including when you are likely to move.

How Will I Know When it is Time to Move?

The motion of transiting planets gives clues regarding the desire or timing of a move. Transits energize your chart as they move from house to house. Inner planets move quickly through a house in weeks or months. Their vibrations are temporary in nature. These planets are the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars. Their movement is not likely to support a major move, but a favorable influence from transiting planets may help you with timing and settling financial matters. They would be essential in erecting both an electional chart (a chart that would give you a favorable date and time for closing on your loan), or a horary chart (one that answers questions about whether the property or the agent you are considering is right for you or whether you should pay the asking price).

Outer planets move more slowly, and may activate a house in your chart for several years. Space will not permit us to cover each of the outer planets and their full potential in this article. We will concentrate on the Fourth House of home that was described in the companion article, “Home Sweet Home”. In astrology, the Fourth House is the department of life concerned with land and real estate, house and home. When planets move through the Fourth House, expect some action on the home front.


When Jupiter transits your natal Fourth House, you often sell or purchase a home. Those with Taurus or Gemini on the cusp may be contemplating a housing transaction in the 2000-2001 period. Should your natal Moon be located in the Fourth House as well, get ready to sign the contract when Jupiter conjuncts the Moon. Jupiter moving to the cusp of your Fourth House often signals a move, a transfer, a plum real estate opportunity, inheritance of real estate or a contract for major home renovations.


Saturn is finishing a two-and-a-half year cycle in Taurus, and may mean a strategic real estate investment for affected individuals. First-time buyers often purchase their starter home during a Saturn transit, lending credibility to Saturn’s tendency to take on new financial burdens or juggle responsibilities.


A Uranus transit often means one or more moves in a seven-year period. Sometimes, the move is totally unexpected. Those with Aquarius on the cusp of the Fourth House should take notice. Uranus is transiting the sign Aquarius until the end of 2003. Some of my clients have experienced damage to their homes due to natural disasters that necessitated a move (hailstorms, tornadoes and earthquakes). Thanks to insurance coverage, they have replacement homes or made major renovations that gave them what feels like a totally “new” home.


With Neptune transits to your Fourth House, you may desire a move near water or seek a property with a swimming pool. Remember that Neptune deals with illusions and make sure you check all the plumbing and bathroom fixtures for telltale signs of leaks before you sign on the dotted line.


If you are experiencing a Pluto transit through your Fourth House, you have major transformations, although slow ones, in the works. A residential change could be part of the cycle of new beginnings that you desire at a deep level. Chances are you will stay planted in the new location for a long time.

Additional Influences

Eclipses  open up opportunities in the houses or departments of life in which they occur. The eclipses are moving to the sign Cancer in July. If you have Cancer on the cusp of the Fourth House, you may find your dream home in the next two years. Be sure to visit your mortgage broker and get pre-approved for an affordable loan. Then find a savvy agent to guide you in your search. Happy hunting!



Alice DeVille has been an astrologer, workshop presenter, and writer for over 25 years. Her expertise in romance and relationships attracts a diverse client base in the U.S. and abroad. She developed a series of workshops on finding your Soul Mate and other romantic themes. Alice combines a variety of consulting skills in her astrological practice, including business, financial and change management, real estate, and intuitive insight. Her writing appears in Llewellyn’s Sun Sign Book and Moon Sign Book.

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