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 Press Room's Cosmic Correspondent Kim Rogers-Gallagher has been invited to the planets' secret hangout. She's the first astrologer to enter this starry domain, and reports regularly on her findings there.

Cosmic Café 26:
A First-Class Trip To Remember

Our flight wasn't due to board for two hours, so Jupiter suggested that we have a drink in the Executive Lounge.

"Sure, " I said. "You're in charge, darlin."

He fumbled through his large, over-stuffed wallet for the right card. I wasn't surprised to see that he had every possible frequent flyer card—but I was a bit shocked that there were no credit cards. He read my mind, and explained. "Cash, honey. It's the only way to go. "

The door buzzed open, and we let ourselves into the lounge. The woman at the desk in front of us stood, smiled at Jupiter, then came around to us, extending her hand. "Good evening, Mr. Huge. Welcome. It's so good to see you."

Jupiter bypassed her hand and hugged her. She hugged him back, and laughed as he squeezed her. I was familiar with those squeezes—and the way they knocked the air out of you. But how could you not love this guy? Even if you weren't necessarily prepared for his… "enthusiasm," let's say. I had to grin as she straightened her hair and dress, looking a bit embarrassed—but quite charmed. She opened the inner door for us, and called after Jupiter, "Don't forget to say goodbye, now!"

"Cross my heart, honey!" he called back.

We sat in the smokers’ lounge and sipped a lovely red wine. The time passed quickly, since just about everyone in the lounge stopped by to say hello to Jupiter. He was warm and cordial to everyone—especially the pretty ladies, I noticed. Ah, yes, of course he was. Taurus is the sign that most loves beauty—especially sensual beauty.

I leaned back and closed my eyes, listening to Jupiter chat with his visitors—in Dutch, French, German and something that sounded like Japanese to my untrained ears. Amazing. Just amazing. He truly was the God of Foreign Communication. There was absolutely no one he couldn't exchange words with, and a good laugh, too.

I dozed for a while, until Jupiter touched my arm. "It's time to go, sleepy-head. Europe's waitin'." What a lovely way to wake up. I smiled, stretched and collected myself while Jupiter said goodbye to everyone. And yes, he remembered to stop at the desk on our way out. What a guy! We arrived at the gate just in time to hear an announcement. "We'd like to begin boarding our flight to Zurich by welcoming our first-class travelers first."

"That's us, babe. Let's go." Of course we were going first-class. Jupiter wouldn't scrimp on a plain old coach fare. He was far too big to fit into those tiny seats—and besides, he was wearing his richest Taurus attitude, the sign that expects nothing but the best. Without losing a step, we approached the podium. Jupiter handed the attendant our tickets and we walked into the tunnel that lead to the plane.

The flight attendant who waited at the door greeted us warmly as we boarded. "Good afternoon, Mr. Huge. " At first, I wondered how he'd known Jupiter's "name." But then, how could he not know Jupiter? His business was Jupiter's business—long-distance trips. Of course he'd recognized him.

Jupiter shook his hand warmly. "Hey, Don, how ya doin'? I want you to meet my niece. We're gonna do Europe. "

Don smiled and nodded at me, extending his hand. "It's a pleasure, Miss. Welcome aboard. If there's anything I can do to make your trip more enjoyable, don't hesitate to mention it."

I thanked him, then looked up at Jupiter and said, "But somehow I think I'll be all set."

Jupiter grinned. "C'mon, babe. Right here. This is you." He was pointing to seat A-1, a window seat, of course. It was my favorite way to fly, and Jupiter obviously knew that. I slid into my seat and buckled up. Jupiter remained standing while the rest of the plane boarded, greeting everyone that passed him as if he'd known them for years. He spent a bit too long greeting one particular passenger's pomeranian, however, and Don had to ask him to step out of the aisle. The tiny dog, it seemed, had also recognized Jupiter. He covered his face with kisses as he jumped up and down delightedly, and had to be tugged away by his owner, who was amazed at the situation. But it made sense to me. Jupiter was famous for his love of dogs and horses.

As the plane began taxiing down the runway, Don brought over a bottle of champagne and two lovely long-stemmed glasses. He poured for us, and asked Jupiter if there was anything else he could do for him right now. "Yeah, there is, Don. Do me a favor," he said. "I want to buy a round of drinks. We can do that, right, buddy?"

Don was obviously accustomed to this from "Mr. Huge." "Yes sir. Everyone, right?"

"Absolutely." Don turned to make the announcement on his microphone, Jupiter added, "Except the guys up front," and everyone in first-class laughed. And laughed. Some of them actually had tears in their eyes. Jupiter settled back into his seat, obviously pleased with himself. I smiled at him, and squeezed his arm. It was going to be a great flight. For everyone. Don announced that all drinks were complimentary today, courtesy of Mr. Huge in first class. The passengers behind us clapped, some of them hooting and laughing. The atmosphere of the entire plane suddenly changed. We were all friends at one giant, international flying party. I knew we'd be meeting most of them before we landed.

Jupiter shook Don's hand as he made his first trip through the cabin with the refreshment cart, palming him a substantial pile of folded bills. "I'm thinking there's enough there to pay for the movie for everybody, too, right?" The steward said, "Absolutely, Mr. Huge. I'll bring you your change."

"No, you won't, buddy. Take your girl out to dinner. In Egypt."

Don smiled. "I'll do that. She's always wanted to see the pyramids."

"Then make sure she gets there, my man," Jupiter said. After Don passed, he leaned close to me and said, "You get what you pay for, babe—and we're only gonna have the best of everything. "

I smiled and sipped my champagne. Sure wasn't too bad so far…

Next Week: The Journey Begins in Switzerland


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Kim Rogers-Gallagher is a well known columnist, lecturer and author of Astrology for the Light Side of the Brain and Astrology for the Light Side of the Future(ACS Publications).

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