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My friend Anne suffers from kidney failure. She survives from dialysis to dialysis. In October, her physicians told her that if she did not undergo a kidney transplant immediately, she had less than two months to live. Anne, a veterinary assistant who devotes most of her time to helping animals, refused to accept that. She attended a workshop given by noted author, healer and physician Deepak Chopra, M.D. Dr. Chopra spent about an hour in a private session with her, performing hands-on healing techniques. He spent much of the time just talking to her—not about her condition, but about her life, her son, the animals she’s helped and how valuable she is to the future of this planet. Anne is not cured, but at the time of this writing, she still lives. Though she continues to hope for a kidney transplant, she considers that her psyche, at least, was healed by the encounter with Dr. Chopra.

Born October 22, 1946, in New Delhi, India, at 3:45 pm, Dr. Chopra has Pisces rising. In astrology, Pisces rising implies a deep psychic sensitivity to the thoughts, feelings, needs and desires of others, and the resulting compassion. As Pisces completes the round of the zodiac, it is believed to represent the meeting of the physical and the spiritual, and to strive for total body-mind awareness, solving the mystery of existence on Earth. Pisces also implies the capability to channel energies from the spiritual world to the material. Thus, powerful healing abilities are associated with the sign.

Curing and Healing: Scorpio and Pisces

Experts in the fields of health draw a strong distinction between healing and curing. Curing is a strictly physical process that happens when disease totally disappears from the body. For example, when removal of an inflamed appendix wipes out abdominal peritonitis, this is said to cure the condition. Astrologically, curing is associated with the medical talents of Scorpio. Dr. Chopra has a strong Scorpio influence in his chart, involving Mars (sometimes called Mars the surgeon), Jupiter and Mercury (the mind). Thus, in the early days of his career, he was acknowledged as a highly skilled endocrinologist.

Healing involves the mind and emotions as much as the body, and sometimes more so. A patient can be cured by surgery or medicine, but not necessarily healed. This condition is undoubtedly what gave rise to the old cliché, “The operation was a success, but the patient died.” Many people have suffered from cancer or AIDS and later died from their illness. Yet some, while they were still alive, almost right up to the point of their deaths, lived happy, vigorous and productive lives. Like Anne, they considered themselves healed, though not cured. Although sometimes psychic or faith healing produces miraculous cures, there is no guarantee that they will. Therefore, no responsible healer will advise anyone to discontinue medical treatment.


In astrology, physical practices such as surgery and internal medicine are associated with the sign Scorpio. Scorpio is driven by the desire to see beneath the surface, to solve the great mysteries of the universe. This is why natives of Scorpio make great detectives, engineers or chemists. They also make skilled physicians, as they enjoy observing the body’s functions directly and correcting anything that may go wrong. Unfortunately, not all Scorpio doctors have the sensitivity of Dr. Chopra. If the planets posited in the sign do not combine with beneficent planets like Jupiter, Venus or the Sun, these physicians may see the patient as nothing more than a machine to be repaired. The more aware Scorpio physicians, like Dr. Chopra, identify their work with the seed process, the growth of life within the repaired body rather than with the actual repairs. They see the surgery, or course of treatment, as the beginning of a new cycle rather than as an end in itself.


Natives of Pisces—mystics, poets, musicians, artists—are said to be in this world, but not of it. It takes a strong influence from a more practical and worldly sign to balance Piscean otherworldliness. In the case of Dr. Chopra, he has the aforementioned combination of Jupiter and Mars in businesslike Scorpio, blending harmoniously with his Piscean rising sign. These influences enabled him to serve as Chief of Staff at Boston Regional Medical Center. They also spurred him on to become an accomplished writer and speaker, spreading his message of health and healing throughout the world. His message blends the abilities of Scorpio and Pisces, curing and healing, and emphasizes the need to attain balance between our physical and spiritual well-being—and to use each of these factors to boost the other. Perhaps the approaching new age will bring a new breed of doctors who aspire not only to be physicians, but healers as well, like Dr. Deepak Chopra.



Mary Devlin is a certified professional member of the American Federation of Astrologers, and was trained by Marcia Moore in karmic astrology and past-life regression. Mary's many published works include books such as I am Mary Shelley, Astrology and Past Lives, Astrology and Relationships and Your Future Lives.

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