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Recently, Episcopal Church leaders approved a pact that allows sharing of clergy, strategy and sacraments with the largest Lutheran denomination in this country. This historic effort seeks to undo nearly 480 years of theological dispute.

Transformation and Self-Righteousness: Pluto in Sagittarius

Pluto, the great reformer and trickster that sparks unprecedented transformation, currently travels through the sign of Sagittarius. Beyond its optimism and enthusiasm, Sagittarius is linked to theology, religion, higher thought, rightness, righteousness and presumably unbiased mental receptivity. But you know how it is when someone gets the “right” idea. They’re right and all others not in exact accord with the line of thinking become wayward, lost and ignorant. Such is the way of Sagittarius sometimes.

How many theologies believe their way of belief is more divinely aligned than others? An easier question would be how many theologies make room for the doctrine of others? Enter Pluto. Pluto is God’s chief consultant on Earth. He comes in, finds out what’s wrong and stirs havoc until new dust settles in presumably better places. Currently, he is ravaging the nature, foundation and structure of religion (not to mention education, travel and sports). Other religious issues currently under Pluto’s transformative eye are gay and lesbian clergy, gay and lesbian marriage and abortion. (Pluto rules sexuality, the bond of marriage and the fusion of sperm and egg to create life, and Sag is the belief about each.)

Embracing the Other: Jupiter in Gemini

The Lutherans, a religion based on the doctrine of the controversial religious reformer, Martin Luther, have now agreed to a spiritual alignment with their former “competition,” the Episcopalians. This is perfect, because Jupiter, the planet ruling religion, just entered Gemini. Gemini is linked to duplicity and objective consideration, including different concepts and holding hands in twinship. While Jupiter is in Gemini, it will oppose Pluto. This opposition insists on a clear and incisive look at differences. More importantly, the aspect demands understanding of sameness. All religions seek alignment with the Creator, so they proclaim. That’s what makes religions all the same.

Luther’s Reformation Reborn: Jupiter and Pluto Transits

For fun, I decided to explore the horoscopes for the time when the Lutherans split from other Protestant thinking. On Halloween, 1517, (I set the chart for Noon), Martin Luther nailed his famed 95 theses to the church door in Wittenburg, Germany. You gotta admit, this Scorpio, Martin Luther (born November 10, 1483 at approximately 11:00 pm in Eisleben, Germany) had guts. In this chart, Venus, representing values, stood in the lofty, philosophical Sagittarius, roughly opposing the Moon in Gemini. Pluto will move over this Venus position this September at approximately the same time Jupiter crosses the Moon, the mother of emotional knowing. This is perfect timing for a reformation of the reformation.

The famous Edict of Worms (May 25, 1521, in Worms, Germany, set for noon) proclaimed Luther a heretic. In this chart, the Sun in Gemini widely opposed Jupiter (again the lord of theological belief) in Sagittarius, while Mercury retrograded (which it did at the time of agreement). Funny how philosophical Sagittarius can be so narrow and inconsiderate. Both these edict planetary positions will be touched by the current transits  of Pluto in Sag and Jupiter in Gemini. The evolution set into motion in the past will evolve and spread now. Again, the religious signatures receive ample planetary persuasion to grow, mature and increase in receptivity.

Will the Lutheran-Episcopalian Union Last?

Astrologers often claim that Mercury retrograde deals with messy communication. But on a larger level, major negotiations occurring under this planet’s reversal set the stage for turning the tide of a long-term misunderstanding. A new religious paradigm has been born. Not only are the Lutherans and Episcopalians extending hands to one another, other religions show signs of doing the same. The Pluto in Sagittarius “truth” brings forth the sense that ultimately we all worship the same God. Pluto represents the hell of a mess religion has become. Jupiter, while in Gemini, is proud to accept the multiple names and attributes of the Creator. Let the healing begin, so say lords Jupiter and Pluto. It’s all the same, no matter how different it sounds. And so it is. It’s about time for such a profound Amen.



Philip Sedgwick began his study of astrology in 1969. He is the author of Astrology of Deep Space, Astrology of Transcendence, The Sun at the Center: A Primer of Heliocentric Astrology, The Galactic Ephemeris (a compilation of over 8,300 points in deep space).

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