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Moonlight creates the perfect backdrop for a budding romance. Lyricists feature the Moon in their love songs. Romance novelists describe the Moon’s ethereal qualities to stimulate characters’ dreamy moods and pursuit of love—couples walking hand-in-hand on a moonlit beach and lovers sharing their first kiss under a shimmering moonbeam. The Moon is definitely about feelings.

The Moon’s sign at your birth describes your feelings, early life influences and emotional barometer. As you mature, the intuitive nature of the Moon ideally draws you to individuals who understand you and nurture your feelings. When that is not the case in a romantic relationship, you may feel emotionally detached and misunderstood by your partner. Moon sign compatibility is an important factor in love. You need to be able to show your feelings in the other’s presence or the relationship crumbles.

The twelve astrological signs are divided by element: fire, earth, air and water. Individuals with Moons in harmonious elements seem to get along better in relationships. A greater chance of compatibility occurs when fire and air Moons or earth and water Moons connect in relationships. The following overview will help you examine how these elements work.

Passion Fire

The fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) ardently pursue their love interests. That means passion with a capital “P,” and it applies to both sexes. They fall in love easily and are deeply aware of their charms. They have a strong need to be admired and appreciated for their attentiveness. Flattery from a love object is their Achilles heel. They have a tendency to dominate partners emotionally and show a strong streak of independence if a partner tries to collar them. Fire sign Moons are among the most enthusiastic when the flames of love are forming, and very deeply wounded when a relationship ends. When the love bug bites a fire sign Moon, a little drama enters the life of the beloved. In return for the affection and romance they desire, fire Moons shower loved ones with unusual gifts, surprise vacations and adoration. Fires have a healthy emotional drive and express it positively. Although quick-tempered and somewhat impulsive, the fire Moons put new meaning into kissing and making up after an argument. For a relationship based on intense adoration, check out these lunar love machines for yourself.

Salt of the Earth

When taking inventory of their emotional needs, the earth Moons (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) look for grounded partners who appreciate security and long-term commitment. They are at peace when financial security is assured and they can take the plunge toward marriage and a family without pinching pennies. The earth types want partners to look out for, but not necessarily balance their checkbooks. Most members of this Moon group are highly ambitious and achievement-oriented. Partners who value earth’s work ethics flutter their heartstrings. Although earths tend to be outwardly reserved, they appreciate a partner with a sense of humor who breaks the ice when they are at a loss for words. Earth Moons put time and dollars into self-development. Both the outgoing and quiet among them pay close attention to details. Make the most of it and you could team up in games of trivia or compete for quiz shows like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. If you desire a conscientious soul mate who appreciates a little bit of heaven on Earth, give your heart to the steady flame of an earth Moon.

Air Exchange

Members of the air element (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) like to communicate with partners, and are emotionally in touch with humanity. They prefer intellectual rapport and friendship with love partners. Count on witty comments, e-mail and plenty of telephone calls from your air Moon dates. In truth, they often fantasize about their love life and spend considerable time daydreaming about the perfect mate. Getting them to commit is another story. If you are dating an air Moon, expect an active social life and a variety of mind-expanding experiences. They are sensitive to the attitudes and reactions of their contacts, especially love and marriage partners. Airs benefit from harmonious relationships, otherwise nervous tension affects their health. Air types relate to lovers who value their intelligence and problem-solving skills. A light-hearted, attentive partner helps the freedom-loving air Moon make the transition from thinking about it to jumping on board the relationship.

Deep Water

The water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) bring depth and intensity to their emotional makeup. Water’s love life is strongly colored by family experiences and the early childhood scene. If those life chapters have been nurturing, they are receptive to committed relationships. Security is important to their psyches. Water Moons of either sex seldom ignore their mates. They tend to smother partners with tender loving care. Besides, their innate sixth sense gives them the inside track on the moods and feelings of significant others. Members of this Moon group are tactile and sensual. Waters enjoy mood music, aromatherapy, the hot tub and a gentle massage. Depending on their temperament, they can be a bit jealous if someone else is eyeing their mate. They suffer deeply from rejection and need to avoid a detached type of lover who flirts openly or ignores the water at social events. Water Moons need partners with intuitive insight who discover their internal secrets and match their attitudes about feeling and intimacy.

Moon Moods

Every two and a half days, the “mood” of the Moon changes as it travels through another of the twelve signs of the zodiac. The phases of the Moon, however, depict the emotional charges individuals experience. A date on the New Moon may signal the beginning of a romance; the Second Quarter Moon shows the lovers evaluating their feelings. The Full Moon heightens emotions and could be very passionate. Sometimes the last, or Fourth Quarter, brings about release of tension between the couple, or if compatibility is lacking, an ending to the relationship. Count on the Moon to help you recognize and define your feelings.

Editor's Note: To find your personal Moon sign, go to the registration page and input your birth data. Be sure to check the box that allows you to receive PlanetForecasts. Once you are registered, go to the members' page and select "view current PlanetForecasts."



Alice DeVille has been an astrologer, workshop presenter, and writer for over 25 years. Her expertise in romance and relationships attracts a diverse client base in the U.S. and abroad. She developed a series of workshops on finding your Soul Mate and other romantic themes. Alice combines a variety of consulting skills in her astrological practice, including business, financial and change management, real estate, and intuitive insight. Her writing appears in Llewellyn’s Sun Sign Book and Moon Sign Book.

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For more information about Alice DeVille, click here.

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