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 Press Room's Cosmic Correspondent Kim Rogers-Gallagher has been invited to the planets' secret hangout. She's the first astrologer to enter this starry domain, and reports regularly on her findings there.

Cosmic Café 35:
The Sun Makes a Cameo Appearence

Venus and Mars stepped quickly from the bathroom. Venus straightened her dress and combed her fingers through her hair. She pulled a tiny compact from her purse and re-applied her lipstick, then cleared her throat, tossed her head just a little and put on the prettiest smile I've ever seen. She was absolutely lovely in Libra.

As was her beau—in a very different way. Mars in proud, regal Leo stood behind her, his hand draped ever-so-slightly around her waist. He was smiling like a king about to receive royal guests with his queen—and any woman on the planet would have been proud to be that queen. He wore his Leo as a gorgeous, tanned man with thick, lovely, dark hair. He was well-built, and not shy about showing it off, either. His unbuttoned white dress shirt revealed just the tiniest peek at a muscular chest and a few dark, curly chest hairs. I found I was staring at him, and looked away before he—or Venus, who was already dealing with jealousy, apparently—could catch me.

Suddenly, a veritable squad of reporters, photographers and media burst through the door, obviously excited about something—or someone. In a matter of seconds they were everywhere, like a swarm of locusts. Some of them grabbed chairs, scrambled up on them and struggled for a better view of the celebrity about to enter. Cameras snapped madly—it was almost frightening. I retreated behind the Moon in Pisces, who calmly lit another cigarette and then turned to me, a concerned look on her lovely face. "Don't be stressed, honey. It's just the Sun. I can handle him."

Suddenly, from the center of the pack, a strikingly attractive man emerged, his hands held up in the air—as if he were accepting his party's nomination. His outfit, like Venus' and Mercury's, was perfectly matched. This was the Sun in Libra.

He smiled, looked around, and magically, the room quieted. They were charmed by him, as were all the planets and I. "I just want to thank all of you for being here," he said, "but I really need some quiet-time now. So if you all wouldn't mind stepping outside?" The locusts reluctantly hopped down from their perches and filed out of the Café door—but a few just had to snap a parting photo before they left.

I realized that what I had seen was what Princess Di had lived with on a daily basis. Fame. Tremendous fame. So much fame that it might not be a good thing—if you weren't up for the loss of privacy. The Sun, however, doesn't usually want privacy. In fact, it's the part of our charts that shows what we're willing to do to gain attention. Apparently, however, the Café was something of a retreat for him.

Mercury rushed over to the Sun, stood erect, and saluted him. The Sun patted Mercury on the back, and said, "Tell them how glad I am to be here."

Mercury turned, faced us all, and said, "The Sun would like everyone to know how happy he is to be here. Glad, I mean. He's glad to be here."

The Sun smiled brilliantly and looked around the room. He glanced at me briefly, winked, and said, "Tell her I'm glad she got to meet me, too."

Mercury winced a little, thought for a second, then spoke. "The Sun is very glad, also, that you're here, Kim. So that he could meet you, and you could meet him." I nodded and smiled.

The Sun winked at Mercury, and smiled, too. "Very nice. Very nice."

Mercury grinned. "Thanks, Boss."

Just that tiny snippet of conversation revealed everything there was to know about the relationship between the Sun and Mercury. Astrologically speaking, Mercury was basically the Sun's microphone. Whatever the Sun in our charts wants to express, in other words, filters through our own Mercury. So no matter what sign our Suns are in, our words come out through Mercury's "mouth." Mercury in Libra, of course, was mainly concerned with what others would think of him—and of his boss, since Libra is as people-oriented as a sign could possibly be. It was no wonder, then, that his translation of the Sun's words considerably softened the ego behind them. Mercury in this sign was completely unable to make a statement that sounded self-absorbed.

The Sun turned to Venus next, his hand extended. "Ah, there you are, my lovely lady. Is it my imagination, or do you get more beautiful every time I see you?" Mercury nodded approvingly, and folded his hands behind his back.

Venus blushed, detached herself from Mars, and went to the Sun with her arms out. She hugged him briefly, whispered something in his ear, then stepped back. Mars came forward next. "Hey, Boss. What's up?"

The Sun and Mars shook hands vigorously, and the room suddenly became very warm. That, too, made sense. The Sun is the fiery core at the center of our solar system—which, of course, had been named for him. He's also the center of our charts, the life-force that keeps us all going. Mars is "the red planet," the owner of adrenaline, fire, anger and assertion. There was nothing shy about either of them—and with both of these fireballs in such close proximity, things certainly had to heat up. "How about a little arm-wrestling, Boss? You ready to give me another shot at the title?"

"We'll see," the Sun said, then turned to the Moon. "Where's my lovely other half?" She stepped forward, smiling, and an amazing thing happened.

Next Week: The Sun and the Moon discuss their relationship.

Read the entire Cosmic Café Saga.
Cosmic Café Archive



Kim Rogers-Gallagher is a well known columnist, lecturer and author of Astrology for the Light Side of the Brain and Astrology for the Light Side of the Future(ACS Publications).

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For more information about Kim Rogers-Gallagher, click here.

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