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An Aquarian organization such as the Boy Scouts of America ought to be flourishing with the humanistic Uranus (Uranus rules Aquarius), in its sign. So what’s gone wrong for the Scouts?

We Honor and Respect Everyone

The Boy Scouts of America entered incorporation (February 8, 1910) under the laws of the District of Columbia and the altruistic sign of Aquarius. This Aquarius organization intends to raise boys as moral, skilled, forthright young men. Such aspiration fits the bill for the high ideals of open-minded Aquarius. Aquarius says, “We honor and respect everyone.” Unless, of course, you’re gay.

With the Sun in Aquarius as a social template, the Scouts should symbolize tolerance, inclusion, understanding and compassion. Venus (and probably the Moon), also in the (allegedly) most humane sign, defines the values for the Scouts. These values include a cooperative and presumably enlightened attitude toward all humanity. But the Boy Scouts ban gays from being both scouts and scout leaders.

Be Very Straight

In an organization chart, the group purpose comes from the axis of the lunar nodes. The Boy Scouts' North Node, the forward moving direction beacon, stands in Gemini, the twins. This placement implies consideration of different ideas. Gemini naturally sees people as they are. The mutable sign accepts and includes the other, regardless of differences in personal belief, opinion or behavior. Differences stimulate the mind and stir fervent banter into play, which Gemini craves.

But the South Node, the ideas from which the group must evolve, rests in Sagittarius. Sag, at its worst, can symbolize narrow mindedness, righteousness and overt bias. The South Node shows the less evolved awareness of the nodal axis. Currently, Pluto is also dredging its way through Sagittarius. Pluto symbolizes latent urges, dark fears and sexuality. Add a layer of Sagittarius in its opinionated mode, and the fear and bigotry of gays rises faster than a scout’s hand to recite the oath.

Not only have the Scouts taken flak for persecuting gays, other claims suggest that the Scouts support the negative aspects of chauvinism and nationalism within their quasi-militaristic structure. Such ideas can also be assigned to the less evolved side of Sag. Perhaps. But the BSA still maintains the agenda of creating fine, moral (as they see it) young men to lead this country, regardless of what others think.

Why Only Now?

Maybe, like many folks, this shocking story is just now coming to your attention, but it has been going on for quite some time. At present, the planet Uranus, the electrifying wake-up call of change, currently moving through Aquarius, is striking the Boy Scouts' Sun with lightning-like fury, which may explain why the Scouts are getting so much bad press lately.

According to AP reports, however, back in 1992, Wells Fargo withdrew funding from the BSA, noting that the Scouts’ policy against gays conflicted with the bank’s doctrine of nondiscrimination. Interestingly, this transpired when Pluto, the ruler of sexuality, the dark and hidden, was moving through Scorpio. The intense sexual emphasis of Pluto in exact square to the Boy Scouts' allegedly open-minded Aquarian Sun blew a fuse. While this aspect challenged the concepts of the organization to grow, they persisted in their intractable Aquarian fixity (Aquarius is a fixed sign). The identity of BSA has been blemished since that time.

Regaining Merit

Should the Scouts seek to heal from this long-term wound, they will need to comply with current planetary guidance. The planet Jupiter, associated with Sagittarius, is currently moving through Gemini, and will soon cross the organization’s North Node. This indicates that healing of the wounds of the organization can happen if it examines its doctrines, beliefs and creed. Jupiter demands expansion, possibly to include philosophies and people the organization has excluded in the past. The fact that Jupiter is in Gemini reminds us to consider the opposite view.

Through next year, Saturn, the maker of hard rules, will also move through Gemini and make contact with the Nodes of the Boy Scouts. This taskmaster may insist on declaring a doctrine of diversity. An open-minded reconstruction of bylaws, charter, incorporation purpose and oath might work miracles for the reputation of the organization.

While the Supreme Court has ruled the Boy Scouts can ban gays, social rights groups will not agree. Attorney General Janet Reno recently decided the Scouts can jamboree on federal land despite their biases. And the protesters of BSA can also camp on those same lands. With unbiased Uranus and idealistic Neptune in Aquarius, social action groups take an equally fixed stand. They seek to inspire the Boy Scouts to activate the Sun and Venus of their horoscope and the theoretical high side of Aquarius. In doing so, they would open their doors wide to those previously shunned.

The planetary trends lean toward open-ended understanding. There’s a lesson for us all. Is it up to the BSA to include gays? Or is it up to the rest of humanity to take the road of understanding and accept the discrimination of the Scouts?



Philip Sedgwick began his study of astrology in 1969. He is the author of Astrology of Deep Space, Astrology of Transcendence, The Sun at the Center: A Primer of Heliocentric Astrology, The Galactic Ephemeris (a compilation of over 8,300 points in deep space).

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