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Astrology Horoscope: Jan. New MoonOn January 24, at 5:07 am PST, the Sun and Moon conjoin in Aquarius. Not only are the luminaries moving through this sign, but Neptune, Uranus and Mercury are in Aquarius as well. This powerful group of planets points to a powerful time for humanitarian and technological issues to surface. With Mercury conjunct Uranus and at a harsh right angle to both Saturn and Mars, themes of communication, innovation and bringing ideas to concrete manifestation could also arise at this time.

The Aquarian Information Revolution

In April of 1995, Uranus first moved into its ruling sign of Aquarius. Planets transiting their own sign are very powerful, and this transition signified a tremendous emphasis on Aquarian themes. Aquarius is associated with technology, information, communication and revolution. In the last years of the decade, when the Internet became tremendously popular, this medium suddenly altered the way we connect, interchange ideas and conduct business. This was nothing short of an information revolution. People throughout the world gained the ability to gather news and data and purchase items through typing on a keyboard and clicking a mouse. Through innovation in these technological fields, life as we know it is completely different from what it was just a few years ago.

Since that time, Neptune has also moved into Aquarius (January 1998) and has further increased the emphasis on Aquarian themes. This rapid change in the processing and disseminating of information has quickened the pace of the world, as people are able to telecommute, teleconference and do e-business. The rise in cellular phones and lap top computers has further increased our interconnected and interdependent relationships through the use of technology.

Aquarius, Technology and the Nervous System

Though this revolution has increased a sense of living in a global village, where everyone can contact everyone else with a punch of a button, there are also a number of possible health consequences to this new high-energy lifestyle. In medical astrology, Aquarius and Uranus are linked to the nervous system. This is the area of the body that can be most affected by these profound changes in society.

When we are “plugged in” through the use of computers, cell phones, televisions, microwave ovens and the use of fluorescent lights, the human body has to process the currents and wavelengths emitted by these electrical devices. If we don’t eat a healthy diet and take time away from these innovations, we may experience a deteriorating effect on our nerves leading to anxiety, fatigue, restlessness and depression. That is why it is essential to find balancing mechanisms to offset the preponderance of electrical energy in our midst. This is especially important if you are working in the high-tech fields and during highly Aquarian times such as the period between this New Moon and the next.

The Nervous System and Essential Healing Minerals

With this New Moon’s strong emphasis on Aquarius, there may be a greater likelihood of nervous complaints such as tremors, tics, racing thoughts and nervousness over the next month. To offset these issues, there are a number of minerals that are tremendously grounding and healing. Amazingly, the same substance that goes toward making microchips can also be tremendously helpful for healing nervous system disorders. Foods rich in silicon help improve calcium metabolism, which in turn strengthens nerve tissues. Silicon foods include barley, celery, cucumber, lettuce and the seaweeds, including wakame, kombu, kelp and arame. The herbs oatstraw and horsetail also contain a high degree of silicon and help relax and soothe the nerves.

Magnesium, a mineral linked to the planet Uranus, is also very beneficial for healing nervous system complaints. Magnesium helps regulate the acid/alkaline balance in the body and also allows calcium to function properly in the nerve tissues. It has also been proven to restrain the “anxiety peptide,” a complex of amino acids in the brain that appear to contribute to nervous tension. Leafy green vegetables are full of magnesium because this mineral is positioned at the core of every chlorophyll molecule. Magnesium is found in nuts like almonds and cashews as well as in herbs such as alfalfa and red raspberry leaf.

Aquarius and Your Health: Grounding the Circuit

In this electronic age, we need to find time and space away from our powerful machines to find balance and restore our nerves. Aquarius is an air sign, and one of the most important ways to restore vitality is through the breath. Rapid shallow breathing is often associated with fear, anxiety and panic. When we can take long, deep breaths of fresh clean air, we relax and renew our entire being. If you spend time at a computer for much of your day (like I do), try taking frequent walks out into nature, breathing in the scent of the trees and the grasses and stretching your body from head to toe.

The period beginning with this New Moon is a highly charged and electrical time. We may feel powerful, but also frazzled and overloaded through this lunation. This is a good time to balance all the sped-up Aquarian energy with deep, grounding earthy activities. Meditation, yoga, working with stones and cooking warm, hearty meals are all ways to draw down excess energy away from the head and into the body. This will help you channel new thoughts, perceptions and ideas through a grounded circuit that won’t get overloaded and blown. Good health to you!



Jonathan Keyes, B.S., is an astrologer, herbalist and plant spirit medicine practitioner. His writing has appeared in The Mountain Astrologer and in numerous Llewellyn almanacs. Jon has written a book entitled 'Guide to Natural Health, The Horoscope as a key to Ancient Healing Practices'. Jon is available for readings and can be contacted at Go to Jon's web site at

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