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Astrology by Hand Week 38


In the last weeks we have looked at the chart of George W. Bush to see what it might show us about his presidency.

Now we are going to look at another kind of chart that might tell us something much more specific about his presidency. A natal chart tells us about a person generally, not just what kind of career he or she might have. What we need is a chart of this presidency itself, the chart of President Bush’s inauguration.

In astrology, everything has a beginning, and one of the main principles of astrology is that a chart erected for the beginning of something should tell us something about what has begun. The inauguration of a president is just such a beginning. It is the birth of a presidency.

Conveniently for us as astrologers, since the second inauguration of Franklin D. Roosevelt, each new term begins precisely at noon on January 20 of the year after the election. Prior to 1937, the term began on March 4 at noon. There is some argument about whether one should use the actual swearing in ceremony or the exact noon time, but the two are usually so close that there is little real difficulty.

The Inaugural Chart

Astrology Horoscope: G.W. Bush InaugurationThe chart used here is erected for precisely noon EST for Washington, D.C. (I used Koch houses.) We find the sign of Taurus rising. In fact, because the inauguration occurs at about the same time on the same day of each inaugural year, these charts have all had Taurus rising since F.D.R. The main thing that changes each time is where the planets are located.

It is said that the Tenth House represents the presidency or persons in power in most charts erected for political events. However, I would argue that since this is the chart of an administration, the administration itself is the First House because the First House always stands for whatever it is that is being “born.” The Tenth House (the area at the top of the chart) will stand for the reputation and standing of the administration.

In the First House we have Saturn rising. This is a very clear indication of a conservative presidency. This is not going to be a “centrist” administration, at least not on issues that are “hot buttons” for the Right. This may not be very clear to the general public, however, because the inaugural chart has foggy Neptune in the Tenth House, indicating that the reputation and standing of this presidency are not going to be clearly defined.

Mars Setting

But the most interesting thing in this chart that has caused the most comment among astrologers is what is happening in the Seventh House. This is the place in the chart where planets are just setting. Here we find Mars in Scorpio fairly close to setting, which means it is closely opposing the rising degree. This area of the chart stands for both partners and open opponents. Given the fiery and combative nature of Mars (god of war, etc.), this looks more like opponents than partners. Also, Mars is in Scorpio, one of the signs it rules in traditional astrology, and in fact the rulership that it is supposed to prefer. This means that the opponents are strong and perhaps ruthless.

Mars also rules Aries, which is on the Twelfth House cusp. This is the house of secrets and hidden things. This suggests that the open opponents of this presidency are not entirely “open” and that secret forces may be operating behind the scenes here. For the more paranoid among us this is ample fuel.

We cannot assume, based on this chart, that the opponents of this presidency are limited to Democrats, by the way. The fact that a strong Mars is in its own sign in the Seventh House actually suggests someone of a military background. Perhaps John McCain? As of this writing, he is preparing to cause a certain amount of trouble for Bush over campaign finance reform. But there are of course many other possibilities. For example, is Colin Powell the ally of this administration that he seems to be?

Of course, nothing can be taken by itself in astrology. The Mars in the Seventh of this chart also makes significant combinations or aspects to other planets, and these both add and subtract from the thrust of the Seventh House Mars. We will take up some of these in our next column.



Rob Hand, author of Planets in Transit and other works, is now involved in the translation and publication of texts regarding ancient and medieval astrology through ARHAT Media Inc.
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