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Astrology by Hand Week 39

Last week we began to look at the chart of George W. Bush's inauguration. As the inauguration is the beginning of the new administration, so its chart should show us more about the course of the new presidency. We concluded by looking a bit at his Seventh House Mars. Let’s look again at that placement.

Astrology Horoscope: G.W. Bush InaugurationMars is very close to 90 degrees (square) away from Mercury in the Tenth House and a little further away from 90 degrees to Uranus, also in the Tenth. A look at the chart will show that Mercury is going from the exact square aspect (90 degrees) of Mars to the conjunction (being in the same degree) with Uranus. Mars in the Seventh is also approaching its 90 degree aspect to Uranus.

In the astrology of beginnings, or inception charts, this indicates something growing in intensity rather than passing away, and that will manifest in the future. If the planets were moving away from the aspects, it would represent a condition present at the time but passing away.

The Tenth House placement of Mercury and Uranus (the house of status and reputation as well as career) indicates that at some point the actions of open opponents (Mars in the Seventh) are going to cause a sudden and unexpected change in the status or reputation of this administration. Are these opponents domestic or foreign? I say this because the Seventh House can mean foreign enemies as well as domestic opponents.

To look for foreign factors we also examine the Ninth House. That house rules foreign countries and persons. But it contains no planets and is ruled by Saturn (Saturn rules the sign Capricorn which is found on the cusp of the Ninth).

Saturn itself is in the First House, which represents the administration, not its opponents. This suggests that the administration will be on top of foreign affairs to a reasonable degree despite its apparent weakness (as of this writing) in that area. And it certainly does not indicate that the main opponents of this administration are foreign. Rather there seems to be some kind of identity or affinity between the Bush regime and foreign elements. (Remember Bush the Elder and the “New World Order”?)

By contrast, Jimmy Carter was inaugurated with Uranus setting (placed in the Seventh House), indicating open opponents, moving into a square (90 degrees) with Saturn, which ruled the Ninth House in that chart. His opposition was largely created by the actions of a foreign power, Iran.

The Danger of the Combination

But let us cut to the heart of the matter. Many astrologers regard this combination of Mars, Mercury and Uranus as “dangerous.” They fear that as in many other cases where the election year is divisible by twenty, (1840, 1860, 1880, 1900, 1920, 1940, 1960), this administration may be ended before its time by natural death or assassination.

While there are many complicated issues here, I have done some research into the inaugural charts of these presidencies. What I have found is that inaugural charts do not clearly show the deaths of those presidents. In Kennedy’s case, for example, we had Neptune setting (in the Seventh House) at the inaugural, and Mercury was 90 degrees from it in the Tenth House.

This may show the confusion and mystery surrounding what happened to Kennedy, but even more clearly I believe it shows the gap between the image and reality of “Camelot.” The more we know about the Kennedy era, the more it becomes clear that there was much going on behind the scenes that the people had no idea about, even more than is usually the case with presidencies.

The Significance of Mercury

I cannot rule out the possibility of violence or foreign war based on Bush’s inauguration chart, but relatively straightforward astrology suggests something quite different. Mercury, which is moving from 90 degrees to Mars to a conjunction with Uranus, tells us that the opposition to Bush’s presidency is going to become more militant (Mars) and lead to some Uranian (sudden) event in the status of this administration because of something ruled by Mercury. In this chart, Mercury rules the Second House (Gemini) and is a co-ruler of the Fifth House (Virgo is intercepted in the Fifth). The Second House is finance and the Fifth is markets in which stocks and commodities are traded. This leads me to think that Bush’s opposition will be fueled by financial problems and his fiscal policies.

At this time, Bush is promoting a rather large tax cut that will result in more money being saved by the wealthy than the middle class. In Reagan’s era something like this also happened. At that time, spending was not reduced and the result was that we acquired the largest debt in the history of this country. The rich, instead of paying taxes, were allowed to lend money at interest to the government, and the payment of that debt was left to future administrations and generations. I think that the Bush regime is planning something of the same kind. But with current economic conditions he may not be able to get away with it.

In conclusion, this combination of planets suggests that the Bush administration may experience a sudden loss of status resulting from increased domestic opposition due to fiscal and financial maneuvers that don’t quite work out. Bush’s own birth chart does not, I believe, support a more violent reading of this combination. In JFK’s birth chart there was also a combination of Mercury, Mars and Uranus, but it was in his birth chart, not the chart of his inauguration. Bush’s chart contains no such indication of violence.

Next week we are going to begin with a new topic.



Rob Hand, author of Planets in Transit and other works, is now involved in the translation and publication of texts regarding ancient and medieval astrology through ARHAT Media Inc.
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