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When the presentation of the 73rd annual Academy Awards takes place on Sunday evening, March 25, the familiar face of seven-time host Billy Crystal will be missing from the live telecast due to scheduling conflicts. In his place will be none other than Steve Martin, whose selection to take on this most challenging task seems an almost perfect choice. After all, Martin, like Crystal, is not simply a comedian, but a talented and prolific writer who has penned and starred in his own films. Additionally, Martin has written an off-Broadway play, published a book of essays that appeared on the New York Times Bestseller List and in October 2000 published his first novella, Shopgirl. In fact, it does not seem that there is much in the entertainment business that Martin can’t do.

The Creative Workaholic

Astrology Horoscope: Steve MartinSteve Martin’s ability to be wildly creative as both a comic and a writer lies first and foremost with his Sun, which represents self-expression, in egocentric and entertaining Leo. This fixed fire sign, which is also the sign on Martin’s Ascendant (outer personality), is the mark of the consummate performer, due to its need to command the stage, as well as its generosity to the audience.

Fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) thrive on endless activity, and Leo in particular enjoys being the center of attention. But while Leos enjoy the flattery and publicity of being in the spotlight, they often want it on their own terms. As a fixed sign, Leo the lion needs creative (fire) control (fixed) in its professional life. What better way for someone in the performing arts to do this than to write scripts, screenplays or adaptations that showcase their own natural talents? Many of Martin’s best-known acting credits are in films like The Jerk, Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid, The Man with Two Brains and Parenthood, which he wrote or produced.

The Power of Mercury in Virgo

Martin’s mastery of words and his ability to create characters such as “Wild and Crazy Guy” and “King Tut” in which detailed physical transformation accompanies skits and songs, combines his Leo panache with communicative and witty Mercury placed in analytical, meticulous and skillful Virgo. Having the Sun and Mercury in their own signs strengthens both these planets (the Sun is associated with Leo and Mercury with Virgo), and assures us that Martin will not only captivate the crowd on Oscar night with an inventive and hilarious monologue, but also that he will be ready to improvise at a moment’s notice should the need arise. Mercury’s placement in this self-conscious and often shy sign can also make him uncomfortable in intimate situations, a clue to the “other side” of Steve Martin.

Dark Side of the Moon, and Pluto Too

While Leos tend to cultivate a distinct public image, they are often quite guarded about their private lives. Though Martin has been a hit with the public since his standup days in the 1970s, perhaps the one thing he is known for more than anything else is not being known. Many performers’ lives—including all the affairs, divorces and stays at drug rehab clinics—are an open book, yet interviews and biographies deal mostly with what Martin does—his work—and there is little to let us in on private feelings, or to inform us about important events or people that may have shaped his life.

Martin’s need to keep the private separate from the public is greatly enhanced by the placement of the emotional and habitual Moon in passionate, secretive Scorpio, a fixed sign that, like Leo, needs enormous control and privacy, especially when it comes to one’s innermost feelings. What seals this attitude even more is the fact that Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto, the zodiac’s intense loner, is closely conjunct Martin’s Ascendant (his personality), putting a firm but polite barrier between Martin and all but his closest friends and relations.

Martin’s Neptunian Evening

Since major transits always reveal the mood of the moment, it is no surprise that on March 25, transiting Neptune, planet of glamour, illusion and film, will be at 8 degrees of Aquarius, and sitting right on Steve Martin’s Descendant (the cusp of the Seventh House), which signifies partners and public contact. While we can only speculate about whether Martin is involved in a wildly romantic (Neptune) relationship (Descendant), we do know with absolute certainty that on Oscar night, viewing audiences around the world will not only be celebrating cinematic glory, but will also be embracing Steve Martin’s wild, crazy and endearing public personality. If alluring Neptune has its way, Martin will attract a new generation of fans who missed his standup comedy and his Saturday Night Live impersonations, and he will remind older fans that he is here to stay.



Ronnie Dreyer is an internationally-known astrological consultant, lecturer and teacher based in New York City and the author of several books, columns, articles and book reviews. She lectures extensively for astrology groups & national conferences, and conducts ongoing courses & workshops in Vedic astrology. She co-founded one of the first astrological computer services in Holland where she lived for ten years and was Astro*Carto*Graphy's Dutch distributor. Ronnie was AFAN's secretary from 1992-1998 and is currently its presiding officer. She is editor of the NCGR memberletter. She is on the Board of Directors of ACT. In 1994, she received the Jyotish Kovid award from the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences, and in 1998 received the Jim Lewis Community Service Award from AFAN.

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