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Martin Sheen, award-winning actor of stage, screen and television, has gained as much attention for his left-wing politics as he has for his illustrious career spanning more than 35 years. Casting Sheen as President Josiah Bartlett, the character he plays so brilliantly on The West Wing, the acclaimed TV series centering on a fictitious Washington liberal administration, matches the character to the man almost perfectly. So convincing is Sheen in the role that earned him both an Emmy nomination and a Golden Globe award, that many wonder if this may be a stepping stone to a future in real-world politics—something he emphatically denies.

Take No Prisoners

Astrology Horoscope: Martin SheenBorn Ramon Estevez (August 3, 1940, in Dayton, Ohio at 8:03 pm), one of ten children in a devout Catholic (half Irish, half Spanish) home, Martin Sheen has always done things his own way. Given the basics of his birth chart, it’s little wonder. His Sun, representing self-expression, is strengthened by its placement in individualistic, self-sufficient and dramatic Leo. Sheen also has the Moon, representing emotions, Mars, planet of action and Pluto, symbolizing power, in Leo. Leo is a fixed fire sign. Fixed signs can be rigid and stubborn, and they definitely hold their ground. As a result of having such powerful planets in this sign, Sheen is known for his steely determination, a quality that certainly helps him succeed in the take-no-prisoners world of Hollywood.

In addition to this Leo stellium (three or more planets in the same sign), Sheen has Jupiter and Saturn in Taurus, a fixed earth sign, and Aquarius (fixed air sign) rising. This overwhelming emphasis on fixed signs gives him the ability to continue along a chosen course long past the point when others might call it quits. It also makes him stubborn and intractable, with the determination to stick to his beliefs no matter what obstacles are thrown his way. In fact, his outspoken views have involved him in more than his share of sit-ins, protests and even overnight stays in jail.

Sheen’s Hard Working Bundle

Sheen’s planets are packed into an area that covers about one-third of his chart, so they fall into a visual pattern that the late astrologer Marc Edmund Jones called a “bundle.” Jones describes the resulting astrological type as an individual likely to be tightly wound, inflexible and hard working. With the bulk of these planets in Leo, and placed in the Sixth House of health and work, we can be certain that Sheen is a workaholic, both driven and hard on those who cannot match that drive.

But this excessive tendency has a darker side, as shown by Sheen’s near fatal heart attack (Leo is associated with the heart) on the set of the film Apocalypse Now at the age of 37, brought on by heavy drinking and stressful working conditions. Sheen’s obstinacy even drove him to ignore doctor’s orders and complete the movie after an all-too-brief recuperation period. Presently a recovering alcoholic, Sheen has proven to be just as firm in his resolution to maintain sobriety, which he has now done for over a decade.

The Family Man

With Venus, planet of love and marriage, in Cancer, the sign of home and family, it is no wonder that his devotion to his wife of over 40 years and his four children defies the usual dysfunctional Hollywood marriage. Those with Venus in Cancer have an uncanny emotional strength, and will move heaven and earth in order to keep the family together. This became apparent when Sheen discovered that his son, actor Charlie Sheen, had violated his parole on an assault and battery charge by using drugs. Familiar with the road to substance abuse recovery, Sheen risked their relationship by turning Charlie in to the authorities. Today they are closer than ever, ironically playing opposite each other on Wednesday evenings; Dad on The West Wing and Charlie (clean and sober after a stay in rehab) on Spin City.

Sheen’s Uranian Award

Foreshadowing the successful premiere of The West Wing in September 1999, the solar eclipse of August 11, 1999 placed the Sun and Moon at 18 degrees of Leo, right on Sheen’s Descendant (the “door” of his Seventh House of partnerships), which represents contact with the public. By the time exciting and surprising Uranus crossed his Ascendant (door to the First House of self) at 18 Aquarius in spring 2000, it brought him a surge of popularity that boosted the show’s ratings and moved Josiah Bartlett, originally a background character, to center stage.

When Sheen accepted a Golden Globe award for his portrayal of Bartlett on January 28, 2001, Uranus formed an exact opposition of 180 degrees to Mars, reiterating the excitement of the Mars-Uranus square in Sheen’s natal chart. With Uranus continuing to travel through socially-minded Aquarius, the sign it is associated with and Sheen’s rising sign, the excitement and good fortune are bound to continue. Since he does have a heart condition, I would definitely advise him to slow down and relax a little more, but it’s certainly not his style at all.



Ronnie Dreyer is an internationally-known astrological consultant, lecturer and teacher based in New York City and the author of several books, columns, articles and book reviews. She lectures extensively for astrology groups & national conferences, and conducts ongoing courses & workshops in Vedic astrology. She co-founded one of the first astrological computer services in Holland where she lived for ten years and was Astro*Carto*Graphy's Dutch distributor. Ronnie was AFAN's secretary from 1992-1998 and is currently its presiding officer. She is editor of the NCGR memberletter. She is on the Board of Directors of ACT. In 1994, she received the Jyotish Kovid award from the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences, and in 1998 received the Jim Lewis Community Service Award from AFAN.

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