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 Press Room's Cosmic Correspondent Kim Rogers-Gallagher has been invited to the planets' secret hangout. She's the first astrologer to enter this starry domain, and reports regularly on her findings there.

Cosmic Café 50:
Venus and Mars Call a Truce

From my spot next to Mars, beneath a tiny table in the front of the Café, I pondered my situation, taking advantage of the fact that Venus had temporarily stopped firing glassware in our direction. An argument between Venus and Mars was one situation I really, really didn't want to get involved in. I was quite familiar with Aries energy, and the fact that any planet wearing it was what you might call a specialist in anger management, courtesy of the fact that they didn't know how to hold it back. If Venus thought I was after her man…well, talk about being in the line of fire.

Being a Sagittarius, however, I tend to have a bit of last-minute luck on my side when I need it most. In this case, it was Mars, wearing my sign, of course, who saved me. He'd stopped laughing long enough to see that I was in a bad spot, and pulled his handkerchief out of his pocket, waving it in front of us. "Babe! Babe! Enough! It's your girlfriend! Kim! Your tequila buddy! Don't shoot! She's unarmed!"

The Café was silent. Feeling brave, I ventured another peek, and saw Venus leaning over, yet another glass in hand, peering under the table. When she saw me, she smiled. And waved, believe it or not. I waved back, smiling weakly.

"Oh, hi, hon. Sorry 'bout that. I thought you were somebody else." She placed the glass almost politely on the bar, straightened her hair and said, "Okay, truce, fire-man. I'm tired. Let's have a drink."

Ah, yes. Her anger was gone. Completely. That, of course, was the good thing about Aries—one of them, I mean. You never had to wonder if someone with Aries in his or her chart was mad at you. You'd have to be dead not to know. Aries planets don't play games—they're not patient enough for them. They direct their energy in a straight line, from point A to point B—and obstacles don't exist. Once the explosion is over, however—or, as Venus had said, once the Aries planet was "tired" from putting out so much adrenaline—it's over. I've often thought that the rest of us could take a valuable lesson in expressing anger from Aries, in fact—as long as it didn't involve being a target, that is.

I slid tentatively out from beneath the table and stood up, wiping glass from the sleeve of my blouse. Venus grabbed a damp bar towel and came over to me, helping to brush the last few tiny pieces gently from my arm. Then she hugged me, the battle all but forgotten in her excitement to see a friend. "Hey, it's been a while, hasn't it? You ready for a shot?"

I most certainly was. I nodded, smiling, and said, "Absolutely. At least one."

She laughed, hugged me again and said, "Oh, now, calm down. You know how me and the old man get—this is just how we talk, girlfriend." Well, in fire signs, that was quite true, apparently. Mars had also stood, and had his arm wrapped around Venus' tiny waist, smiling. She gave him a quick peck on the cheek, shook her finger in his face and said, "You I'll deal with later, Mister Man. Geek!"

He laughed and released her, smiling as she climbed over the bar. She grabbed two shot glasses and a bottle of Cuervo Gold, and set them down. Seeing Mars standing gave me a chance to notice that in addition to his humor, he was also showing off another distinctly Sag trait—a bit of a bulge around the mid-section. Expansion, after all, is Jupiter's business, Jupiter owns Sag, and expansion can happen in many ways—including the acquisition of a beer gut, which Mars certainly had. As he walked over to the bar, I noticed that there was, indeed, a huge-half-filled beer mug on the bar where he'd been sitting.

"Well! You arrived just in the nick of time, my dear," Mars said. "I think I was about to get in trouble."

I laughed—once I saw that Venus had also laughed—and said, "If that's what happens when you're about to get in trouble, I don't want to be around when it really happens, okay?" I took the shot Venus poured, and we raised our glasses, clinking them together. We downed the tequila and made faces at each other. Just like last year, when we'd last had shots together, she stuck out her pinky and we "shook."

"Welcome back, girlfriend. Hey, I'm here for four months this time, you know, so we can really get into some trouble! " She poured us two more, and I realized that she was, indeed, going to be in Aries for an especially long spell this time out. Mars was also going to be in Sag for an extended period this year—from Valentine's Day through early September. With the two planets in charge of relationships in this type of fiery mood for most of the year, it certainly wasn't going to be a boring one—not for any of us.

We clinked, wound our pinkies together again, and I asked for a chaser. Instead of pouring me a beer, however, Venus grabbed Mars' beer mug right out of his hand, took a gulp and handed it to me, winking. I sipped a little and handed it back, in time to hear her say, "You don't mind, do you, babe? You'd do anything for me, right, honey?"

"You got that right, babe," he answered. "Anything. Anything at all. As long as you don't hurt me."

She was touched. She hopped across the bar and wrapped her arms around him. "Oh, baby, you know I'd never really hurt you, don't you?"

Oh, here we go, I thought to myself. Now that the fireworks were over, it was back to love—passionate love.

Next Week: Venus and Mars Decide to Take a Trip and Saturn Calls a Meeting

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Kim Rogers-Gallagher is a well known columnist, lecturer and author of Astrology for the Light Side of the Brain and Astrology for the Light Side of the Future(ACS Publications).

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