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Astrology by Hand Week 42

Last week we talked about general features of Senator John McCain's chart. This week I want to concentrate on what in the chart makes him buck his own party concerning campaign finance reform and why that is an issue now. The bill has just been passed by the Senate, and it looks as if McCain is going to be able to pull off a campaign reform bill that is close to what he intended. What will happen after that in the courts and in actual practice is another matter.

Astrology Horoscope: John McCainFirst we have tenacious Pluto in the Tenth House of career opposite the Moon (emotions) in the Fourth House of origins, the past and family. This combination has many qualities, some of them difficult, but among them is a tendency toward obsession and persistence with an idea or an emotion. Moon-Pluto types do not readily let go of something once they have gotten hold of it.

Prepared for the Public

Another factor is the action planet Mars in the Eleventh House of the public. Now, the exact placement of Mars could be given as the Tenth or Eleventh House depending on which house system the astrologer is using. In the Koch system Mars is so close to the Eleventh House cusp that I would have to reckon it an Eleventh House placement. In the Whole Sign system that I now prefer, it is completely in the Eleventh. This placement gives a high degree of self-assertiveness within groups. It may or may not denote a leader, but anyone with such a placement who is not a leader will act independently of whoever is the leader.

On top of this, Mars is moving into a 120-degree angle (trine) with lucky, expansive Jupiter, and Jupiter is in its own sign, Sagittarius. I mentioned Jupiter last week in connection with its square (90 degrees) to Saturn. This is an extremely dignified Jupiter. “Dignified” simply means that it behaves in a way that is completely consistent with its own nature. Mars and Jupiter together indicate fortunate or expansive actions, actions often taken against the odds but with the anticipation of a good result. Jupiter is in the Third House, which indicates communications. So we have Mars in a house of group relations and Jupiter in a house of communications. This indicates that McCain is likely to have prepared carefully for his campaign to get the finance reform bill through Congress, and to have networked very effectively.

A Conservative Rebel

As Mars moves toward Jupiter in McCain’s chart, it also separates (moves away from) from a 90-degree angle (square) to rebellious Uranus. Here we have the maverick—an unconventional member of a group—in McCain’s chart. If he did not have restrictive Saturn in such a powerful rulership (the Ascendant, one’s public face) he would not be so conservative. His chart is both in balance and tension with the conservatism of Saturn ruling the Ascendant (by exaltation and triplicity) and his fastidious Virgo Sun and traditional Capricorn Moon, all working against the Mars-Jupiter and Mars-Uranus combinations.

Why Now?

Why is all of this happening now? As I write this, Pluto is at 15 degrees and 13 minutes of Sagittarius. McCain’s Jupiter is at 15 degrees and 6 minutes of Sagittarius. In late March, Pluto stopped moving forward and turned backward very close to where it is now. The debate on the bill is occurring on the exact crossing (transit) of transformative Pluto over McCain’s natal Jupiter. Jupiter-Pluto is a combination that indicates reform and regeneration. The symbolism is perfect.

While Pluto will eventually get to the 90-degree angle (square) of his natal Saturn, it will not be this year. Pluto’s next transit will be to come back over Jupiter within the next couple of weeks because Pluto is now retrograde  (going backward as seen from Earth). Then it will come close to making the 120-degree angle again to his Mars. But it does not quite make it. This will be in August, and the final pass of Pluto will be in December.

Will McCain continue to be successful? He should in the near future. It is a bit harder to say in the long run. Saturn, which is now quite far from making any combination with his natal Jupiter, will begin to oppose it, falling just short in September.

In May of 2002, Saturn will oppose his Jupiter just as Pluto crosses over that same Jupiter for the last time. I believe that May of next year will bring a time of crisis concerning this legislation (although it could be something else in his life, to be sure). Saturn will be in the Ninth House of the chart, which rules the courts and legal system. That could be the time of the court challenge, although as of this writing it is difficult to see how it would take so long to get to the courts. Time will tell.

Next week, something new.



Rob Hand, author of Planets in Transit and other works, is now involved in the translation and publication of texts regarding ancient and medieval astrology through ARHAT Media Inc.
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