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Astrology by Hand Week 43

The Chart of Richard Cheney

This week we explore the chart of Dick Cheney, a vice president who seems to be doing most of the real work of the Bush presidency. His birth data has become available from Lois Rodden’s Astrodatabank.

Cheney was born January 30, 1941, at 7:30 pm in Lincoln, Nebraska. His Sun (self) is in airy, electric Aquarius, his Moon (emotions) is in sensitive Pisces and his Ascendant (his public face) is in detail-oriented Virgo. The first thing that I noticed when I looked at his chart is that Cheney’s birthday is the same day (different year of course) as Franklin Delano Roosevelt (born January 30, 1882, at 8:45 pm LMT in Hyde Park, New York).

Astrology Horoscope: Dick CheneyAstrology Horoscope: FDRCheney’s and Roosevelt’s Suns are within one degree of each other. Cheney’s Sun is 10 Aquarius 48 minutes and FDR’s was 11 degrees and 8 minutes. Although they have different degrees on their Ascendants, the rising signs are the same, Virgo. The similarities do not stop there. Both of them were born within a year of a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Taurus, both charts have Jupiter and Saturn still in Taurus and the Saturns are about two degrees away from each other. This means that both of them have the Sun square (a harsh 90-degree angle) restrictive Saturn. Both men have their Moons in water signs, FDR in Cancer and Cheney in Pisces, and both have rebellious Uranus very near an angle, FDR just above the rising degree and Cheney’s just past the Midheaven, or culminating degree, the point of career.

With all of this one would expect some degree of similarity between them. Well, obviously there is. Both have spent long periods of time in public service, and one became president and the other a vice president. Also, FDR was under secretary of the navy, and Cheney was secretary of defense under the previous Bush administration.

Obviously there is also a major difference. FDR was a liberal; Cheney is a conservative. How can we see this difference? FDR’s Uranus is near his Ascendant, which would make him personally something of a Uranian, i.e., rebel, non-traditional, etc. Cheney’s is near the Midheaven, which would not make him personally Uranian, but would give that quality to his career. A Uranian career could be an unconventional one, which is not especially the case with Cheney, or it could signify a career in which Uranian (sudden, unexpected, disruptive) events occur. (Whether this latter is true remains to be seen, but see the chart of the Bush inauguration given a couple of weeks ago.) Also, Cheney’s Midheaven is in Taurus, an earth sign that is usually a bit more conservative than Gemini, the sign on the Midheaven in FDR’s chart.

Will the Real President of the United States Please Stand Up

Like FDR, Cheney is obviously a workaholic, and it is very clear that Cheney is shouldering far more of the work of being president than any other vice president in history, to the extent that it is not at all clear who is really in charge. As I have indicated before in these columns, Bush looks like a front man for a group of people running the country, and Cheney is the most important man in that group, at least as far as the actual work done is concerned.

These qualities are found in Cheney’s chart through the following placements:

1) The Sun in the Sixth House square Saturn. The Sixth House is the house of work and service.

2) The square to Saturn makes the Sun even more work-oriented and also indicates a high-degree of perfectionism. The Sun is also square Jupiter, which is conjunct Saturn. Jupiter and Saturn combined are generally representative of big business, and Cheney does have strong connections with the business community.

3) The Ascendant in Virgo can also make one an avid worker and often confers a self-effacing quality that makes one content to be a worker behind the scenes or in a supporting role.

4) And finally, this is also all supported by the fact that Mercury, the ruler of his rising degree in Virgo, is also in the Sixth House of work and service.

Now, all of this is true about FDR’s chart as well, except for the close conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn and FDR's Sun is in the Fifth House rather than the Sixth. But FDR would not have been content to be second in command. What made FDR so different from Cheney? FDR had action-oriented Mars conjunct the Midheaven, which made him too independent to be a second in command, and also made him a brilliant war leader.

The Problem of Cheney’s Health

None of this would be a problem if it were not for the fact that Cheney’s health does not appear to be up to the burden laid upon him. It is not just a matter of his having a heart condition. Cheney had his first heart attack at the age of 37, has had quadruple bypass surgery and has had two heart “incidents” since the beginning of the presidential campaign. One was last fall, and the other happened a few weeks ago. These recent heart episodes along with his past history show a chronic heart condition, not mere isolated incidents. No one has any way of knowing whether he will be well or fall ill at any time.



Rob Hand, author of Planets in Transit and other works, is now involved in the translation and publication of texts regarding ancient and medieval astrology through ARHAT Media Inc.
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