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NewsScope for May 8, 2001

Bush Unveils Missile Defense Plan

Last week President Bush pressed ahead with his plan to build a national missile defense shield, a comprehensive system estimated to cost some $200 billion over the next decade. Critics, both domestic and foreign, say the technology is unworkable, will likely restart the arms race and does nothing to prevent "rogue nations" from packing nuclear bombs in suitcases.

The likelihood of the missile defense shield becoming a high-priority, controversial issue was first discussed in the January 1 NewsScope in terms of the Saturn-Pluto opposition hitting Defense Secretary Rumsfeld's Mars. George W. Bush's horoscope shows startling parallel developments regarding the militarization of our global village, since his Mars is likewise a major astrological factor now and over the next three years.

Bush's Midheaven, the point denoting his professional role, is in the militant sign of Aries, which is ruled by the war planet Mars. Bush's Mars resides in Virgo, a placement often associated with the armed services. As Mars turns retrograde on May 11, Bush is sending off a special envoy, essentially a charm offensive, to convince NATO allies, China and Russia of the worthiness of this massive military project.

Using the forecasting technique of secondary progressions* Bush's progressed Mars is nearing a square to his Sun, and will be exact in less than a year. Over the next three years, his progressed Sun will be conjunct Mars (exact in June 2004). This powerful double influence of Sun to Mars and Mars to Sun represents a dominant theme for his presidency, as his personal identity (Sun) absorbs the militant vibration of Mars.

Neptune Shapes Political Season

Neptune's present celestial location continues to shape current events across the American political and social landscape since this planet of high hopes remains in a long-term square to the U.S. Scorpio Ascendant. (Editorís Note: WolfStar uses a Scorpio rising U.S. chart.) Neptune turns retrograde on May 10 when everything under Neptune's rule should dominate news events, but its influence continues into early July before significantly fading in strength.

Neptune rules espionage, and ever since Neptune first squared the U.S. Scorpio Ascendant in March, the U.S. has experienced one spy story after another. The discovery of FBI spy Robert Hanssen was the biggest spy scandal since Ames Aldridge was arrested in 1994. We also read stories about the downed spy plane off the coast of China, the mistaken targeting of a missionary in Peru by U.S. intelligence agents, American listening devices discovered in the Russian Embassy, and the list goes on.

Neptune governs flooding. Over the past two weeks residents in three states along the Mississippi River have had to contend with the third "Flood of the Century" in the last eight years. Neptune governs drugs. Drug-related stories in the news have included the military offensive against the Andean drug-producing countries, John McCain's bill regarding generic drugs, illegal drug users, including West Wing producer Aaron Sorkin and actor Robert Downey Jr. and an AIDS drug program for Africa.

Neptune rules oil and gas, and last week Vice President Dick Cheney released his massive oil and gas program for solving the nation's energy crunch. Neptune rules the movies. An ongoing discussion between writers and producers threatens to shut down the entire movie and TV industry. The last time this occurred was in 1988, which not coincidentally was the last time transiting Neptune was forming an exact aspect to the U.S. Ascendant.

Supermodel Niki Taylor Critically Injured

Niki Taylor underwent emergency surgery on her liver and lungs last week following a life-threatening car accident. The driver, friend Chad Renegar, said he was distracted by his cell phone ringing as he drove down an off-ramp. When he took his eyes off the road to answer the phone, he lost control of the sporty Nissan Maxima, and smashed into a utility pole.

Niki Taylor was born a sensitive Pisces on March 5, 1975, in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Vulnerability is doubly encoded in this horoscope since the Sun is also square Neptune, Pisces' ruling planet. Police said they did not suspect drugs were involved.

Taylor is one of America's top models, and earns $15,000 a day for her work. She has appeared on over 200 magazine covers, including Sports Illustrated, Vogue and Elle. Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, is dramatically enhanced by a favorable trine to Neptune, given sexual magnetism by the opposition to Pluto and a professional lifestyle by squaring Saturn.

Taylor has a penchant for dangerous living, as reflected by a Mars-Uranus square. Life in the fast lane came to an abrupt halt for her as life-transforming Pluto squared her Sun. This harsh aspect was expanded by Jupiter's simultaneous square to her Sun from restless Gemini, a placement that can give over-confidence while traveling.


*Secondary progressions are based on the formula of one day equals one year. For example, Bush's progressions for his 55th year are calculated from the planets' positions 55 days after his birth.


Michael WolfStar O'Reilly is a professional astrologer and columnist living in Oregon. He has been writing his column, NewsScope, continuously since August 1997, and also writes regularly for Dell Horoscope and as a freelancer.
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