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Life and art imitate each other. In Ben Affleck’s recent film, Bounce, he played the role of a successful advertising executive who went through substance abuse treatment. Ben, a proud Leo, just celebrated his 29th birthday. To the surprise of many, he admitted himself into an alcohol treatment program on July 31. Ben was born with slow-moving Saturn in the sign of Gemini. He is now approaching that time when Saturn is returning to its own place it his chart. This astrological aspect is widely known as the "Saturn Return" period, which consistently happens between 28 and 30 years of age, varying within that range from person to person.

The Saturn Return marks a maturing point in our lives. In the year preceding the exact date of the return (Affleck's is exact on June 10, 2002), it is common for someone to look carefully at his life and make significant adjustments that put long-term paths into play. During this period, people often buy or sell homes, change careers, get married or divorced, or experience other life-changing events. The Saturn Return marks the completion one Saturn cycle. It is one of the most significant astrological markers in our lives. In fact, this is where we often leave childhood dreams and behaviors behind as we take on new responsibilities. We begin to look at ourselves and the world around us in a more mature manner. Accordingly, we can look for Ben Affleck to make significant stabilizing adjustments to his life throughout this year and into next summer.

Major life events unfold when the moving planets contact the positions of the planets at our birth. These days, with the recent release of Pearl Harbor, Ben Affleck is riding high and is at the top of his career game. But something has added a flavor of craziness and instability to his pre-Saturn Return year. Since March, Uranus, the planet of upset and erratic behavior, has been in opposition to Affleck's Sun at 22 degrees of Leo. With Uranus opposing his natal sun (as it is now for everyone born any year in mid August), he can expect flashes of awareness to awaken parts of his own psyche. On the other side, this is a year that can bring a great deal of unexpected change. Things will seem more out of control than other times in his life, and it is this feeling combined with the serious Saturn Return reflection that led him into alcohol treatment.

The Charlie Sheen Connection

Charlie Sheen, who went through his own cleaning up a few years ago, was partly responsible for getting Ben into treatment, even driving him to the Malibu rehab center. At his birth, Charlie's Mercury, the communication planet, was in Leo, within one degree of Ben's Sun. When one person's Mercury is conjunct another person's Sun, the Mercury person (Charlie) can talk to the Sun person (Ben) like no one else. What Charlie says goes right to the center of Ben's soul.

Like the constellations in the night sky, the stars in Hollywood are quite visible to the public. When we watch the stars, however, there is more than meets the naked eye. Astrology, like a telescope, can help us see what is really going on, in the lives of the famous and in our own individual life.

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Would you like to know more about YOUR own Saturn return or about your current astrological transits? StarIQ cofounder Rick Levine is available for individual phone consultations. More -->



Rick Levine is Co-founder of He has been involved in the technology sector for 30 years. As a Founding Trustee of Kepler College, he is interested in the education of astrologers. As a frequent lecturer at astrology conferences, he teaches about the important relationships between science, astrology and our spiritual traditions. He writes the Daily Horoscope Column for, which is published on,,,, and more. He co-authors (with Jeff Jawer)

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