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‘Twas the weeks before Solstice and all through the land,
Was the feeling that things weren’t going as planned.
The terrorists were hiding in the hills with care;
We hoped the Marines would soon find them there.
The children were frightened, all living in dread,
While visions of Trade Towers danced in their heads,
And parents uncertain of how to react
To the terror of knowing that we’d just been attacked.
When up in the sky there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my browser window to see what was the matter.
Away to my charts I ran like a deer,
And to my surprise, what should appear?
Along with the tension ‘tween Pluto and Saturn,
Came fiery Mars right into the pattern,
And eclipses of change just fell from the sky.
I knew right away that things were awry.
And I in my fervor and incurable hope
Had just about reached the end of my rope.
I’d grown tired of hearing bad news on TV,
So I closed my eyes tightly and tried clearly to see.
I saw the whole picture as plain as could be,
Things that eyes opened just never could see;
I saw Muslims and Christians living side by side;
I saw an end to the mass genocide;
I saw Arabs and Jews now living in peace
Without politicians and without police.
I saw walls of anger come tumbling down;
I saw enemies join hands and dance all around.
I saw a time and a place where everyone had
A home and a meal and I was quite glad,
For we’d worked ourselves into an unworkable place,
Like rats running round in a crazy rat race,
Where politicians had taken from all of us folks
The feeling of power…but it’s only a hoax
‘Cause I saw revealed as I closed my eyes
A very clear vision of paradise.
Technology flourished, but no longer for war;
We had decided that peace was worth fighting for.
We fought with our hopes; we fought with our dreams
And political wars fell apart at the seams.
Political problems need solutions, not hate.
Death on the battlefield’s an unacceptable fate.
But back to my vision of Heaven on Earth,
‘Cause I saw it for real and I know what it’s worth.
I saw leaders talking about things of concern
And admitting they knew not which way to turn;
Admitting they’d worked themselves into a hole,
And admitting that things had grown out of control;
Admitting the fate of the whole human race
Was caught up to its neck in this wild goose chase
Of tribal boundaries and claims of material wealth,
While Mother Earth had fallen to disease and ill health.
Electronic technology had cast a new net
Around the whole world and we’re all getting wet,
For the flood that occurred in the Biblical Age
Is happening again with a frenetic new rage,
But this time the waters don’t fall from the sky,
The waters are different and new laws apply,
For emotional waters run fast and deep.
Now they are flowing to make a clean sweep.

It’s the very same thing that has gone on for so long,
But now technology’s singing a very new song;
A song where emotions send bio-terrorist death
That is carried by mail to poison your breath,

A song where a rocket is guided by heat
To lay a warhead at your enemy’s feet;
A song where each tribe must get along with the rest
And there’s no room for discussion about who is best.

What happens in Afghanistan
Affects the folks in every land;
Israel and Palestine with their fears
Wash the planet in painful tears.

Repression in China sends out a wave
That does a part of all enslave;
Oil spilled on Alaska's shore,
Sends the message home once more.
Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Jew,
Pagan, Mormon or Hindu;
We are all part of a greater whole
We are each part of the human soul.
Technology’s singing a sad requiem
For those who still think there’s an “us” and a “them.”
The media have shrunk this planet so small
That there’s no room for misplaced emotions at all.

Dams cannot hold back the anger and fear;
We must deal with our feelings, so let me be clear:
We can each help right now in our own little way
By making the right little choices today.

We can each fight this forest fire of hate
By controlling our brush fires before it’s too late,
For we each contribute to that greater whole;
We clean up the world as we clean up our soul.
As we eliminate wars amongst family and friend
Peace will spread and conflicts will end.
Global change takes place in the heart
With each of us playing our own little part.
This time of year, these days of rest,
When Persian Magi journeyed west,
We each share in love; we bask in its glow;
We have one another; that’s all that I know.
And I know that this truth handed down from the past
Is important right now and I hold it steadfast;
It’s a truth handed down from days of old,
A truth worth its very own weight in gold.
Just look into your heart and to stars up above;
Remember that ancient truth we call love.
Now, as another year fades right into the past
Remember that even these times won’t last.

Rick Levine
December, 2001
Redmond, Washington


Rick Levine is Co-founder of He has been involved in the technology sector for 30 years. As a Founding Trustee of Kepler College, he is interested in the education of astrologers. As a frequent lecturer at astrology conferences, he teaches about the important relationships between science, astrology and our spiritual traditions. He writes the Daily Horoscope Column for, which is published on,,,, and more. He co-authors (with Jeff Jawer)

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