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NewsScope for February 25, 2003

Jacques Chirac Expresses World Opinion

French President Jacques Chirac was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize last week following his campaign to extend the deadline for U.N. weapons inspectors. To the vast majority of Europeans Chirac has never been more popular. The Christian Science Monitor said that Chirac "has emerged as the voice of majority world opinion, urging patience in disarming Iraq and opposing U.S. plans for imminent war."

Jacques Chirac was born a cosmopolitan Sagittarian (November 29, 1932; 12:00 pm; Paris) with his Moon and Mercury also residing in Sagittarius. Mercury, the communications planet, is powerfully placed in the Tenth House of public reputation. His Mercury is intellectually enhanced by a trine to Uranus, an aspect that bestows a lightening-like grasp of complex concepts, and tends to have revolutionary or inspirational ideas at the right time.

Chirac's Mercury is challenged by a square to Jupiter, a connection known for its tendency to have a smug, arrogant point of view. Chirac's Mercury represents his political voice, his ideology, and his desire to promote France as the counterpoint to American dominance. To the millions who attended protest rallies across Europe a week ago, Chirac represents the voice of reason, an exaltation astrologically born by the current transits and progressions* to his Mercury.

Last week transiting Mars and Pluto were conjunct his Mercury, giving his voice an extra dose of forcefulness. He steadfastly asserted French leadership, while calling the Eastern European bloc of nations that made pro-U.S. statements "childish and irresponsible." With transiting Pluto hovering around his Mercury all year, we can expect that Chirac will remain a thorn in Bush's side for some time to come.

The Coconut Grove Fire of 1942

As the rock band began their gig at a popular Rhode Island nightclub, two spark-emitting machines immediately set fire to the insulating foam at the back of the stage. When the flames roared across the low ceiling, panic set in, and everyone rushed for the front door. At least 96 people died, either burned or trampled in the rush to escape. Curiously, another nightclub disaster took place earlier in the week in Chicago.

The coincidence of two nightclub disasters in one week reflects a deeper astrological connection, and one that may be seen in the definitive nightclub disaster, the Coconut Grove fire that took 492 lives. A horoscope for the Coconut Grove incident (November 28, 1942; 10:17 pm; Boston**) shows the astrological themes present in nightclub fires. In this chart a Moon-Pluto conjunction in Leo reflects the dramatic entertainment scene, while planets in the social butterfly sign of Gemini opposed planets in trendy Sagittarius.

The second worst nightclub disaster in American history took place on May 28, 1977 at the Beverly Hills Country Club in Southgate, Kentucky. The planetary elements are the same: Saturn in showy Leo spotlights the Coconut Grove Ascendant, and planets in Gemini and Sagittarius oppose each other.

Last week's Chicago incident took place under a Sun-Uranus conjunction that is exactly aligned with the Coconut Grove lunar node axis. In both the Chicago and Rhode Island cases, Jupiter was conjunct the Coconut Grove Leo Ascendant (with Neptune opposite), and planets opposed each other in Gemini and Sagittarius. From these measurements, astrologers can use the Coconut Grove event to judge the likelihood of future nightclub fires.

Meryl Streep Gets Number 13

Although most of this year's Oscar buzz is going to Chicago, Meryl Streep just received her 13th Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress for Adaptation, a milestone that puts her ahead of venerable Hollywood stars Katherine Hepburn and Jack Nicholson who have 12 each. Streep has received two Oscars already, one in 1980 for Kramer vs. Kramer and the other in 1983 for Sophie's Choice.

Meryl Steep was born a family-oriented Cancer (June 22, 1949; 8:05 am; Summit, NJ), and indeed has settled into a stable marriage with four kids. However, this Sun in Cancer forms an exact conjunction to Uranus, a pairing that gives her tremendous inventiveness, autonomy and creative freedom. Sun-Uranus people often find it difficult to maintain a traditional role, but a favorable sextile to duty-conscious Saturn allows her to build her career step-by-step.

Streep's Sun-Uranus and Saturn are both inconjunct (150 degrees) to Jupiter in Aquarius, a fateful configuration known as a Yod. The creative genius inherent in the Sun-Uranus and the hard work implied by the Saturn work together with Jupiter that brings sudden opportunities and fame. Jupiter in Aquarius provides the counterpoint, the path for growth, and for finding meaning in her life.

Jupiter in Aquarius is a champion of human rights, and Streep is well-known for her devotion to many causes and charities***. She's currently working with Equality Now, a human rights organization operating on behalf of women around the world. With her Moon square intense Pluto, Streep is a passionate global citizen. Whether it's the emotional energy she pours into a role, an educational or environmental program, she does not do anything halfway.

*Advanced astrologers will note that his progressed Sun (18AQ31), Mercury (18AQ19) and Mars (18VI15) are all closely aspecting his natal Mercury at 18SG34.

**Data source: Chronicle of the 20th Century by Jacques Legrand, p 544. For more info see The Beverly Hills Tragedy and Cocoanut Grove Controversy.

***See Meryl Streep Online for an extensive description of Streep's many charitable causes.

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Michael WolfStar is a professional astrologer and writer living in Oregon. He writes regularly for Dell Horoscope and American Astrology.

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