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NewsScope for April 27, 2004

Bush's Messiah Complex

Last week Bob Woodward's book Plan of Attack was the talk of the town among opinion makers. One of the most controversial portraits painted by Woodward was President Bush's religious perspective. Bush's critics grabbed onto the message, with some referring to him as a messianic militarist, while Bush's supporters said his detractors have a phobia about any public expression of religion.

The current controversy over Bush's beliefs can be tracked in his natal horoscope (July 6, 1946; 7:26 am; New Haven, CT). Vesta, the asteroid signifying sacred devotion, is located in the Ninth House of religion. Vesta is energized or militarized here by being in the warrior sign of Aries. Also Neptune, the ruler of his Ninth House of religion, is located in his Third House of mental attitude. His religious mind set has become a bit of a crisis since transiting Uranus is now forming a perfect quincunx (150-degree aspect) to his Neptune.

Over the past year Bush's progressed Sun has been approaching his natal Mars, so that he increasingly identifies (Sun) with his role as Commander-in-Chief (Mars). This aspect becomes exact in June, the pivot point in Iraq 's political evolution. Last week Jupiter, the planet associated with religion, was transiting over Bush's Mars, publicizing his belief that he is doing God's work in Iraq.

Natally, Bush's Jupiter forms a challenging square to Saturn. Tension between Jupiter and Saturn often takes the form of a moral dilemma, or as a fight between good and evil. Since transiting Saturn is now in Bush's Twelfth House of subconscious influences, perhaps we will hear more of his belief in End Times scenarios, as promoted by his evangelical supporters.

Mysterious Explosion in North Korea

Until Chinese journalists arrived on the site three days later, accounts of last Thursday's massive train explosion in North Korea varied widely. Reports of as many as 3,000 deaths were circulated, although it now seems more likely to be in the hundreds. Initially, North Korea remained silent, but finally acknowledged the tragic explosion, explaining it as an accident.

North Korea 's horoscope (September 10, 1948; 8:50 pm; Pyongyang*) accurately reflects the eerie incident with the powerful activation of the Moon-Jupiter conjunction in the Eighth House. Previously, this Moon-Jupiter conjunction has been identified with China (see NewsScope April 29 and September 2, 2003), and curiously, the explosion took place in a village right on the border with China.

Even more curious is that North Korean leader Kim Il Jong had passed through this train station only hours earlier on his way back from a secret meeting in China . At the time of the explosion (around 1 pm) transiting Mars and Pluto were nearly opposite each other, a particularly violence-prone combination. The Mars-Pluto transit was nearly perfectly aligned with the North Korea Moon-Jupiter, triggering the harrowing scene.

On the positive side, the North Korean government is now being uncommonly candid about the accident, and openly asking for assistance from humanitarian organizations. This development is in synch with Pluto's transit over the Moon-Jupiter conjunction. Pluto, the planet of devastation and re-birth, is introducing the hidden public (Moon in Eighth) to the financial benefits (Jupiter in the Eighth) associated with living in a global village.

Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, Newlyweds

"I've always wanted to be a diva," gushed Jessica Simpson when she was asked to perform in the 2004 Divas Las Vegas concert. Ever since she turned her marriage over to reality TV, Jessica's star has been rapidly rising. The airhead blonde's latest recording In This Skin has gone platinum, and she now has lickable perfumes and a new sitcom in the works.

Jessica Simpson was born a ditzy Cancer (July 10, 1980; Waco, TX; time unknown) with her Sun in close aspect to all four of the outer planets. The Sun's prominence gives her an innate sense of her own importance, as she shines with unabashed confidence in her own charm. Her Mercury also participates in this configuration, inspiring her with many quotable witticisms.

Her Newlywed husband Nick Lachey was born with his Sun in Scorpio (November 9, 1973), but without the many outer planet connections to make him a superstar. However, his Venus is connected to all the outer planets, indicating how his Venusian partner is the real star of the show. Both he and Jessica share hard Venus-Saturn aspects that allow them to turn their love affair (Venus) into a business (Saturn).

When comparing their two charts, the strongest connections show deep conflicts. His Mars and her Mars are in a tight challenging aspect, and they have a mutual Sun-Uranus interchange. These themes reflect a strong need for personal space and separate careers. Only Juno, the marriage asteroid, keeps them together, as her Juno is exactly trine to his Juno.

*The time for North Korea 's horoscope is rectified by the author, while the date follows the logic developed by Nicholas Campion in his Book of World Horoscopes.

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Michael WolfStar is a professional astrologer and writer living in Oregon. He writes regularly for Dell Horoscope and American Astrology.

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