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NewsScope for January 20, 2009

Obama's A-Team

As Obama assumes office, he's managed to unify the political left and right under what he calls his Team of Rivals: a cabinet of the strongest personalities and brightest minds available. Choosing competence over ideology has alienated party stalwarts, while some centrists are calling his cabinet the Dream Team and say they're well positioned to take on the nation's mounting crises.

Astrologically, the confluence of outer planets in Aquarius —Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune—emphasizes teamwork and the overcoming of personal differences for the sake of the larger whole. Obama's cabinet choices were completed as he went through his Jupiter Return, which underscores the opportunities available when working as a team. His semi-esoteric evocation of Abraham Lincoln arrives as transiting Neptune (mysticism) is conjunct Lincoln's Aquarius Sun.

With Obama's progressed  Moon now conjunct his Aquarius Ascendant, he has become the networking president that he imagined. Although he's promised openness and transparency in his government, it's noteworthy that transiting Mars enters his 12th House of Secrecy the day after his inauguration, and will remain there through the end of February. This indicates that the real action will be taking place behind the scenes, away from media scrutiny.

Transiting Mercury is also in his 12th House, and in retrograde motion. It's astrologically unlikely that any long-term, constructive changes can be made as long as Mercury and Mars are afflicting his 12th House. These conditions are better suited for political wrangling and backroom deals. No doubt Obama wants to hit the ground running, but it likely won't be until late February that anything practical can be accomplished.

Chesley Sullenberger's Vesta

Last Thursday three minutes after US Airways Flight 1549 took off from New York's LaGuardia Airport, the plane's captain reported a double bird strike and requested an emergency landing. With both engines on fire, he was unable to return to the airport and decided to land the plane on the Hudson River. Miraculously, the effort was successful and all 155 passengers survived.

Captain Chesley ("Sully") Sullenberger (January 23, 1951; Danville, CA; time unknown) was born with his Aquarius Sun trine Saturn, a configuration which often confers responsibility and leadership. Transiting Pluto is now squaring his Saturn, a powerful dynamic that can forcibly re-structure one's life through fateful events beyond one's control. However, with transiting Jupiter conjunct his Sun, he was celestially well protected, and is now hailed as a hero.

Sully's Sun also squares the asteroid Vesta, which is specifically associated with security and safety issues. Vesta is in practical Taurus, and is enhanced by a sextile to Jupiter and trine to Mercury in managerial Capricorn. Because of Vesta's prominent place in his natal horoscope, Sullenberger has built a sterling reputation by developing protocols for airline safety.

It's small wonder that Vesta was a key player in last week's dramatic event: transiting Vesta was returning to its natal place as it squared his Sun, and the transiting Lunar Nodes were precisely squaring his natal Vesta. In addition, Sully's fateful North Node at 19º Pisces is exactly sextile the U.S. Vesta (at 19º Taurus), with both being activated by transiting Uranus (at 19º Pisces), the planet of unexpected crises. Any astrologer concerned about security and safety issues—whether financial, technological, or military—would be well-served to use Vesta.

Steve Jobs' Health Issues

Apple CEO Steve Jobs emailed his people last week, telling them that he's taking some time off to resolve his health issues. On January 5, he revealed that his recent weight loss was due to a hormone imbalance, which confirmed rumors about his health issues. The latest rumors are that he's considering a liver transplant due to complications from his pancreatic cancer five years ago.

Steve Jobs was born with Virgo Rising (February 24, 1955; 7:15 pm; San Francisco, CA), which tells us that Mercury is the ruler of his chart. And since he has Gemini at his Midheaven, it's also the ruler of his tenth house of business. Mercury is placed in innovative, futuristic Aquarius and in the fifth house of entertainment and creativity. Small wonder that he's had twin careers as CEO of Pixar and Apple.

Having Virgo and the Sun in the sixth house also points to health concerns, especially over the last year as his Ascendant has been under the influence of the transiting Saturn-Uranus opposition. Jobs has also recently experienced a double Sun-Mars progression (P2 Mars square Sun; P2 Sun conjunct Mars). This is a clear indication that he's been working too hard, and may also indicate severe inflammation.

Mysterious, uncertain, deceptive Neptune has also been playing a significant role in this case. Transiting Neptune has been forming a quincunx to his Ascendant for the past year, fueling rumors about his health condition as it prepares to enter his sixth house. Neptune's influence will be strongest in March when it opposes his Pluto, a combination that may signal the need for radical surgery.

*The 7:15 pm time is from his birth certificate and is rated AA. Also, see NewsScope for July 3, 2007 for the introduction of the iPhone.

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