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NewsScope for February 3, 2009

The McWhirter System

Although she published her book* in 1938, financial astrologer Louise McWhirter's theories about the stock market seem to have special relevance to today's situation. One of her best-known tenets is about the 19-year Lunar Node cycle: markets peak when the North Node is in Leo and bottom out when it's in Aquarius. Since the North Node is currently in Aquarius, we're in a bottoming phase.

McWhirter lists a number of astrological factors that can modify the trend, including the relationship between Saturn and Uranus. When these two outer planets are in harmony, the business cycle can improve 20 percent more than the Lunar Node phase might indicate. Conversely, when Saturn and Uranus are forming hard aspects—as they are now—the business cycle can fall 20 percent below expectations.

She used the New Moon chart to discern market movements on a monthly basis. When the Sun and Moon are favorably aspected, that's a good thing, and when they're adversely aspected, that's not so good. For example, the Dow reached an all-time high on October 9, 2007. The New Moon preceding this peak on September 11, 2007 opposed Uranus, signaling a sudden reversal from the prevailing upward trend.

The current New Moon (January 26, 2009; 2:55 am; New York) is conjunct Jupiter, but Saturn and Uranus oppose each other and are angular in New York City, the nation's financial center. My guess is that this indicates a testing of the November 21, 2008 bottom, and then a reversal—all within the next month. However, since the North Node remains in Aquarius, and Saturn and Uranus continue to oppose each other, overall market conditions remain bearish.

Rush Limbaugh: "I hope Obama fails"

Rush Limbaugh has vaulted into the headlines recently as the popular point man opposing Obama's economic plans. "I hope Obama fails," he said—an outrageous statement when taken out of the context of his broad-based attack on liberal policies. Since then, his pronouncements have given moral support to Congressional Republicans who voted en masse against the Obama stimulus package, or "porkulus" package, as Limbaugh called it.

Rush Limbaugh** (January 12, 1951; 7:50 am; Cape Girardeau, MO) was born with an Aquarius Ascendant, which is graced by a conjunction with Venus in Aquarius, and given professional support by a trine from Saturn in Libra. These placements have allowed Limbaugh to become a media networking giant—especially over the past month as transiting  Jupiter arrived on his Ascendant.

Limbaugh's Mercury in early Capricorn  is part of a dynamic T-square formation, as it opposes Uranus and squares Saturn. Mercury-Saturn aspects are noted for their rigid thinking, while the Mercury-Uranus side thrives on making surprising or shocking statements. This complex was ignited under the influence of transiting Pluto, which is now conjunct his Mercury and squaring his Saturn. Pluto here fuels Limbaugh's diatribes.

Pluto will remain in this degree area over the next several years, so we are assured that Limbaugh will be an ongoing thorn in Obama's side. Looking at his progressed chart, astrologers will note a triple conjunction involving his Sun, Jupiter and Mercury—all conjunct his North Node and activated by transiting Uranus. This phenomenal alignment indicates that Limbaugh has found a long-term national role in voicing the doubts of the conservative movement.

Octuplets Arrive just after Solar Eclipse

Last Monday, a team of 46 doctors, nurses and surgical assistants successfully delivered octuplets by caesarian. They had planned the delivery for weeks, and although they expected seven newborns, they were surprised to find an eighth. According to The Los Angeles Times, the babies were born between 10:43 am and 10:48 am, and all are doing fine.

A horoscope drawn for the first arrival (January 26, 2009; Bellflower, CA) features 28º Aries Rising, making Mars the ruler of the chart. Mars is well placed in Capricorn and in the Tenth House, but is conjunct a retrograde Mercury, perhaps indicating an unknown factor in the birth. At 10:48 am, the last baby was delivered, as 0º Taurus was on the Ascendant. The chart for this last child is ruled by Venus, which is hidden away in the 12th House.

The Sun and Moon conjunct Jupiter is a favorable indication for the octuplets. This combination often signals a wealthy or prominent father, although in this case, the father is an anonymous sperm donor. At this stage, the Jupiter influence is an indication of abundance (multiplicity), but in future years promises to bring plenty of humanitarian assistance, since these placements are in Aquarius. 

Ceres retrograde in Virgo symbolizes the jobless mother, Nadya Suleman. However, Pluto trine the Ascendant helps protect the infants' well-being. Pluto represents the team of surgeons who presided over the birth. In later years, Pluto may manifest as a strong-willed, religious benefactor, since Pluto is in the Ninth House. This assistance will likely also be financial, since Pluto is closely trine to Vesta in Taurus near the Ascendant.

*"Theory of Stock Market Forecasting" by Louise McWhirter was originally published in 1938, but is in re-print now from American Federation of Astrologers.

**Limbaugh was pre

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