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 September 11, 2001
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Lee Lehman

Homepage Link
Phone: (321) 728-2277
Fax: (321) 722-2060
PO Box #501107
Malabar, Florida  32950-1107
United States of America
Best way to contact: Telephone, Fax or Email
Short Bio: Lee is the author of four books. She originated the Classical Studies course curriculum of seven regular courses. She teaches regular classes in Atlanta and Boston, and recurring classes in several other cities. In her spare time, she studies Tae Kwon Do. Lee has created two report writer texts: Solar Writer/Medicus, for medical questions and decumbitures; and Classical, for natal delineation in the matter-of-fact style of the Renaissance astrologer. Her specialties are horary and electional.
Astrologer since 1976.
Credentials: PhD, M.S., Rutgers University
BS, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
Qualifying Horary Practitioner Diploma
Birth Data: Born 09/09/1953 04:45 AM in Wakefield, Nebraska.
Consulting Services: By Phone
By Mail
Horary Astrology: Horary is the analysis of questions. In horary it is not guaranteed that a reading will take place, because it must first be determined whether it is an appropriate time to ask the question. Examples of horaries include: Will I marry Joe? Where is my lost ring? Is he telling the truth? Will I get this job? $40/question.

Electional Astrology: Electional is the branch of Astrology used to set up the best time to do something. Examples of elections include weddings, business beginnings, surgery times, beginning a diet, quitting smoking, buying a house, or taking a trip. $95/hour.

Standard personal or business reading: $125, plus $95/hour if longer than 90 minutes
Relationship analysis: $150, plus $95/hour if longer than 90 minutes.

MasterCard, Visa and AMerican Express accepted, as well as checks.
Printed Reports: All the computerized reports that we sell come with a copy of the chart, a list of points, and a discussion of the chart. Most of these reports are designed for natal (birth) charts; one is for localtional planning, and one is designed for a specialized health chart called a decumbiture. The cost given is for postpaid within the USA. Canada and Mexico add $2. Other countries add $5. If you would like the report sent to you via e-mail, deduct $5 from the cost.

The Solar Fire Report: The premier astrological calculation program, Solar Fire, also comes with a built-in report, written by Stephanie Johnson. The typical report runs about 15 pages. This describes the natal chart through its component pieces, and includes an esoteric interpretation through the Seven Rays. Cost: $25.

The Solar Fire Dynamic Report: The premier astrological calculation program, Solar Fire, also comes with a built-in dynamic report, written by Stephanie Johnson. This report takes the transits and progressions that you will be experiencing over the next year, lists the timing, and interprets the meaning of each aspect. Cost: $25.

Solar Writer/ Modern: This is an extended version of the Solar Fire report, also written by Stephanie Johnson. This report examines themes in the natal chart (life goals, home, education and communication, relationships, motivation, career and education, creativity and originality, challenges in life, and purpose and joy), and how they relate to particular areas of life. Cost: $30.

Solar Writer/ Classical: This is a report that I wrote, using classical astrological sources as inspiration and sometimes text. This report was designed to teach astrologers some of the component parts of a classical reading. Because it was designed for teachin purposes, the text, following classical tradition, makes rather strong assertions without any attendant attempt to put things in a more positive light. Cost: $30.

Astrolocailty: This is a report designed to help you evaluate the effect of living or visiting a particular city, given its geographical coordinates. This can then be used to help evaluate choices if you are considering moving. Cost: $20 for the first city, $15 for one additional city, $10 for each additional city after two.

Solar Writer/ Medicus: This is a report that I wrote, designed to provide the astrologer with all the medical aphorisms that apply to a particular decumbiture (onset of illness) chart, or to a horary concerning an illness. The program only treats horary questions in first person; i.e., when you ask about yourself. Cost: $30.
Books: She is author of The Ultimate Asteroid Book (1988), Essential Dignities (1989), The Book of Rulerships (1992), Classical Astrology for Modern Living (1996), all published by Whitford Press; and a translation from the French of Papus’ Astrology for Initiates, published by Weiser. Lee;s fifth book, The Martial Art of Horary Astrology - Part One, is in production.
Upcoming Lectures: Please check my web page for a full listing.
Available Tapes: Agrippa & Cardan: Their Influence on 17th Century Astrology
Astrology of Sporting Events
Essential & Accidental Dignities
Relationship Delineation with Horary Events
The Nodal Cycle: From Ptolemy to Rudhyar
Asteroids Workshop (2 tapes)
See my web page for more titles.
Classes Offered: Beginning Classical Astrology (Natal)
Classical Studies in Horary
Classical Studies in Electional
Classical Studies in Mundane
Classical Studies in Medical
Classical Studies in Gaming and Events Prediction



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