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 September 11, 2001
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Kenneth Bowser
Phone: (612) 331-1475
1130 Jefferson St. NE
Minneapolis, Minnesota  55413
United States of America
Best way to contact: Telephone, Email or Postal
Short Bio: I worked as a personal service astrologer for American Astrology magazine from 1979 until I began to write a monthy column for that magazine in 1983. In addition to American Astrology, my work has appeared in the Siderealist, Realta, TMA, The Traditional Astrologer, the NCGR memberletter and Continuum. I work full time as an astrologer.
Astrologer since 1970.
Credentials: I have a B.A. in history. I learned astrology by reading voluminously, and doing as many horoscopes as I could manage. I was also fortunate to come into contact with several oustanding astrologers in the 70's and 80's from whom I learned a great deal.
Memberships: AFAN
Consulting Services: In Person
By Phone
The main focus of my work is natal interpretation and for business clients, forecasts. For predictive work I use sidereal solar and lunar returns, primary directions, secondary progressions, transits and astrocartography. My fee for a natal interpretation with the current and next solar return, primary directions, current and near future secondary progressions is $175; with astrocartography the figure is $200. I accept checks and cash. All interpretations are taped whether in person or by phone. Most interpretations last about two hours. Interpretations by phone are payable in advance. I use the sidereal zodiac with Fagan-Allen ayanamsa. That is, the western sidereal system which is essentially derived from Babylonian astrology.
Articles: Local Apparent Time, TMA, 2000.
The Reappearance of a Primary Direction in the Solar Return, American Astrology, 1999.
How Paris for Princess Diana became the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time, AAM, 1998.
A Defense of the Sidereal Zodiac, The Traditional Astrologer, 1997
Aspects in Mundo, TMA, 1996
Classes Offered: I don't offer courses, rather on-going local classes. They focus on interpretation, especially the meaning of the planets in combination. I also teach the astronomical rationale that relates to astrological calculation.
Special Astrology Interests: There are three of them at present. Since they are all for publication and conference presentations, I can't talk about them yet.
My favorite astrology book: Astrological Origins by Cyril Fagan. It opened my eyes.



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