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 September 11, 2001
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Glenn Perry
Association for Astrological Psychology
Homepage Link
Phone: (415) 479-5812
360 Quietwood Drive
San Rafael, California  94903
United States of America
Best way to contact: Telephone or Email
Short Bio: Glenn Perry, Ph.D. is a licensed psychotherapist in Marin County, California. A professional astrologer since 1974, Glenn has written three books, including Essays In Psychological Astrology. He is Adjunct Professor at the California Institute of Integral Studies, where he teaches graduate classes in psychological astrology. Glenn also offers an online mentorship program, which is a personalized course in natal chart interpretation from a psychological perspective.
Astrologer since 1972.
Credentials: Doctorate in clinical psychology. Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. Member of California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists (CAMFT). ISAR Board Member. UAC Board Member. Adjunct Professor at California Institute of Integral Studies.
Memberships: Board member of ISAR.
Birth Data: Born 07/08/1949 01:31 AM in Bridgeport, Connecticut.
Consulting Services: In Person
By Phone
Astrological consultations for individuals and couples. Also, ongoing psychotherapy.
Accept all types of insurance as well as Visa and Mastercard. $110 per hour for astrology, with some fee sliding for psychotherapy.
Call: 415-479-5812.
Books: Introduction to Astro-Psychology
Essays In psychological Astrology
Stealing Fire From the Gods
An Anthology of the Journal of Astro-Psychology
(all available on my website:
Articles: Pluto Pathology: The Dark Side of Human Sexuality (The Mountain Astrologer, Feb. and April '99)
The Marriage of Leo & Aquarius (The Mountain Astrologer, Feb. '00, and Apr. '00).
Upcoming Lectures: Las Vegas Astrological Group¸ Finding the Beloved In The Horoscope, Friday, April 7th, 6:30pm. Saturn and Pluto Through The Houses, Saturday, April 8th, 9:30am-4:30pm. Contact Gayle Kirk.

CIIS Workshop, April 29th, San Francisco CA. 10am – 4pm. Using Astrology To Understand Relationship Patterns & Complexes. Karen Hamilton. 575-6173, or e-mail:

NORWAC, May 26-28, Seattle WA.. Workshop: Saturn & Pluto Through The Houses. Two lectures: (1) Sex, Death, and Power: A Scorpio Triumverate. (2) Neptune and The Imaginary Crime. Contact Laura Gerking:

World Astrology Congress, June 1-5, Lucerne, Switzerland. Lecture: Sex, Death, and Power: A Scorpio Triumverate. Workshop: Neptune and The Imaginary Crime. Contact: Claude Weiss, Verena Bachman. Fax: 411 700 1610. Email:

Paris Astrological Group, June 9th, Friday night lecture, Finding the Beloved In the Horoscope. Saturday Workshop: Neptune and The Imaginary Crime. Contact: Lynn Bell. E-mail: Lynn Bell

Houston NCGR Group, June 16-18, Houston, Texas. Friday night lecture, Finding The Life Script In the Chart. Saturday Workshop, 10am-4:30pm, From Thorns to Roses: Helping Clients With Hard Aspects. Sunday Workshop, 1-4pm, Synchronicity and Soul: A Necessary Unity. Contact Laura Johnson

British Astrological Association, September 1-3, 2000, Reading Univ., London. Lecture: Noble King, Wise Fool: The Marriage of Leo & Aquarius (75 min.). Workshop: Astrological Counseling Techniques (3 hrs).

ISAR 2000, Oct 5-8. Los Angeles, CA. Seminar: Ethics Training. Three Lectures: (1) The Moon As Automatic Listening Response. (2) Noble King, Wise Fool: The Marriage of Leo & Aquarius. (3) From Thorns to Roses: Healing Hard Aspects. Contact Ray Merriman: E-mail Address(es):

State of The Art 2000, Dec 28, 2000 to Jan 1, 2001. Toronto, Canada. All day workshop: Psychopathology & Healing in the Birthchart. Half-day Workshop: Finding The Beloved In The Horoscope. Contact Donna Van Toen:
Available Tapes: Please see website for listings and purchase information.
Classes Offered: The Astro-Psychology Mentorship Program is a personalized, step-by-step course in natal chart interpretation from a depth psychological perspective. Students will become familiar with astrology as a personality theory, psychological language, and diagnostic tool. See website for details.
Special Astrology Interests: Board member of UAC. Currently involved with planning and organizing UAC 2002.

Also in charge of developing an ethics training program for ISAR Certification Initiative.

Will be teaching psychological astrology at Kepler College for 3rd year students.
My favorite astrology book: Aspects In Astrology by Sue Tompkins.

Excellent source material on aspects.



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