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 September 11, 2001
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Marcia Starck
Earth Medicine Ways
Homepage Link
Phone: (505) 983-8779
PO Box 5435
Santa Fe, New Mexico  87502
Best way to contact: Telephone, Email or Postal
Short Bio: Medical Astrologer working with Relationships, Astro-cartography, combining depth psychology with physiological recommendations as nutrition, supplements, herbs. Author of 8 books including Astrology--Key to Holistic Health, and Healing with Astrology.Lectures and workshops in US, Europe, and South America.Telephone consultations from Santa Fe.
Medical Astrology intensive July 2001 in Santa Fe.

Astrologer since 1970.
Credentials: Astro*Carto*Graphy Certification, 1999
Birth Data: Born 12/24/1939 02:38 AM in Paterson, New Jersey.
Consulting Services: In Person
By Phone
Consultations include general astrology with emphasis on psychological and spiritual dimensionsas well as current transits and progressions, Medical Astrology including supplements, herbs, and dietary advice, Astro-cartography including health considerations, and Progression/Transit up-dates. Fees for general consultations are $125, for Medical $150-$175 payable by check or credit card.
Books: Astrology--Key to Holistic Health, Seek-It publishers
Healing with ASsrology, The Crossing Press
Women's Medicine Ways, The Crossing Press
The Dark God--Exploring the Male Shadow, Earth Medicine Books
So Heilt der Kosmos--Astrologie der Mutter Erde, Windpferd, Germany
A Aastrologia Da Mae-Terra, Editora Pensamento, Brazil
Healing with Astrology, B.Jain, India
Guarire Con L'Astrologia, Il Punto, Italy
Articles: Lunations in Mountain Astrologer beginning August-September 2000
Solstice Points--Mirror Image, JUne-July 98 TMA
Chelsea Clinton and the Saturn Neptune Square--Welcome to Planet Earth,Nov.-Dec.98
Upcoming Lectures: Transformation and Healing Conference, Southwestern College, Santa Fe, August 23-26 2000
Available Tapes: An Overview of Medical Astrology, 2 tapes
The Language and Practice of Medical Astrology, 3 tapes.
Thirty Years Practice of Medical AStrology, 2 tapes,
all available from Sun Recordings, Steve Pincus, (650)968-4513
Classes Offered: correspondence course in Medical Astrology, 5 tapes with 10 lessons and horoscopes to interpret, critique offered after receiving horoscopes. Course is $250 paid in one payment, $275 in installments
Special Astrology Interests: Research in psychological and environmental diseases



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