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Nick Dagan Best

Homepage Link
Best way to contact: Email
Short Bio: Having studied and practiced astrology in NYC and the UK, Nick now lives in Montréal. He is available for phone readings everywhere at a flat fee. Please see details for more information.
Credentials: NCGR Certified Level III, 1999.

DEC Creative Arts, Dawson College, 1991
Film Theory & Production, Journalism
Birth Data: Born 08/14/1968 05:23 AM in Montréal, Canada.
Consulting Services: By Phone Hybrid style exoteric astrologer.
Helping creative people explore the biographical source of their muse, including musicians, writers, film makers and fine artists.

Natal & transit analysis, including fixed stars, midpoints, direct & converse progressions & directions, lunations and recurrence cycles.

Readings last one hour and cost $100 (US or Euro).
Tape recording is welcomed, but not provided.

Also currently giving live readings on the Astro LiveLink line, daily between 1-7pm Eastern Time: 1-900-370-7373 ext. 523.
Calls cost $3.99 US per minute, with a maximum of 20 minutes. These calls are recorded for security purposes, but tapes are not provided. Helpline: 0044-870-125-0011.
Feel free to e-mail me for further details.
Special Astrology Interests: Current studies involve learning the techniques and doctrines of classical Hellenistic astrology, translated by Robert Schmidt of Project Hindsight.

Earlier astrological studies involved many great teachers, including Axel Harvey, Shirley Soffer, Ken Kimball, John Marchesella, Judi Vitale (Uranian), Arlene Nimark (Uranian), Michael Lutin (Counselling), Diana K. Rosenberg (Fixed Stars).
My favorite astrology book: The 20th Century Ephemeris, by Neil Michelsen.

A compendium of astronomical data relevant to astrology, outlined on a daily basis for the entire century.

Featuring only numbers and symbols, it is the combined biography of a countless number of souls. I re-read parts of it everyday.

The sequel is pretty good too.



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