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On the Move

Sagittarius is an exuberant fire sign, loaded with spunk, yet blessed with a generous, people-loving nature. When members of this sign—such as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera—gravitate toward the entertainment field, especially the music industry, they typically give their audiences unbridled, high-octane, spirited performances (like Tina Turner).

Don’t expect such Sagittarian entertainers to stand still for a moment since they prefer to trot about the stage as an expression of the restless and adventurous souls they are. They need a lot of space around them to perform. Plus, in today’s world, pop singers often have to be good dancers, just to keep up with the heavy demands of a live show. Both Britney and Christina have no trouble kicking up their heels and turning out robust, athletic performances—and their adoring fans just eat it up!

Sparks Flying Everywhere

Astrology Horoscope: Britney SpearsSagittarian Britney Spears landed an off-Broadway role by age ten. A year later, she became a bona fide member of the Disney Channel’s Mickey Mouse Club, whose up-and-coming talented cast also included ‘N Sync’s J.C. Chasez and Justin Timberlake, as well as Christina Aguilera. (What a killer "reunion" album that would make, especially if marketed to benefit some worldwide, humanitarian cause.)

At fifteen, Spears cut a demo tape that led to Jive Records signing her up. By the time Britney turned seventeen, she was the opening act for the increasingly popular ‘N Sync. Her first album was released in January 1999, debuting at number seventeen on Billboard's Hot 100 chart and soon zooming to the number one spot. Her second album sold more than 1.3 million copies in its first week of release. From that electrifying point onward, Spears has enjoyed a career of high visibility and increasing good fortune.

Britney’s planet of ambition and career strivings, Saturn, makes a strong contact in the sign of Libra to the powerhouse planet Pluto. This aspect is an astrological signature of amazing endurance and an almost fixated interest in reaching the pinnacles of success. Thus, behind her sweet charm and fresh innocence is really a dead-serious compulsion to achieve. All that go-getter Sagittarian fire keeps her happily motivated to do more and more with her talents (fire signs know no limits, especially when they’re having a good time "doing their thing").

With Britney’s Moon in Aquarius, she has a strong, instinctive feel for things associated with this unconventional sign: freedom, an inventive spirit, a love of innovation and even a periodic tendency to shock (as she did with her eye-popping outfit on last September’s televised MTV Video Music Awards). Yet, with her many planets in air signs (Aquarius and Libra) and with her Venus (love) and Mars (sex) in practical, hard-working earth signs (Capricorn and Virgo, respectively), she’s too conservative to be a real sexpot, no matter how much she tries to exploit the role in her shows. She’s reportedly still a virgin, and proud of it.

Although Aquarius can have intimacy problems, as can Sagittarius, Spears feels secure around those who have lively intellects and humanitarian streaks. Just don’t fence this gal in. Luckily, she met her perfect astrological match in Justin Timberlake, who’s an Aquarian with his Moon in Sagittarius (which blends nicely with Britney’s own Sun/Moon combination).

What This Girl Wants

Astrology Horoscope: Christina AguileraAnother livewire Sagittarian whose career got a quick jumpstart after her debut album came out, is Christina Aguilera. She’s someone who shares Britney’s effervescence. Her fireball burst on the music scene matches her vibrant and seemingly inexhaustible energy level. Christina, too, joined the cast of the Mickey Mouse Club at age twelve—hmmm, just what's in that cheese? By 1997, she was performing abroad—a Sagittarian dream come true—from Tokyo to Romania, and always with the singular ambition of getting an album recorded.

Her big break came in 1998, when she sang a character’s part for Disney’s animated film, Mulan. Soon after came her record contract with RCA Records. When her debut album was released, her success snowballed. It has sold over eight million copies worldwide so far, and led to her Grammy award for Best New Artist in 2000. Hers is a musical sound that resonates with enthusiastic fans around the globe (especially as she sings in Spanish, too).

Yet, one thing that makes Christina different from Britney is that she gives off a more sensual, sultry vibe, which is well demonstrated by her soulful, bluesy sound. This earthy quality of hers is symbolized by her "lets get physical" Moon in Taurus. Taurus also adds greatly to vocal-cord power, and thus it’s no surprise that Aguilera’s voice has a notably mature timbre for her age. Since Taurus is an affectionate sign, Christina finds that interacting with her fans—and being at ease and down-to-earth about it all—is very emotionally satisfying.

With her Mars in Capricorn and that Taurus Moon, Aguilera is very headstrong about her professional needs, and will not let others get in her way. Much determination is shown in her chart. She’s passionate about her destiny and will stubbornly hold her ground in all business and financial matters. What this girl wants is respect and to be paid well.

Outer Planet Power

Britney and Christina are enjoying the benefits of either Uranus or Pluto transits to their many planets in Sagittarius and Libra. Pluto was and is still a strong influence for Britney, urging her to further transform her image—a sexier look—and her professional direction, while Uranus is getting ready to rock even more with Christina during the next two years, leading her to experiment with both her look and her sound. Meanwhile, Jupiter—now in Gemini—stimulates all that Sagittarius action and suggests that 2001 will be a heck of an expansive year for both of these gifted women.



Bil Tierney has been in professional practice for over 28 years. He is the author of Dynamics of Aspect Analysis (CRCS Publications, read in five languages), Twelve Faces of Saturn, Alive and Well With Neptune, Alive and Well with Uranus and Alive and Well with Pluto (Llewellyn Publications). His upcoming book, All Around The Zodiac: Exploring Astrology's Twelve Signs, will be released by Llewellyn in December 2001.

For more information about Bil Tierney, click here.

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