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It just hasn't been a great month for Alec Baldwin. Just days before the man he vehemently opposed in our last election was due to be inaugurated as president, his wife of seven years, actress Kim Basinger, filed for divorce. Long thought of as one of Hollywood's "perfect couples," the two have been spotted in "heated public spats" recently, according to both and E! online, who also report that Basinger's father mentioned to People magazine recently that Alec had a bit of a temper. Although the reason for their split may be the issue of anger, however, I'll bet it's not just Alec who slammed doors in that household.

Astrology Horoscope: Kim BasingerAstrology Horoscope: Alec BaldwinAstrologically speaking, the fact that Basinger, a Sagittarius, and Baldwin, an Aries, would create fireworks together—for better and worse—is no surprise. They're both packing fire Sun signs, for starters, and fire signs aren't called fire signs for nothing, folks. Debate, passion and self-assertion are a fire sign’s business—and they're all very good at it. Okay, and anger. And aggression. And maybe just a little bit of egotism.

Sag and Aries: "Combustible But Compatible"

So what happens when you put two of those fire Sun signs together in a romantic relationship? Well, as Linda Goodman wrote in her classic astrological text, Love Signs, these two in particular end up being "combustible but compatible." Apparently, Basinger and Baldwin are at the "combustible" stage.

As if that's not enough to turn a relationship hot, and possibly quite volatile, too, both Basinger and Baldwin have pretty darned serious Mars situations in their birthcharts. Now, Mars is the ancient god of war, the "red planet" who also didn't earn his name and reputation for nothing. Mars is the "owner" of Aries, and the two are associated with each other in astrology, so Baldwin's Aries Sun is already working quite closely with this red-hot bullet of a planet.

In addition, Baldwin's Mars is opposed shocking, electric Uranus, and oppositions classically reveal themselves in our one-to-one encounters with others. Unpredictable? You bet—and that's not to mention the fact that Mars is in Aquarius, Uranus' own sign. Both the planet and the sign's reputation for suddenness are famous, and well deserved, too. Uranus is the perfect, unexpected "trigger" for a weapon like Mars. In fact, often that trigger is pulled before the individual has time to realize it, much less stop it. In short, Baldwin can go off at any time, at a moment's notice, then wake up wondering what that was, and/or who that was just then.

Before you start feeling bad for Basinger, however, keep in mind that her own temper probably rivals Baldwin's. She was also born with a strong connection between Mars and Uranus, the same two planets responsible for Baldwin's fiery disposition. In Basinger's chart, however, rather than being in opposition, the two are in a tense square, putting them in a relationship that's the astrological equivalent of two adversaries "squaring off." Planets in square irritate each other, and like any opponents in close proximity, when they both have their buttons pushed, the results are potentially quite volatile. In other words, she's equally capable of raising her voice  and her partner's blood-pressure every now and then.

On the other hand, there's more to Mars-Uranus combinations than explosions. Really. They're also the planetary recipe for fervent political activists, which may have been part of the "glue" that kept this relationship together for the past seven years. Baldwin was quoted as saying he'd leave the country if George W. Bush was elected. If Baldwin's cause of choice is politics, however, Basinger’s is animal rights. She's so into PETA, PAWS and other animal groups that, in addition to owning fifteen dogs and cats of her own, she spearheads campaigns to save animals in labs, and gets the job done, too. Her recent efforts to stop a lab in New Jersey from literally breaking the legs of 40 beagle puppies were quite successful. The dogs were eventually released, and adopted, too.

From the Ashes: What's On the Horizon?

What's next for these two fireballs? Well, for Baldwin, it may actually be that overseas move he threatened. He's certainly going to do some wandering, both internally and externally. Neptune, the purveyor of such heady things as alcohol, drugs, sleep, trance states and depression, has already moved into an opposition with his Uranus—a tough combination to work with, and, once again, the type of energy that often manifests itself in relationships.

Classically, this comes off as a time of confusion, full of sudden changes that seem to arrive almost invisibly, and that certainly could involve changes in a committed relationship. As Neptune makes her way closer to Baldwin’s Mars, the more pronounced the opposition between the red planet and startling Uranus will be, and the more urgent Baldwin's urge to "get lost" will become. With no wife and family to ground him, this spontaneous, impulsive "fire-man" will undoubtedly be doing a bit of discovery on the inner and outer sides of himself, too.

As for Basinger, she's been described as being extremely attached to her daughter, Ireland, now five years old. That makes sense, too. Basinger’s earthy Capricorn Moon is the very soul of duty and responsibility to whom and what it loves, especially a child. Capricorn Moons are completely and totally dedicated to maintaining the family structure. In fact, they often take on more responsibility for family members than is necessary. Baldwin once said his wife wouldn't even leave the child to take a weekend away with him, even when he said he'd pay her "an appearance fee" if she would.

I don't think that trait is going to change soon, either. Responsible Saturn will be in solid, fixed Taurus for the next few months, encouraging anyone with an emphasis on earth planets to hunker down and take care of duties. Basinger’s Capricorn Moon's natural tendency to feel "responsible" for any discomfort her child is feeling will probably cause her to stay pretty close to home.

Regardless of where their personal lives lead, as with any couple, Basinger and Baldwin will both be spending a lot of time trying to get used to life in the single lane again. Of course, given that they're both fast-moving, fun-loving fire signs, as well as Hollywood "sex-symbols," I'll bet neither of them will be spending Saturday nights alone for long.



Kim Rogers-Gallagher is a well known columnist, lecturer and author of Astrology for the Light Side of the Brain and Astrology for the Light Side of the Future(ACS Publications).

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