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There must be something in the water in Los Angeles—either that, or the heavens are playing musical chairs with Hollywood's hottest couples. One way or another, the music stopped for Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman on February 5 after ten apparently delightful years together. Just two days later, Cruise filed for divorce, a move that People magazine's February 26 issue states was quite the blow to Kidman. That same article asserts that Cruise's motivation in filing first was to "block Kidman from making any alimony claims," a puzzling idea to those of us who aren't worth over $120 million, Kidman's estimated fortune—and only half of her soon-to-be ex-husband's worth.

Although Cruise's Scientology beliefs clashing with Kidman's Catholicism has been cited as one reason for the break-up, friends of the couple have also been quoted as hinting that dissimilar choices for a "permanent" homestead may also have been a factor. Kidman was raised in Australia, but Cruise is fond of Los Angeles, and although the two have homes in both locations, as well as a third residence in Telluride, Colorado, the amount of time spent in each country is rumored to have been part of the problem. All that said, let's turn to astrology to see if there might be more to the story than what's already been suggested.

Venus in Leo Meets Venus in Leo

Astrology Horoscope: Tom CruiseAstrology Horoscope: Nicole KidmanFirst of all, what kept them together this long? He's a Cancer, and she's a Gemini—not ordinarily a "classic" astrological coupling, for Sun signs, at least. Although Sun signs are often the first thing judged when the long-term success of a relationship is examined, it's Venus, the planet of relationship, that's really the placement to examine. Venus is in charge of who we love, what we love, how we love it and how we attract it. In the case of this celebrity couple, that attraction is obvious. Cruise was born with Venus at 19 degrees of Leo, and Kidman's is at 15 degrees of Leo. That's a pretty tight connection—but then, Venus in a sign as lavish as Leo wouldn't have it any other way. It's all or nothing with Leo planets—and that goes double for Venus.

As a result, owners of this planet in this sign classically pay an amazing amount of attention to their beloveds, especially in public situations—which certainly was the case with Cruise and Kidman. Venus in Leo also needs to feel pride when they're with their mate, and wants that pride reciprocated. So if you both happen to be glamorous movie stars with a multitude of adoring fans, it's easy to experience non-stop pride in your partner. In short, putting two celebrities as good looking as this pair together seems the perfect recipe for success—for a pair of Venus in Leos, at least.

Leo is also known as the sign of the performer, so it's pretty darned good at acting as if it's in love when it's not. Consider the fact that our past president, mega-Leo Bill Clinton, was described once by a woman he dated in high school as being "so charming and attentive" he "ruined her for anyone else"—all that after one date. In other words, the show's the thing with Venus in Leo, and these two were famous for showing off their affections. As recently as last November, they were seen partying in Manhattan at a nightclub, where one friend says they were "all over each other." Even at the Golden Globe Awards, just a few days before the split was announced, they posed backstage together for the cameras, the very picture of a couple in love—or was it the work of two seasoned actors toting matching Venus in theatrical Leo?

Uranus Pulls A Surprise Visit

Of course, as with all astrology, there's more than just an individual's natal chart to consider—but we won't have to leave Venus to do it. Since his is at 19 and hers is at 15 degrees of Leo, they've both been laboring under a very tough transit almost simultaneously. Uranus in the heavens has been traveling in an opposition to those degrees for the past couple of years, and Uranus is known for abrupt, sudden reversals. When he spends time opposite to Venus, our feelings literally turn on and off like a light switch, so it's not at all unusual to be amazingly in love on Tuesday and filing for divorce on Wednesday. That seems to be pretty darned close to what actually happened in January, when Uranus was exactly 180 degrees from Cruise's Venus.

Of course, now that Uranus has moved along past their Venuses, the shock has over, but the really difficult part hasn't. Cleaning up after the astrological equivalent of a tornado in your private life isn't easy, after all.

Religious Differences?

As to the question of religious preferences and their effects on the couple, it's easy to see how Cruise's beliefs may have factored into the end of this story, too. He was born with what's known as a "grand trine" in his chart, tightly linking three planets—and three human needs—in a giant triangular configuration. Two of those planets are Jupiter and Neptune, the planets astrology classically looks to for a description of the owner's beliefs and principles. The third is his Cancer Sun, and Cancer looks for safety and security above all else. It's easy to see how becoming part of a shared doctrine that felt more like a "family" arrangement would appeal to him more than an organized religion ever could.

Kidman, on the other hand, has traditional Saturn connected to philosophical Jupiter in her own chart—a fact that makes sense given that she's described herself as being "basically a Catholic girl," which is how she was raised.

Regardless of what the "real" reasons for this divorce are, however, if the couple sees their split through with as much attention to privacy as they led their lives together, we'll probably never know. One thing is for certain: Neither Cruise nor Kidman will be out of the public eye for long—or out of work. Names as big as theirs, joined or separate, represent dollar signs for Hollywood—lots of them. And being single certainly won't hurt either's popularity with movie-going admirers all over the world, either.

Advanced Notes

There's more to any relationship's chances for endurance than just Venus—there's also the condition of both partner's Moons, the astrological indicator of what's behind the scenes. The Moon shows what we need to feel safe and secure in a relationship—and it also has a lot to do with how we prefer our home-life to be lived. In this case, on the days Cruise and Kidman were born, the Moon changed signs, so without a birth time we can’t be certain of the correct Moon sign for either of them.

In charts set for noon, Kidman's Moon appears at the end of Sagittarius, while Cruise's turns up at 1 degree of Leo. If those Moon signs are right, that would mean they were both the proud owners of fire sign Moons, but fire sign Moons don't ordinarily shun publicity. On the other hand, if Kidman had been born during the late evening, her Moon would be in Capricorn—and directly opposite to Cancer, where Cruise's Moon might be, if he'd been born a few hours before noon.

Both Cancer and Capricorn are intensely motivated by family structure, and they both tend to be rather private, too. This seems to better reflect a couple described as "intensely private" who "shut out intruders with strict staff confidentiality agreements." Since Capricorn and Cancer are opposite signs, however, opposite choices in nesting arrangements may well have been at least one reason for the split if these two Moons are indeed the correct ones.

If Kidman was born with the Moon in Capricorn, the sign that Saturn owns, this would be another indication of her religious preference being deeply connected to the faith she knew from childhood.



Kim Rogers-Gallagher is a well known columnist, lecturer and author of Astrology for the Light Side of the Brain and Astrology for the Light Side of the Future(ACS Publications).

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