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Sarah's Struggle to Be Her Best

Sarah Michelle Gellar, star of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, was the first in what has now become a long line of girl superstars who hit big in the 90s, including Jennifer Love Hewitt, Keri Russell and Claire Danes. She's remained a favorite of teen as well as adult TV viewers, has had movie success with Cruel Intentions and will be co-starring soon with fiancé Freddie Prinze, Jr. in an upcoming Scooby Doo movie.

So what makes Sarah Michelle Gellar such a beloved figure to her young audience? In looking at her chart, I can't help but see signs of a young woman who does not consider herself special in any way, but who struggles to live up to her fans' and her own high expectations of herself.

Astrology Horoscope: Sarah Michelle GellarFirst off, Sarah's Mercury (planet of communication) is a little bit weighed down in Taurus, a sign associated with feeling things on a sensory, primal and often artistic level, but not as adept at expressing those feelings in words. Her Mercury makes a tense 90-degree square to Saturn (planet of structure and discipline) in Leo, sign of the leader and the performer. This Saturn square suggests that Sarah knows she is getting short-term benefits from being a star (i.e., fame and attention), but may have fears deep down that she won't have the long-term goods to remain a leading actress over time.

Sarah's Moon (emotional nature) is in receptive and often psychic Pisces. No wonder Sarah's biggest success has come from her starring role on the metaphysically-minded Buffy. The Moon in Pisces gives her Sun in fiery Aries a softer edge, which is why she's such a hit as a Maybelline "cover girl." Pisces is the opposite or "shadow" of Virgo, a sign that is associated with the physical. Sometimes people with a strong Pisces influence are able to convey their strong, watery emotions in a physical way. As Buffy, and even as a model, Sarah is never far from where the physical action is.

Putting this together, I suspect that Sarah intuitively knows that she will reach a "crash" point when she can no longer rely on the success and stardom of her youth. She is probably already insecure about whether she "deserves" her success, but may not have the words (Mercury in Taurus) to articulate these fears. Her young fans probably also unconsciously intuit this insecure side of their heroine's nature. That's what makes her so real, and appealing, and unpretentious.

And it is just this self-doubt that will probably help Sarah to overcome her worst fears. She does not have a huge sense of entitlement. If her star fades a little as she ages, she will work to earn the respect she so desperately wants, and which she never takes for granted.

Her Love Nature and Romance With Freddie

Sarah's romantic planets, Venus and Mars, also show signs of longing and uncertainty with her own value as a lover. Her Venus is in the same sign as her Sun—forceful, passionate and sometimes sweetly naïve Aries. Having Venus, the soft and gentle planet of love, in warrior-like, Mars-ruled Aries can be a bit of a burden. She may often feel unfeminine, too pushy or too open about her feelings.

She also has Mars in Pisces, which can be awkward, since pushy Mars is a little out of sync with passive, sympathetic Pisces. She may feel as if her love nature is inverted—somehow the opposite of "everybody" else’s. Again, this worry makes her all the more human and all the more endearing to her public and to her loved ones.

Astrology Horoscope: Freddie Prinze, Jr.Speaking of which…Sarah Michelle Gellar and teen hearthrob Freddie Prinze, Jr. recently became engaged. As far as their compatibility, the relationship does have a lot of potential, though both will need years to "grow into" their individual charts. Freddie's Sun in emotional Pisces sits right on Sarah's Mars, planet of passion. There is a deep empathy between these two stars, which makes their relationship sexy and somewhat insular. They are able to share secrets with each other that they could never reveal to anyone else. This kind of intense trust makes them continually more and more attracted to each other.

In addition, Freddie's Jupiter (planet of good luck) sits on Sarah's Sun, which means that even if they don't always remain lovers, they will be generous to each other as friends, colleagues and spiritual seekers. Freddie's Saturn in familial Cancer does make a cranky square to Sarah's Sun, which suggests that he may feel as if he is a lot more emotionally mature than she is. And perhaps he is. He did lose his famous father, comedian Freddie Prinze (a Cancer), to suicide when he was just a baby. Although he loves Sarah as an equal, he may sometimes feel he is in a parental role in their relationship.

What's Next for Sarah?

When Saturn goes over her Jupiter in Gemini in May 2001, Sarah may commit to a long-term project that takes a couple of years to bring to fruition, but will surely be worth it. Gemini is so associated with words, so it wouldn't be surprising if Sarah is highly involved in developing the script, or if she plays the role of a writer. Or perhaps she will buy the property of a book that is very special to her, and put herself in charge of bringing this project to the screen. Sarah's strongly developed Piscean intuition will surely lead her in the right direction, even if she doubts herself every step of the way.



Jill Dearman is the author of the gay best sellers Queer Astrology For Men and Queer Astrology For Women (St. Martins Griffin/1999). She has been professionally practicing astrology for twelve years and currently writes horoscopes for the national magazines Twist and Girlfriends as well as numerous papers syndicated via Q Syndicate. She has written about subjects from astrology to literature to film and theater in Mademoiselle, Publishers Weekly and HX. An excerpt from her upcoming novel, The Great Bravura, was featured in Best Lesbian Erotica 2000(Cleis Press). She also writes and produces films. The Village Voice called Dearman a "risk surfing playwright" whose work "shocks and rocks." She is a 1999/2000 artist in residence at HERE in New York City.

Jill is also the author of LoveCycles, an email-delivered guide to love and relationships based on individual birth data, available in the Shop@StarIQ.

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