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Return Policy

Our Guarantee, Inc. guarantees that all astrological reports are accurately calculated based on the birth data provided. All reports use accepted astrology methods and are written by professional astrologers.

Returns and Exchanges

Please view a sample of your report prior to your purchase to ensure that you know exactly what you are ordering.

If one factor in the birth data used in your report (date, time or place) has been entered in error a replacement report will be sent to you. If makes an error of birth data, you will be sent a replacement report at no cost. If you are dissatisfied with your report please contact Customer Service to request a return or exchange.


If, at any time during the 60 days of your LoveCycles, you find that your birth time is different from what you initially entered, just log on to your Member Page and update your information. Your complete LoveCycles will be recalculated and available from your Member page. The updated changes will be reflected in your weekly LoveCycles emails.

Each LoveCycles is individually produced and available to read and download in its entirety as soon as your order is processed. As such, it is much like software that cannot be returned after being opened. However, should you be dissatisfied with your custom-produced LoveCycles, please contact Customer Service to describe the situation. Include your telephone number in case a Customer Service Representative needs to call you.

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