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A personal note from Rick Levine

I invite you to open your door to a wider view and to look at your life in a new way.

Astrology is as old as recorded civilization. In these turbulent times, millions are rediscovering the richness of an astrological perspective. As quantum physics grapples with the new evidence stacking up in favor of planetary influence, individuals, each on their own path, are reaping the benefits from better understanding the astrological origins of the patterns in their lives.

I am drawn toward ways of expanding awareness and maximizing life's potentials. For thirty years, I have been observing the movement of time in its relationship to the heavenly bodies. I have watched the timing of transitions in my own life and in the lives of those around me. I have observed the unquestionable harmony between the macrocosm and the individual in thousands of cases.

With a degree in psychology and a life-long interest in science, I have applied my knowledge to better understand the rhythms of life. I combine the ancient wisdom of the stars with modern information science.

See for yourself how your life can be visualized from the heavens. Learn about your planetary pictures and the powerful astrological tides specific to your place in time and space.

As my client, you can expect honest and clear communication from me as we work together to identify your major life themes and general tendencies. We will jointly unfold your life scenario from a cosmic mythological perspective. You will have an opportunity to gain increased awareness with respect to your life cycles. The effectiveness of receiving this information can be valuable to you, whatever be your work, wherever be your place.

Best Cosmic Wishes,

0verview | Benefits | Personal Philosophy | Note from Rick

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