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Tuesday, May 31
We can feel the subtle cosmic rumblings and we know thereís change in the air. However, it seems far away like a storm on the distant horizon and we might mistakenly think we have plenty of time before it arrives. Nevertheless, the pressure continues to increase day by day until we adapt to the changing circumstances. Although the Moon is traveling through impulsive Aries, her trine to stabilizing Saturn prevents us from overreacting to surprises.
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Aries     A well-thought-out plan could advance your agenda when it comes to scheduling your time for the next few days. However, your natural tendency to act before you think is heightened now that the Moon is camped out in your spontaneous sign. Thankfully, your conscious intentions can override an unproductive habit. Be careful about jumping to erroneous conclusions; do your necessary homework so you donít overlook any important information. Unseen details are the difference between failure and success.
Taurus     A peaceful easy feeling is nothing to complain about unless youíre so mellow today that you miss an opportunity to share a moneymaking idea with your peers. In fact, your complacency could tempt you to relax rather than applying yourself to achieve a real goal. Taking a little time off can be quite invigorating in the long run, but might send the wrong message to a watchful audience. Thankfully, itís not an all-or-nothing proposition, making this a perfect time to practice the fine art of balancing work with play.
Gemini     You are ready to launch into the future right now, and there isnít much that can stand in your way. The pioneering Aries Moon energizes your 11th House of Friends and Wishes, encouraging you to think about where you are going and how to get there. Unfortunately, life is more complicated than ever, making it tricky to get all your ducks in a row prior to moving ahead. Luckily, once the major pieces are in order, everything else should fall into place.
Cancer     Youíre capable of giving a special kind of nurturing love and youíre ready to take it public today. You wish you had the power to protect everyone at work and shield them from the stresses of the day. But your desire to safeguard others is only useful if your assistance is requested. Donít go meddling in peopleís affairs, especially if there are messy emotional dynamics to clean up in your own life. Be caring but not overbearing.
Leo     Sometimes your inner child wonít be denied when it wants to come out and play. In fact, youíre dying to stir up a bit of mischief today in search of adventure, but a little voice in the back of your head prevents you from swinging into action. Thankfully, Saturn is protecting you by offering a sensible perspective now and, hopefully, youíre wise enough to listen. The most obvious sign of maturity is being able to defer gratification until the time is right.
Virgo     The communication gods are working on your behalf now, facilitating conversations with interesting people. Your words are like arrows to the hearts of others; your ideas are compelling and your delivery is true to aim. Nevertheless, youíre afraid of saying too much which leads you to silence rather than talk. Extreme all-or-nothing reactions might upset those closest to you and leave you exhausted in the process. There is a middle-of-the-road path to follow if you can find it. But donít wait; he who hesitates is lost.
Libra     Someone might be annoying today because they wonít stop pestering you. You want options; they want results. Meanwhile, you would prefer sitting back and contemplating all the possibilities without committing to one course of action. Your frustration grows as external demands increase, prompting you to make a choice before youíre ready. Unfortunately, your good intentions could backfire unless you honor your process. Donít rush anything; trust yourself before anyone else.
Scorpio     You may be less concerned with doing the right thing today than you are with getting your work done prior to a set deadline. Youíre usually not one to take any shortcuts because your integrity is your prime directive. You think youíre willing to pay the price and sacrifice quality for convenience now, but it still might not be such a smart idea. Donít downplay your high standards; enduring self-esteem is worth much more than a fleeting moment of satisfaction or approval.
Sagittarius     You can count on your own efforts with a higher degree of reliability than assuming someone else will come through for you today. In fact, your coworkers might seem too busy to lend you a hand. And, even if others agree to help you now, they are easily distracted by their personal agendas. Meanwhile, your creative instincts are strong, inspiring you to strike out on your own. Dream up a solution, make a plan, and stick with it until you reach your desired destination.
Capricorn     Oddly enough, your enterprising instincts may not be apparent to everyone else yet. However, thereís plenty of creative ideas germinating within the privacy of your mind. But thereís no need to share your newest inspiration with anyone until you are ready. In the meantime, focus on your most innovative thoughts and continue to polish them until they shine. There is no way to predict the reactions of others, so wait until you feel youíre standing on stable ground before taking the next step.
Aquarius     Moving into the future is exciting when you see potential for positive growth everywhere you look. You hold a tiny seed in your hand yet it appears to you as a beautiful flower. However, manifesting your dreams takes blood, sweat and tears. Donít be impatient; amazing things can happen when you allow a tree to bear fruit on its schedule and not yours.
Pisces     Going the extra mile today does more than demonstrate your commitment to success -- it actually sets the tone for the rest of the week. Rather than drifting through the day and responding to events as they happen, set clear objectives and make an ambitious action plan. Following a preset agenda enables you to accomplish more than you ever thought possible. According to Oprah Winfrey, ďLuck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity.Ē
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