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Wednesday, April 23
We might feel as if we’ve been pushed into a corner and need to break free now at any cost. We may even lose patience today as impulsive Mars stresses the transformational Uranus-Pluto square. We’re less likely to compromise once Messenger Mercury shifts into obstinate Taurus. We’re tempted to overreact, turning a minor disagreement into a major conflict. Unfortunately, there won’t be any winners if everyone insists on fighting to the finish.
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Aries     Your world is full of invisible fuses today and you are carrying a lit propane torch. You might be concerned about making it through the day without accidentally setting off an unwanted display of emotional fireworks. A personal meltdown may be inevitable now, so don't waste your energy trying to sidestep the conflict. If you must express your feelings, at least do whatever you can to minimize the collateral damage.
Taurus     You might feel uneasy as you attempt to suppress your intense emotions; however, this strategy of denial won't take you very far today. There is simply too much at stake and you may have to defend your values at some point. But don't get sucked into dramas that aren't yours; keep bringing the conversation back to the most fundamental issues so you can make your point. Your brilliant originality combines with your sheer determination now to make you an unstoppable force of nature.
Gemini     You’re eager to make your move today, but you might need to modify your tactics because of changing circumstances. However, your ruling planet Mercury steps into steady Taurus this morning, giving you an unflappable sense of certainty over the next couple of weeks. Keeping an open mind is critical now because rigid thinking could cause you to freeze up. Practice deep breathing, peaceful meditation or anything else that soothes your frazzled nerves and resonates with your heart. Adapting quickly to the new landscape increases your chances for success.
Cancer     Your colorful imagination is flowing strong today, making it difficult to navigate the shifting emotional tides of reality. Even if you’re not completely ready for the transition, additional preparation might not change the outcome anyhow. Don’t exhaust yourself struggling to hang on to things you no longer need. Let go and the past will lose its grip on your future. The sooner you overcome your fear and trust the process of transformation the better.
Leo     You feel at peace with your action plan, but some things aren’t clear if the rules of the game suddenly change. Someone unexpectedly might turn against you today. Or, perhaps the level of intensity just heats up more than you expected. One way or another, this shocking energy shift requires you to alter your direction. Flexibility is your secret weapon now, since you can’t control the powers being unleashed. Your brilliance can shine through if you are willing to be like the willow tree and bend in the wind.
Virgo     Unexpected disruptions at work can create surprising opportunities to show your hidden talents. You are ready to take charge in order to put your schedule back on track, but you must work with others to make everything happen on time. Remember that cooperation is your current key to success. Even if people seem to block your efforts now, don't exclude them from your plans. Instead, incorporating the contributions from your friends helps you reach your destination sooner than you expected.
Libra     It's time for all you good-natured Libras to take off your velvet gloves and fight to express your individuality. Don't make the mistake of simply acquiescing to the pressure of authority today without a good reason. Instead of relying on other people to represent your position, take responsibility for defending yourself. Owning your power isn't easy when you are used to being a team player, but ultimately, it will be much more personally satisfying if you stand up to anyone who isn’t respectful of your feelings.
Scorpio     You’re not in the mood to be pushed around today; you have been stretched to your limit, and the slightest provocation might trigger your swift response. Combative Mars squares fierce Pluto and opposes unpredictable Uranus, releasing buried feelings and creating more drama than you intended. To make the best use of the electricity in the air, channel your intensity into creative endeavors or physical exertion. Misdirected energy can be problematic now, but you are unbeatable when your actions align with your heart.
Sagittarius     Even if you try to keep your feelings to yourself today, your preferences still might leak out and create a bit of a ruckus. Your friends and associates may assume you’re purposefully pushing their buttons, but this isn't your objective. You just want everyone to understand your perspective and are tempted to pressure others to make your point. However, a gentle approach can turn an adversary into a supporter. There’s no reason to alienate your allies in order to be true to yourself.
Capricorn     You’re not interested in revealing your feelings unless there is a purpose for the display. However, your need to express your opinions may be compelling enough now that you will do so, even if it's counterproductive. Although you probably know what's best, you still might go out of your way to give someone a piece of your mind. Don't judge yourself too harshly if you take the situation too seriously. Simply apologize for your behavior if necessary, and focus on creating positive change in the present moment.
Aquarius     Although you may sound quite brilliant today, your innovative ideas turn into unnecessary ultimatums if you don't know when to stop. Don't try to convince anyone that you have all the answers now; just state your truth and then back off. Let your words strike like lightning since they might even bring a much-needed shock of awareness to others. Your message will have greater resonance with those you’re trying to reach if you come from a place of sincerity.
Pisces     Your tumultuous feelings cross over into public domain today where they have the potential to upset someone who is in the vicinity. It's not that your emotions are so outrageous; it's just that others may be caught off guard by the sudden intensity of your rebellion, even if your behavior doesn't seem that radical to you. Although you’re doing the right thing by expressing your heart, don't burn any bridges behind you unless you have no intent of ever returning. Cultivate your compassion while still honoring your truth.
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