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Saturday, April 25
We innocently believe that resisting change is easy today, and overcoming this inertia can be problematic. Even after the Moon enters melodramatic Leo at 9:12 am EDT, her dynamic square to the obstinate Taurus Sun holds everything immobile. However, something needs to give with both the Sun and the Moon in fixed signs. Fortunately, we are likely to find a viable solution because clever Mercury forms a creative quintile to imaginative Neptune.
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Gemini Virgo Sagittarius Pisces
Aries     Your creative juices are flowing today and itís up to you to find the best medium for expressing them. However, this isnít just a fun distraction; you have big ideas about what you want to accomplish. Although your desires may tempt you with the possibilities of pleasurable experiences, youíll be happier in the long run if you have tangible results at the end of the day. Being productive is an admirable goal as long as you donít lose the connection with your muse in the process.
Taurus     Thereís plenty of action on the home front today, especially if your feelings clash with someone elseís. Oftentimes, you see conflict as an annoying source of trouble; you prefer an atmosphere of peace and harmony. Rather than viewing the current family tension as a dynamic you wish to avoid, change your attitude. Engaging in passionate dialogue is an excellent way to explain your own position on an important issue as well as letting others clarify theirs. Your patience and flexibility will lead you to the calm after the storm.
Gemini     Your regular weekend routines grow more complicated today if other peopleís unspoken desires cloud the atmosphere. You may talk about simplifying your life, but it's not going to be easy to cut back on your activities in order to accommodate someone else. Instead of fretting over what you canít finish, just try to meet your obligations as best you can now. No matter how much progress you make, you might be surprised with how much you enjoy yourself once you find your groove.
Cancer     Today is a perfect day to shift gears and put your plans into motion. You have had enough time to process your feelings and consider the various possibilities ahead, so donít delay the inevitable any longer. Rather than waiting for better conditions to initiate action, take a few steps toward your most important goals now. Although you may be tempted to set priorities based strictly on practical considerations, pursuing an ambitious dream can open a whole new vista of possibilities. You will never know whatís possible unless youíre willing to explore the unknown.
Leo     You have a smile on your face and a bounce in your step because you can feel your confidence returning today. You might actually notice that the Moon is back in your sign because you are acutely aware of your changing moods. Fortunately, the Moon is moving toward a conjunction with buoyant Jupiter in your 1st House of Personality, adding to your optimism. You may be too impatient to methodically follow a schedule now, but locking your sights on a distant goal can help to assure your success. Ironically, keeping your eyes on your desired destination gives you the creative freedom to make it up as you go along.
Virgo     You might be reticent to participate in social activities today, but circumstances make it increasingly difficult to operate quietly behind the scenes. You need time to concentrate on your priorities, but there arenít many topics youíre compelled to talk about now. Explore the magic of your imagination, for thatís where you can make the most meaningful connections, especially if you share your discoveries -- when you are ready -- with someone you trust.
Libra     You are eager to enjoy the benefits of spending time with a special person or a select group of friends today. Thankfully, your good cheer prompts others to hang out with you because they want to soak up your good energy. But the Moonís visit to your 11th House of Social Networking doesnít come without complications, for her square to the Sun could trigger an unexpected power struggle if people have conflicting agendas. Nevertheless, you donít have to focus on the differences. Rather than trying to unify diverging goals, search for the common ground that you already share.
Scorpio     Your nerves may be on edge today because people seem so fixed that thereís little room for your perspective. Although youíre willing to be vulnerable and share your needs with a dependable friend, the thought of conflict stresses you out now. You prefer to spend the day on a magical mystery tour, but itís nearly impossible if someone thinks you should be more practical. Thankfully, thereís no need to push the panic button. Set your frustrations aside and follow whatís in your heart, even if you must let others go their own separate ways.
Sagittarius     Your close-up vision isnít very accurate today; however, it seems as if you can see forever. You look out toward the distance and you are certain that the horizon -- although itís quite clear -- has moved even farther away. Fortunately, this trick of the light allows you to visualize your future while still juggling your current schedule. Relinquish the notion of immediate gratification and you will breathe much easier. Once you remove the self-imposed pressure, reaching your goals could seem as simple as a walk in the park.
Capricorn     Your anxiety may be hard to shake today because you know how important it is to stay on task and live up to your promises. To complicate matters further, itís not enough to satisfy your own definition of success; others have their set of expectations, too. However, the temptation of having some good old-fashioned fun looms large and it might be nearly impossible to resist. Fulfill your obligations in the real world while imagining what you would do if you were totally free of responsibility. Luckily, no one can stop you from dreaming.
Aquarius     Your day could be hijacked by someone who feels the need to share a relationship drama. Whether it's a romantic partner or a new acquaintance, it might appear as if he or she is attempting to limit your personal freedom. However, expressing yourself independently is crucial now because itís your key to rejuvenating your emotional power. Although youíre tempted to drop everything to ride to the rescue, keep in mind that you wonít have much left to give others unless you take some time to please yourself.
Pisces     Household chores or work-related tasks seem overly tedious today, which could make you feel unusually restless. Your impulsive solution might be to shake everything up in order to turn a dull routine into an intriguing experience. Don't be afraid to express your big ideas, even if they are out of proportion with your current circumstances. Honoring your dreams will ultimately enable you to accomplish more while in pursuit of your higher purpose.
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