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Saturday, November 1
Our optimism can make a good day even better as clever Mercury harmonizes with jolly Jupiter. The Moonís shift into imaginative Pisces at 12:36 pm EDT complicates our attempts to establish boundaries because we canít necessarily trust our perceptions. An emotionally expressive Venus-Pluto alignment deepens our feelings and enriches relationships. And an enchanting Mars-Neptune sextile encourages us to believe that all wishes can come true.
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Gemini Virgo Sagittarius Pisces
Aries     Hiding from the world sounds like a good idea today, but itís not possible if others are demanding all of your time. You canít ignore your commitments, so the sooner you push through your resistance the better. You are an integral part of a community and your lack of participation could send the wrong message now. Showing up as a team player doesnít mean you have to run the entire show. Luckily, you can still enjoy yourself by hanging back and letting someone else lead the charge.
Taurus     Your idealistic visions about your future are so compelling now that you may want to share them with others. However, itís advantageous to wait until you have more clarity prior to clueing someone else in on your plans. Itís less important to attract anyoneís attention than it is to continue cultivating your thoughts on your own. Flying beneath the radar is a wise strategy today. Have patience; successful ideas take time to evolve and grow into their full potential.
Gemini     You have big plans today and wonít let anyoneís negativity slow you down. However, you might be so stoked about your future that you only see what you want to see. Your positive attitude improves your chances for success, but only if youíre not in denial. Donít surround yourself with people who simply agree with you no matter what. Itís better to know the truth even if it hurts. Nearly anything is possible as long as you can discern the difference between fact and fiction.
Cancer     You may be overly confident about an important decision today, but your choices could steer you wrong unless you take all of the facts into consideration. Paying careful attention to what others expect prevents you from taking things too far. In the end, listening to your intuition is the deciding factor; just be sure to create enough peace and quiet in your life so you can get in touch with your inner wisdom.
Leo     Youíre jazzed about stepping outside of your normal routine today and networking with friends who expand your horizons. But youíre not focused solely on business now; youíre more interested in deepening a special relationship than you are with following a professional lead. Even if you have chores that must be completed, donít pass up a chance to pursue matters of the heart. Itís not necessary to have all the answers now; simply revealing your vulnerability can be the primary key that opens the door to the next level of intimacy.
Virgo     Donít lose touch with your own needs today because the Moon's current visit to your 7th House of Partners can shift your attention from your issues to what's happening with those closest to you. Juggling your personal desires with your familial and social commitments takes extra finesse now. Maintaining a healthy balance is a prerequisite to successfully navigating your way through the tricky terrain of relationships. No one expects perfection as long as your intentions are sincere.
Libra     Your enthusiasm continues to inspire you today even if youíre feeling overwhelmed by a situation that isnít unfolding according to your plans. Unfortunately, your current tendency to gloss over important details can impede your progress. Nevertheless, itís still tough for changing circumstances to pull you off course if you remain committed to fulfilling your obligations now. As your thoughts drift away from reality and into the realms of possibility, gently guide them back into the present moment for the sake of clarity and peace of mind.
Scorpio     Youíre eager to fulfill your promises today, and you can even enjoy yourself while still being super-productive. However, you may struggle trying to adhere to an overly rigid schedule because the less freedom you have now, the more tempted you are to escape from the restrictions. Nevertheless, itís smarter to buckle down and finish your chores before complicating your day with more distractions. Not only will you feel proud of your accomplishments, you will also be available for whatever comes next.
Sagittarius     Your good intentions may not be enough to keep you on the straight and narrow path today as you play out your wanderlust in the realm of fantasies. Thankfully, you have the wisdom to hide your imaginative exploits so no one realizes that you have left the building and are traveling somewhere else in your mind. But don't get cocky or you could have to answer to an unforgiving friend, boss or lover. If you maintain appearances, you just might get away with keeping one foot in each world for a little while longer.
Capricorn     Youíre often a person that everyone confides in because you seem capable of holding space for their problems. But people might not even realize that youíre going through your own personal struggles now as you attempt to balance your appearance of competence with your increasing lack of certainty. It's useful to reconsider your assumptions today, but don't let questioning turn into self-doubt. Save the philosophical contemplation for another day when you have more time on your hands.
Aquarius     Your dreams may bring an answer to a stubborn question now, but you must be willing to take sufficient time to explore their symbolism. Even if youíre unable to recall specific details, your subconscious mind connects you with what's most relevant. The good news is that your unbridled imagination helps you to co-create the future. Remember, tomorrowís reality begins with todayís thought.
Pisces     You know how critical it is to separate your feelings from the empathic connection you have with others, but this intuitive process requires constant vigilance. The Moon's visit to your compassionate sign increases your sensitivity and makes it easier to respond to what's happening without becoming exhausted or emotionally drained. However, differentiating your thoughts from those around you is tricky business, so it might be a lot more pleasurable to indulge your dreams while you can.
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