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Thursday, August 28
We might think we can reestablish balance in our relationships now as the Moon visits peaceful Libra, but the recent emotional turmoil wonít likely fade away just yet. We may feel another kick of intensity today when the Moon squares formidable Pluto this afternoon and opposes irrepressible Uranus late tonight. The current dramas could be aftershocks from past events rather than new ones. Nevertheless, the rollercoaster ride isnít quite finished.
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Aries     Your closest friends may get on your nerves today if they wonít hurry up and make up their minds. You want answers now and can quickly grow annoyed if your impatience gets the best of you. Much to your chagrin, no one else seems to share your heightened sense of urgency. The whole situation becomes more manageable once you admit that the problem is really about your needs and not about everyone elseís shortcomings. Do yourself a favor; lighten up and give others room to be themselves just as you would want in return.
Taurus     Others might be bewildered by your lack of motivation today, even though you have specific chores that still require your attention. However, you may not feel the need to jump in and take care of your responsibilities before heading out for a little fun. Nevertheless, itís wise to pay attention to your obligations because you canít let loose and enjoy yourself if you donít honor your commitments. However, taking the time to reconnect with your dreams enables you to tap into your passion and inspires you to be your best.
Gemini     Looking forward to an easygoing day is natural when the Moon is reflecting the needs of your 5th House of Fun and Games. However, there is so much going on in your life now, you may not have sufficient time to pursue the various options for entertainment. But don't take your frustration out on others; even if thereís something blocking your progress, it isnít about anyone elseís actions. Ultimately, changing your own attitude is the most expedient way to overcome the external resistance you feel today. People are taking their cues from you so lead with your best foot forward.
Cancer     Although you may not know exactly how to handle a family matter today, your uncertainty does not come from your indifference. To the contrary, youíre so preoccupied with events in your personal life that you see all the pros and cons of each possible solution. You might even reach a point of frustration and are tempted to walk away from the whole mess. Don't sell yourself short by quitting; just make the best choice you can, even if you aren't one hundred percent certain about your decision. Any positive action now is better than doing nothing at all.
Leo     You may choose to play the role of the noble diplomat today, positioning yourself between two other people who are in the throes of a disagreement. Thankfully, youíre able to listen to both versions of the story while maintaining your neutrality. Keep in mind, you arenít the final arbiter of truth and justice. Instead, you are more effective now if you can simply help the conflicted parties establish a piece of common ground on which to stand.
Virgo     You arenít as in touch with your feelings today as you were over the past few days when the evocative Moon was camping out in your sign. Thankfully, your innate critical thinking can lead you in the most sensible direction. However, lowering your high standards is not part of your strategy for success. You don't have to be overly judgmental and say no to nearly every new idea that comes your way; instead, allow for the element of surprise. Embracing the unknown increases the potential for magic to occur.
Libra     You should be able to continue working toward your personal goals today if youíre able to integrate your needs into a social context. The Moonís current visit to your sign might overwhelm you with contradictory feelings. Thankfully, you may be certain enough about your position that you can easily go along with nearly any group decision. Unfortunately, someone could assume that your willingness to yield is a sign of weakness. Don't bother trying to convince others that they are wrong. Keep your integrity intact and those who matter most will shift their assumptions over time.
Scorpio     You are ready to throw off the shackles of self-restraint and share a secret or two today. However, telling the entire story isn't necessary since you like to keep some things private. However, you certainly don't want to come across as ambivalent, so you might just choose a side and then remain loyal to whatever you pick. Ultimately, it doesn't matter if you are right; whatís more important now is that you listen to your heart.
Sagittarius     Hanging out in the summer sun with your friends sounds like a perfect plan for the day. Happily, connecting with like-minded people is actually nourishment for your soul. However, youíre not as eager to relinquish control of your feelings today. Ironically, everyone else might assume you have your life more together than you actually do. This is tricky territory; others may not be willing to help you later on when you really need it if you don't show some vulnerability now. Itís great to have fun, but sometimes itís better to just be real.
Capricorn     You feel as if everyone expects you to pull the right answers out of thin air; however, youíre tired of being taken for granted and may not be willing to play their games now. Although you take pride in being an authority figure, youíre just not as concerned with choosing one solution over another today. Whatís most critical now is staying true to your core values; leading by example is the most effective way to get your message across.
Aquarius     Nearly everything in your life seems to work well up to a point today. Even if you are executing a well-conceived plan, you still must be ready to set it aside if circumstances change suddenly. Instead of attempting to make a sprint for the finish line, take your time and handle any obstacles that pop up along the way. Keep your impatience in check; slow and steady wins the race.
Pisces     Youíre interested in getting to the bottom of an emotional issue now that could come between you and the intimacy you seek. However, discussing your attractions and desires is not sufficient to deepen the bond on its own. Itís no fun talking about your feelings when youíre scared of losing your rational perspective. Nevertheless, youíre standing on safer ground today than you realize, so let your emotions wash over you without any fear of drowning. Exploring your heart isnít always easy but itís the fastest way to break on through to the other side.
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