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Friday, October 24
Emotional interactions continue to intensify today, even as yesterdayís eclipse energy begins to fade. The relentless Scorpio Moon prompts us to express ourselves in spite of resistance. Although complex feelings are in the air, relationship problems quickly sort themselves out because the Sun and Venus create magical quintiles to bountiful Jupiter. The pleasurable aspects of sensual Venus flow smoothly now, resulting in sweet satisfaction.
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Gemini Virgo Sagittarius Pisces
Aries     Youíre cruising to take on anyone who attempts to slow you down now, but you might end up expending precious energy and exhausting yourself for no reason. Although a friend or lover may seem distant today, your current situation ultimately serves you well if you simply learn your lesson. But donít attack someone needlessly just because youíre feeling insecure. Admit that you can make mistakes and then proceed with caution the next time around.
Taurus     You tend to play well with others at work because youíre normally not interested in making waves. Nevertheless, you might feel as if youíre placed in an awkward position today if someone questions your motives or undermines your efforts. But instead of wasting time defending your behavior, put your energy toward reaching your goals. If necessary, retreat and work on your own until the tension passes. Take the high road and let your integrity be the final word.
Gemini     It seems as if success is within your grasp but your progress could grind to a screeching halt today if you expect too much all at once. Thereís no need to be afraid of acting on your desires now, assuming you are sticking with the facts and not looking for any kind of free ride. However, you can reach farther than ever if you lead with your common sense; seize the moment and seal the deal.
Cancer     You canít escape the burden of responsibility, but you want to focus on the upside of the current potential rather than where you might fall short. Youíre less inclined to take yourself too seriously today, even if everyone else is acknowledging your authority. However, youíre not going to singlehandedly solve anyoneís problems, no matter how much you want to help. Offer whatever assistance you can and then give others sufficient space and time to choose their own paths.
Leo     Your patience may seem out of character today, especially in light of your current enthusiasm for getting the most out of life. However, separating your needs from those around you can help you rationalize your deliberate behavior now. But donít bother trying to explain to everyone why youíre moving slowly; just trust your instincts and reach for the stars at your own pace. Although it may take a while for others to notice, the cosmic energy is already beginning to shift and your progress will soon be evident.
Virgo     Although you think you know exactly what you want today, your goals are more confused than you realize. In fact, your unbridled optimism could prompt you to make a faulty assumption. You believe you understand whatís lurking just beyond your perceptions, but getting the rest of the story might be an elusive task. Donít force any issues; itís healthier to delay an important decision than to make a choice without having the right information at your disposal. Persistence in your research will ultimately pay off with the truth.
Libra     Your anticipation grows today since buoyant Jupiter boosts your confidence and raises your expectations. Nevertheless, you might feel as if your friends arenít supporting you enough, but blaming others for their lack of enthusiasm doesnít help your cause. Acknowledging your peers for who they are and not for what they can or cannot do on your behalf gives them the freedom to respond without pressure. Just because change is in the air doesnít mean that you should push the river any faster than itís already flowing.
Scorpio     Someone you respect might promise you the Moon, yet you still want to see concrete results. Your willingness to give others the benefit of the doubt works in your favor, but only up to a point. Fortunately, you wonít likely get lost in such high expectations that you end up being disappointed. Youíre better off now if you can step back and keep everything in a healthy perspective. Bring your dreams back down to earth if you want them to come true.
Sagittarius     You prefer to fly beneath the radar today with the Moon hiding out in your 12th House of Escapism. However, you may have a lot more fun if you purposefully place yourself directly in the middle of the action. Nevertheless, you still might not feel very social now and itís your choice if you decide to bow out of a previous commitment at the last minute. There's no reason to defend your actions as long as you remember to be nice when you say no. Itís not your responsibility to entertain everyone all the time.
Capricorn     Youíre working harder than you like now, yet your heart might not be in your current job. You wish you could compartmentalize your feelings so youíre able to meet your financial responsibilities on schedule. However, you also want to make substantial progress toward your ideal career path. Fortunately, you can have your cake and eat it too if you don't let your disappointment show today; waiting for just a few more days will bring you closer to living the life you want.
Aquarius     Your path to success might not be as direct as you wish today. Although youíre willing to take a circuitous route to accomplish your career objectives, itís tricky to make a concrete plan if you canít see where your current course is leading. It may be more advantageous now to temporarily set your long-term goals aside. Destiny is more likely to work its magic if you keep your dreams alive by focusing all your energy on the present moment.
Pisces     It may be disconcerting to observe how reality doesnít match up to your expectations today. Rather than confronting the differences, you might choose to limit your thinking to the good news and steer clear of any conversations that could touch on tough topics. Unfortunately, avoiding the shadows gives you a lopsided view now because youíre intentionally denying the larger issues at play. Thereís nothing wrong with being optimistic, but youíll be happier in the long run if you are operating in the real world right from the start.
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