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Thursday, November 27
Our dreams are still seducing us and luring us off track as the confusion from last nightís fuzzy Sun-Neptune square lingers. We may have trouble distinguishing facts from fantasies today, but the progressive Aquarius Moon brings hints of much-needed clarity. We want to break free from our illusions, but itís not easy to change our minds. Nevertheless, Mercuryís shift into Sagittarius this evening encourages us to aim high with our intentions.
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Aries     Putting your calendar in order sounds like a sensible thing to do today, but it may be challenging to follow through with your original plans when so many people seem to want a piece of your day. You wish you could placate all involved, but your good intentions arenít enough to fit everything into place. Managing potential scheduling conflicts requires your undivided attention, yet your vivid imagination can still interfere with your ability to focus. Enjoy the company of others the best you can without trying to please everyone except yourself.
Taurus     Although your relatives might not understand your unpredictable behavior now, they are willing to put up with it until they determine if your plan is worth supporting. However, your current impatience seems out of place since no one else is in a hurry. Paradoxically, you wouldnít appear so rushed if you were feeling more confident; time is running out and you donít want to be left behind. Thereís no need to waste words; just work diligently toward reaching satisfaction and let events unfold at their own pace.
Gemini     Everyone seems to be talking up a storm today, but no one has the time to really listen. You have important things to say, but arenít sure how to work your newly formed ideas into the flow. Donít give up; your smartest strategy now is to let someone prattle on about a personal interest and then politely change the subject when the conversation lulls. Carefully choosing your words encourages others to do the same.
Cancer     You are lulled into a surreal mental space today, but the emotionally detached Aquarius Moon inspires you to use your intellect to interpret the mysterious symbols of your dreams. However, this logical approach may be a dead-end strategy because rational analysis won't likely uncover any hidden meanings. Instead, set your imagination free and youíll remember what your subconscious mind is trying to tell you when you least expect it.
Leo     You donít want to be distracted by anyone now because youíre trying to figure out how to navigate the current time crunch. Ultimately, you can create additional stress by concentrating on the future before you respond to a more immediate situation first. Thankfully, the conceptual Aquarius Moonís visit to your 7th House of Partners brings people into your life who believe they have the answers you seek. The good news is that being receptive to the brilliance of others could improve your game without slowing down your progress.
Virgo     You want to be an integral part of the social activities today but you donít like leaving a project only partially completed. Thankfully, you can be quite methodical, enabling you to finish just in the nick of time. But you may have to let a few details fall to the wayside. Eliminating non-essential tasks frees you up to proactively address a potential problem, rather than waiting for it to turn into a minor disaster. Setting priorities early on and sticking to them is the key to your success.
Libra     Living in your dreamworld was fine for a little escape, but itís time to reclaim your power now by telling others what you want. Nevertheless, itís not a good idea to let your personal preferences stand in the way of your enjoyment today. Paradoxically, you can keep your destination in mind yet still relax into the flow of the dayís events. Recheck your GPS tomorrow and then recalculate your route if necessary.
Scorpio     You wonít be satisfied with social pleasantries today unless they connect you with your friends and relatives on a deeper emotional level. However, your manner of expressing your needs can sound overly complex to others, prompting them to make a hasty retreat. Although your desires could be thwarted by someone who has a very different agenda than you, donít try to convince anyone else to adopt your perspective. The more you sell your point of view, the less chance there is for finding compromise. Oddly enough, respecting the opinions of others leads to the intimacy you seek.
Sagittarius     You may believe you have a practical strategy to complete your chores before indulging in any holiday festivities today. However, your idealistic solution might fall apart once you start executing your plans. You could underestimate how much time a job will take, or maybe you discover that youíre missing an important tool. Either way, working faster isnít the answer. Ironically, youíll finish sooner if you slow down your pace, leaving you with plenty of breathing room before the fun begins.
Capricorn     Social obligations are like the fly in your ointment today. You want to spend quality time with friends and family, but you resent the fact that they expect you to contribute to the day in specific ways. Your personal needs may diverge from those of the group, creating a gulf between you and others. Donít let your unresolved anxieties or unsatisfied desires prevent you from feeling the love. Count your blessings and express your gratitude while you have the chance.
Aquarius     You seem to be attracted to nearly anything that allows you to lose yourself into a crowd today. But you wonít be able to run away from your problems since you just keep bumping into the same issues again and again. Rather than trying to sidestep a difficult emotional dynamic, just stay fully present with your feelings. You might be pleasantly surprised by what happens when youíre willing to demonstrate your emotional vulnerability.
Pisces     Reality is giving you permission now to luxuriate in the rich symbolism of your imagination. Of course, youíre no stranger to the act of invisibly slipping behind the veil of consciousness. However, putting your dreams to work today is more complicated than it seems. Thankfully, you donít have to make your next move yet; just let your mind wander without any specific agenda. Instead of pushing to further your personal vision, celebrate the camaraderie you share with those you love.
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