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Thursday, July 28
We continue to cling to the status quo while the Moon is finishing up her business in unflappable Taurus. However, Luna's tense aspects to Mercury and Mars begin to agitate our emotions, especially where we feel stuck. This loosening process starts to quicken once the Moon shifts into changeable Gemini at 2:16 pm EDT. Meanwhile, the Leo Sun moves toward a stressful alignment with larger-than-life Jupiter, blowing trivial matters out of proportion.
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Aries     A slow start to your work today could lead to never-ending frustration, especially if you have a long list of things to do. Nevertheless, youíre spinning your wheels without making much headway and it might even seem as if the harder you try to get traction now, the slower your progress. Fortunately, patience pays off and production that was stalled earlier begins to roll along later in the day. However, your expectations may rise just as fast as your confidence. You can avoid setting yourself up for failure by establishing realistic goals and relying on your sense of humor to provide comic relief along the way.
Taurus     An emotional conflict early in the day might leave you with unresolved anger later on. You are annoyed with your performance if you freeze in the heat of an argument, leaving important things unsaid. Nevertheless, your perspective on the interaction changes once the Moon shifts from your sign to the adaptable realms of airy Gemini. Although you may nurse hurt feelings for a little while, a fresh breeze blows through your life, enabling you to move on without harboring any ill will. Thereís no reason to hang onto the past when the future looks so good; there are no regrets in life, just lessons.
Gemini     Youíve been hiding in the shadows for too long and are now ready to come out of your shell. Thankfully, your world lightens up once the reflective Moon enters your sign this afternoon. Itís as if the storm clouds suddenly disappear, leaving blue sky in every direction. However, dwelling on your feelings today only slows you down. Sometimes you need to stop and listen to your heart, but now itís time for bold action. Adventure awaits and the sooner you step into your future, the shorter your journey will be.
Cancer     Youíre slightly uncertain about your next move, even if there appears to be a reward -- monetary or emotional -- heading your way. You are not in such a rush now and may prefer to slow your pace for the sake of simplicity. You assume the good news will still be there when you arrive, even if it takes a few more days to collect on the cosmic goodies. Thankfully, your logic is sound and it might make sense to postpone any major push forward until the Moon reaches your sign on Saturday. According to a Welsh proverb, ďMore the hurry, more the obstacles.Ē
Leo     Itís as if you are in a sailboat trying to reach your destination but the breeze isnít blowing in your direction. Thankfully, a change in the cosmic weather fills your sails today and propels you along your way. But donít assume the winds will remain steady, for the flighty Gemini Moon is capricious in nature. Just as you get accustomed to one feeling, thereís another unexpected shift. Fortunately, being prepared for the instability in the air enables you to be more adaptable when plotting your course. Be stubborn about your goals, but flexible about your methods.
Virgo     Just as you are ready to settle into a wave of stability in your life, another round of changing dynamics requires your undivided attention on the job front. You rather enjoyed the temporary peace and quiet, but now you must respond to the noise as the Moon flies into interactive Gemini and your 10th House of Public Life. Itís nearly impossible to retreat to a space where you can simply focus on your work. Treat the distractions as a harmless test of your patience and willpower. Thankfully, annoyance transforms to optimism as the evening approaches and you can see how much you managed to accomplish in spite of everything.
Libra     After a morning of inner stress or outer disagreements, youíre quite happy when the resistance fades and youíre back in a groove. It takes quite a bit to push you to the point of fueling a conflict, but you might not be satisfied with the way things are going now. Donít slip into denial; the adage, ďno pain, no gainĒ could be your mantra while the Moon is still camped out in obstinate Taurus. Thankfully, your awareness of the current dynamics catalyzes changes later in the day that enable you to regroup and reestablish your center of gravity.
Scorpio     It might feel as if people are pushing back at your every move. Even your casual comments seem to elicit negative responses from those close to you. Naturally, you prefer support rather than opposition, but itís best if you donít stir the pot needlessly. Happily, the emotional climate changes when the stubborn Taurus Moon enters curious Gemini and your 8th House of Deep Sharing. Paradoxically, your conversations flow easier even as the emotional intensity increases. As George Bernard Shaw wrote, ďThe single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.Ē
Sagittarius     Your optimism soars on its own wings today, even if thereís nothing in your world that changes other than your perspective. Fortunately, your attitude is within your control and when you shift your thinking in a positive direction, everything in the outer world shifts with it. But this is not about ignoring the truth; itís about using your imagination to create a path to a better future. If every thought you think is actively altering your destiny, it's wise to mainly focus on manifesting your dreams.
Capricorn     Although you may encounter a few stumbling blocks today, your pragmatic outlook and sheer determination empower you to accomplish your goals. But rather than resting on your laurels, you arenít content with your achievements as expansive Jupiter tempts you to set even higher standards. You might not be able to turn off your restless mind when itís seeking new lands to conquer, but you can moderate your ambition with emotional awareness. Reaching for higher ground is admirable, but donít forget to give yourself time to enjoy the fruits of your labor along the way.
Aquarius     You might realize that you canít avoid confronting a lingering issue head-on today. Your impatience reaches a boiling point as the Moon shifts into fickle Gemini and your 5th House of Self-Expression, compelling you to make your move. It seems as if the main obstacles are now gone. In fact, thereís no resistance at all when you speak directly from your heart. But talk is cheap; you must follow up your message with decisive action. As the saying goes, ďDo it today or regret it tomorrow.Ē
Pisces     The luxury of reveling in a past accomplishment is over. You must demonstrate to everyone that a recent success was not a fluke or a flash in the pan. But you have more options now than you did before and your next victory or failure will be a result of the path you pick today. Unfortunately, you never know for sure where the road of life will lead. Nevertheless, itís wise to make decisions based upon facts rather than fantasies. You might be free to make certain choices, but youíre not free from the consequences of your choice.
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