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Sunday, October 23
Itís as if weíve entered the Magic Kingdom and are busy exploring the multidimensional worlds of fantasy. A long-lasting misalignment between opinionated Jupiter and delusional Neptune make it tricky to discern whatís real. We make up our minds and then select only the facts to support our beliefs while Mars forms an otherworldly aspect to Neptune. Meanwhile, the melodramatic Leo Moon enables us to stretch the truth and put on a convincing show.
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Aries     The extroverted side of your personality takes over today while the Moon is traveling through animated Leo. But the Sunís shift into secretive Scorpio and your 8th House of Intimacy reminds you to temper your spontaneity with empathy for others. Teaming up with the right people will add power and passion into your life. Acknowledging their gifts and respecting their limits create lasting and rewarding relationships. Enrich your life by expanding your community.
Taurus     Although you strive for objectivity in communication, you canít deny your strong feelings about someone. Youíre able to see both sides of an issue, but the Sunís visit to possessive Scorpio and your 7th House of Others signals a deepening passion for partnerships that is anything but rational. Unfortunately, this inconsistency is not ideal for making decisions, especially since your intuition could be off target now. Will Rogers said, ďGood judgment comes from experience and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.Ē
Gemini     The temptation to micromanage your affairs is compelling today because you want others to see you in the best light when it comes to fulfilling your promises. Fortunately, you are busy focusing on the details now that the Sun is moving through penetrating Scorpio and your 6th House of Self-Improvement. There isnít much room in your life for fun and games now, so take care of whatís on your plate and stick to your daily routine. Your priorities are your character.
Cancer     Barriers to obtaining what you desire start to crumble, encouraging you to be more direct when expressing your needs. Happily, the Sunís radiance enlivens your 5th House of Self-Expression while itís moving through magnetic Scorpio. Although you are more open to deeper emotional and physical interactions today, attempting to please everyone is a mistake. Direct your creative skills outward where they will have the greatest impact. Poet Maya Angelou wrote, ďTry to be a rainbow in someoneís cloud.Ē
Leo     Lending your emotional support to a friend or relative today can have a positive influence on a difficult situation. You are exceptionally empathic while the receptive Moon is traveling through your sign. Additionally, the Sunís shift into passionate Scorpio and your 4th House of Emotional Security shines the spotlight on personal responsibilities. Taking the time to strengthen your family relationships and fulfill your domestic obligations enables you to build an enduring foundation for the future. A person never stands so tall as when they lean down to help one in need.
Virgo     Your imagination may be favored over common sense today as conversations wander aimlessly into Fantasyland. Youíre attuned to the slightest ripples of negativity while the Moon hangs out in your 12th House of Spiritual Mystery. Your heightened sensitivity invites emotional intimacy while also encouraging you to overreact to casual comments. The extreme Scorpio Sun takes your thinking to another level as it plunges into your 3rd House of Communication. Everyone is deep, but most people are afraid to dive.
Libra     There is little room for self-doubt in your life now, so put your unwavering faith into making your dreams come true. Moneymaking opportunities are on the rise while the Sun is warming Scorpioís emotional waters and illuminating your 2nd House of Finances. Thankfully, a weight has been lifted from your shoulders, but rather than celebrating, employ your newfound sense of freedom to build the future you want. Although there is so much in flux, pick something to focus on and make a stand. Be who you want to be, not what others want to see.
Scorpio     The Force is with you now as the blindfold is removed from your eyes and your destination is in plain sight. Confusion fades, whether the news is good or not, allowing you to choose which path to take next. The brilliant radiance of the Sun is shining in your sign, motivating you to act with greater confidence. Thankfully, your optimism is tempered with a vulnerability that enables you to accept help when it is offered. Letting down your guard allows more love and light to flow into your life.
Sagittarius     You want to establish your personal space today as you retreat from group activities to reconnect with your faith and idealism. Youíre highly inspired to continue working for positive change in your life and in the world. Although a community of friends and colleagues urge you to pursue your dreams, something has changed now that the Sun in mysterious Scorpio has begun its month-long stay in your 12th House of Secrets. Your grand sense of camaraderie is diminished by an immediate need for privacy and the time to sort through issues you prefer to keep confidential. Wisdom comes from reflection.
Capricorn     Collaborating with others today makes it feasible to transform entire organizations, resurrect a discarded project or produce events that strengthen your community. The Sunís entry into relentless Scorpio and your 11th House of Social Networking feeds your ambition as you tap into the resources all around you. Nevertheless, a competitive Mercury-Saturn alignment may create friction as you struggle for control. Even if you feel uncomfortable expressing your opinion, tensions will subside once everyone knows the score. In union there is strength.
Aquarius     Endless analysis gives way to clear decisions, prompting you to walk your talk without further concern about an overall strategy. In fact, itís your integrity and not your plan that is your primary strength now. The Sunís shift into powerful Scorpio and your 10th House of Career is a sign that itís time to think less about your personal needs and more about your professional life. A battle with internal demons may be necessary to maintain a healthy perspective today. Dig in your heels and concentrate on long-term change rather than immediate gratification.
Pisces     You may be inflexible when it comes to matters of principle now, especially if others are pressuring you to change. The unyielding Scorpio Sun is plowing through your 9th House of Higher Truth, adding conviction to your beliefs and passion to your presentations. Fortunately, an obsessive need to know can motivate you to explore religion, philosophy or politics through study and travel. Educator Ken Robinson says, ďCuriosity is the engine of achievement.Ē
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