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Tuesday, June 28
We want to feel the solid ground under our feet today after a recent journey into the wild realms of imagination. The combative Aries Moon inspires us to take on anyone who challenges our developing sense of reality. But the Moonís stressful square to potent Pluto may prompt an unwinnable struggle when peopleís perspectives suddenly clash. Thankfully, a rebellious Moon-Uranus conjunction encourages us to just shrug our shoulders and walk away.
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Aries     Youíre not afraid to let others know exactly what you think today. However, you could come on so strong that you donít even allow someone else to speak. But the energy imbalance wonít last long if the other personís annoyance turns to anger. You might find yourself engaged in a battle that has less to do with what you said than how you delivered the message. Fortunately, you can sidestep conflict now by giving others the same common courtesy you would expect from them.
Taurus     What begins as a casual conversation can quickly turn into a heated debate today. Although you know exactly what needs to be said to make your point, you might become so upset that nothing comes out of your mouth at all. Ironically, this argument could be won by what you donít say. The only sensible response may be to declare the conversation over and let it go. Rather than agreeing to disagree, sometimes itís better to just smile and be quiet.
Gemini     A difference in fundamental values could create an awkward rift between you and others at work today. Unfortunately, itís difficult to tell in advance whether a heartfelt discussion will bridge the gulf or only make matters worse. One thing is for certain: impulsive responses based upon emotions rather than facts will not lead anywhere productive now. Instead of trying to sell your position, put your effort toward attempting to understand why someone could reach a different conclusion. In the words of Gandhi, ďHonest disagreement is often a good sign of progress.Ē
Cancer     Although confrontation is rarely your cup of tea, your immediate reaction is to stand up for the underdog if someone tries to railroad their opinion over everyone elseís today. Throwing caution to the wind is admirable if your cause is worthwhile. Nevertheless, you will be more effective if you reflect on what you want to say before your emotions hijack your logic. A few seconds of patience during a moment of anger can save you from unnecessary regret.
Leo     You can be so confident your plan is the best one that you donít even listen to what anyone else has to offer today. Unfortunately, this level of certainty will only stir up bad feelings in your coworkers. Itís not prudent to provoke dissension within the ranks of your associates now. Acknowledging the wide variety of solutions to a problem creates an environment that fosters teamwork. The synergy of many minds cooperating harmoniously is more effective than individuals working in isolation.
Virgo     You may feel conflicted about working closely with someone who constantly pushes your emotional buttons today. On one hand, you recognize that you actually accomplish more when experiencing this high level of intensity. But on the other hand, you grow anxious when youíre pulled outside of your normal comfort zone. Donít be complacent and settle for mediocrity when you have the opportunity to conquer your fears. The person who is a thorn in your side now can be your greatest teacher.
Libra     An interaction with a close friend or coworker might grow too emotional for your liking today. However tempting, retreating into your shell does not work to your advantage because others could take your silence as a vote of confidence. Running away from confrontation only increases the distance from the solution. If youíre not happy with someone elseís behavior now, do the responsible thing and let them know.
Scorpio     You are at the end of your rope and could feel as if you have nowhere safe to land. You might even consider putting a risky plan into motion if you feel there is nothing to lose. Nevertheless, exercising caution is advised now because your current sense of desperation will soon fade into the past. President John Quincy Adams wrote, ďPatience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.Ē
Sagittarius     You want to express whatever is in your heart today without worrying about the reactions of anyone else. In theory, you should be able to preserve your childlike innocence and do as you please. However, in practice life just doesnít work that way. You are likely to experience remorse if your actions inadvertently hurt someoneís feelings. It seems as if you are caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place. Instead of behaving like no one else matters, talk with those people who matter the most before doing something you canít undo.
Capricorn     You prefer to keep your emotions under wraps but circumstances continue to poke and prod your most vulnerable spots. Your nerves may be on edge today because you feel like you could lose your temper if pushed too hard. Ironically, the more you try to maintain control, the closer you get to an emotional meltdown. Thankfully, you can easily prevent an unpleasant scene by taking proactive measures early in the day. Sharing your concerns with someone you trust acts as a safety valve and reduces the pressure. Good friends make hard times easier.
Aquarius     You need to get something off your chest today and are ready to speak your truth even if others donít want to hear it. Although you might be itching for some verbal fireworks, itís not necessarily in your best interest to disregard everyone elseís feelings just so you can express your own. Exercising discretion is part of a winning strategy if youíre willing to take the high road and keep your mouth shut. Reevaluating your motives before you say a word turns out to be the smartest move now for everyone involved.
Pisces     In the heat of the moment, itís impossible to remain objective when discussing your feelings. If anyone challenges your beliefs today, youíre likely to take it so personally that you feel as if youíre under attack. Unfortunately, your insecurities could get in the way of a constructive conversation. Your current discomfort is a chance for you to grow emotionally and recognize that intelligent people can hold different positions and remain friends. In a mature relationship, disagreement is possible without disrespect.
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