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Monday, January 26
We are navigating into the future by what we see in the rearview mirror with Mercury backtracking in cutting-edge Aquarius. A realistic Mercury-Saturn alignment enables us to turn innovative thinking into tangible improvements. But our emotions are never far away today since a passionate Venus-Pluto connection amplifies our desires and fears. Meanwhile, the Moonís shift into solid Taurus at 11:37 am EST gives us stable ground on which to stand.
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Aries     You may be restless today if your desires arenít being completely satisfied. Although relaxing while you have the chance is usually a good idea, you prefer excitement rather than the peace and quiet you are offered. Thereís no doubt that life would be simpler for all involved if you could just settle your energy, but denying your feelings only makes matters worse. Do yourself a favor and let others know what you want without making any unreasonable demands. Speaking your truth is appreciated more than you might think.
Taurus     There are undercurrents of unspoken feelings that can hijack a conversation before it even gets off the ground. Unfortunately, your friends and relatives may not be listening carefully enough now to fully understand your message. Even if it seems as if youíre being heard, others are only glimpsing a part of the picture. Being patient works to your advantage, for you can inadvertently push someone away by sharing too much, too fast. You canít go wrong if you unfold your story one step at a time and allow your audience a chance to take it all in.
Gemini     You are better off saying less today because your words might end up misrepresenting your true intentions. Rather than relying on your quick wit, open your senses to direct impressions and act on your perceptions. Don't bother rationalizing your choices or justifying your gut feelings that lead you toward a particular destination. Listen to your instincts; you can always fill in the details afterward. Follow your heart now and not your head.
Cancer     Your network of friends and acquaintances is a source of great stability and inspiration today, so listen closely to any advice they are willing to give. Although youíre not required to follow anyoneís lead, others offer practical approaches that could help you handle a sticky situation. Lingering self-doubt wonít magically disappear, so be gentle now when judging yourself against your own heightened expectations. Contrary to your current worries, there isnít a hurry when it comes to untangling the mystery that is you.
Leo     Youíre uncertain about a significant choice you must make now, but rest assured there isnít any one single path that's clearly right or wrong. Whatever you currently decide, your route will be a circuitous one and the detours will teach you lessons that you might have missed by zipping along unimpeded. Don't take yourself so seriously; you will have a very different perspective on what happened when you look back in a couple of months. Maintaining a healthy sense of humor saves the day.
Virgo     You may feel a sense of relief because you see a friend or partner in a more realistic light today. Youíre comforted by the realization that you can make concrete decisions based on what you know, rather than flying by the seat of your pants. However, itís still wise to act with caution because you could miss crucial information that catches you off guard if you become too complacent. No one knows better than you that it never hurts to pay extra attention to the subtle nuances and the pesky details.
Libra     Trusting those closest to you helps to reduce your current confusion about your work plans for next week. Thankfully, you are in an excellent position to turn any lack of clarity in your favor if youíre not too eager to change everything all at once. Today's lesson is about letting go of control, so roll with the incoming waves without resistance. Having a flexible agenda is more important now than proving the strength of your willpower. Your willingness to compromise comes in handy when you need it the most.
Scorpio     Karmic forces are at play behind the scenes, making or breaking a potential romance. The Moon's current visit to your 7th House of Partners, combined with several planets chilling in your 5th House of Love, is a powerful energetic mix that blasts open your heart or increases your awareness of your desires. Thankfully, thereís no need to push for the resolution of a relationship issue now; instead, just allow the current events to unfold without adding pressure to the situation. Giving deep feelings a day or two to work their way to the surface may be enough to change the game.
Sagittarius     You prefer doing your chores the same way youíve done them in the past now that the Moon has settled into your 6th House of Habits. Although you might have your methodology all figured out, your coworkers have a different agenda in mind for you. Thereís no need to stir up any resentment from others today; acknowledge those who are in charge and work with them rather than against them. You can accomplish more if youíre willing to compromise while saving your battles for another day when there are more important matters at stake.
Capricorn     You are a wellspring of innovative ideas when it comes to new ways of making money, but it might seem as if your timing is slightly off. Nevertheless, you can still make solid progress today, even if you underestimate the amount of time needed to complete a project. Methodical Saturnís influence is strong now, making it possible to achieve your goals as long as you donít take any shortcuts. There may be more exciting strategies later on, but for now playing it safe is your most reliable route to success.
Aquarius     You could sidestep unnecessary trouble today by remembering that you canít possibly have all the answers to every question. Although this warning might sound unnecessary, a momentary glimpse of awareness can be dangerous if it tricks you into believing that you understand more than you really do. Nevertheless, your mind is able to grasp complex mental relationships if you give it the chance. Instead of impulsively acting on your assumptions, reconsider all the facts from the ever-changing perspective of now.
Pisces     Magic follows you around today, yet this intangible buzz can grow annoying if you try to establish direct correlations between your actions and your goals. Unfortunately, relying on your common sense lures you down a path of elusive expectations that may create disappointment rather than satisfaction. However, nearly anything is possible now once you accept that reality is not playing by the causal rules of the material world. If you can conjure up an image in your dream, you stand an excellent chance of turning it into something tangible.
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