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Sunday, November 29
Our freedom of movement is limited by our beliefs today as the Sun hooks up with constrictive Saturn. This annual conjunction falls in inspirational Sagittarius, empowering us to work harder to manifest our dreams. However, the willful Sun also squares diffusive Neptune, tempting us to escape into our fantasies to avoid the real issues. Meanwhile, the emotional Cancer Moon adds to our sensitivity until she flies into lively Leo at 7:47 pm EST.
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Aries     Your promise means business today, for once you make a decision you won't be able to easily change your mind. Unfortunately, your judgment might be off if you assume you can talk your way out of a commitment. Whether you are considering making a move, changing jobs or switching schools, it's crucial to take your time and think through all your options before choosing what to do next. Patience is a virtue, especially when there is so much at stake.
Taurus     You may need to manage some money matters today, and it could be a hassle dealing with all the details. The Sun-Saturn conjunction falls in your 8th House of Shared Resources, requiring you to have a heart-to-heart talk with a family member or business partner. Or, perhaps, tax or insurance issues need to be ironed out. Whatever serious concerns come to light, don't procrastinate. Take care of business now or it could become even more complicated in the future. A stitch in time saves nine.
Gemini     If you try to avoid taking full responsibility for your actions today, someone else might do it for you. But if others point out your shortcomings now, your reaction may be to blame them for complicating your life. Even if people just want to help, it could be difficult to respond positively to their constructive criticism. Nevertheless, you might have to modify your behavior even if it turns your life upside down. Donít expect to see changes until youíre willing to make them yourself.
Cancer     The plot of your personal story thickens as your previous commitments take precedence over fun and games. There are many aspects of your life that are dependent on others and you often take the lead from the cues of those around you. You may be eager to kick back and relax today, but someone else might have an entirely different plan in mind for you. Resistance is futile now; itís best to meet your obligations with a positive attitude and a smile.
Leo     Although there are chores that must be completed today, you wonít need to forego all pursuits of pleasure. In fact, establishing a predetermined amount of time for structured recreation can be exactly what you need to be more productive in the long run. Don't just impulsively bolt from your work whenever you feel like it; instead, take advantage of Saturnís persistence by creating a schedule and sticking to it. Demonstrate your willingness to play by the rules by showing up and doing your job whether you feel like it or not.
Virgo     You might be required to make a significant choice today that will impact your personal life or your future plans for the family. Perhaps you need to participate in serious discussions about the care of an elderly relative or the schooling of a youngster. Maybe someone is overstepping your boundaries in a way that threatens your sense of independence. Whatever the specifics are now, allow enough time to resolve your domestic dilemma so you can have more freedom to roam later on.
Libra     Although many people celebrate this as a day of rest, your schedule wonít likely allow you much room to to recharge your batteries. Todayís Sun-Saturn conjunction adds weight to your 3rd House of Learning, making this an ideal time to begin a new course of study. But your current interest in education is not meant to be a frivolous exercise to distract yourself from whatís important. Choose a subject that is practical enough to improve your everyday life in a positive and lasting manner.
Scorpio     You may be overly self-critical today as you compare your achievements with your failures. The Sun illuminates your shortcomings when it joins judgmental Saturn in your 2nd House of Self-Esteem. Concentrate your energy on completing tasks that will make you feel good about your accomplishments. Regrets are wasted energy; if your thoughts begin to turn to what you did wrong in the past, quickly shift your focus to what you can do right in the present moment. Energy flows where attention goes.
Sagittarius     Sometimes your innate ability to project generalized concepts so far into the future complicates your decision-making about a specific event in the here and now. However, youíre successfully able to narrow your field of vision today so you can focus your intentions on whatever you consider most important. Donít worry about losing sight of the big picture. You will be given an opportunity later on to balance your ambitious drive with your need to be fair. The present moment is where the real action is at.
Capricorn     Vacillating between accurate analysis and fuzzy thinking can be a bit exhausting today, especially if you can't tell which is which. However, if you do get confused, don't be afraid to ask for help. Usually, you are the one assisting others with your pragmatic perspective, but now it's your turn to lean on someone else for a change. Thankfully, your trust wonít likely be misplaced if you pick your allies wisely.
Aquarius     Your social calendar may be a source of concern now, especially if you have overcommitted your time. The Sun-Saturn conjunction crystallizes the energy in your 11th House of Long-Term Goals, enabling you to be more realistic than ever while making plans for your future. But remember that Saturn can also bend your thoughts in a pessimistic direction. Thereís no need to sing the blues today because the clouds should begin to lift by tomorrow.
Pisces     You donít have to accept the negativity if someone rains on your parade today. Thereís no reason to just assume that you have done something wrong. Instead, look directly at the resistance you now face as a lesson from the universe. Even if your original attempt was not met with much enthusiasm, don't give up on your goals. Instead, work even harder to prove that youíre willing to sacrifice immediate gratification for the possibility of an enduring success.
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