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Wednesday, September 2
Practical considerations demand our attention today but they may not be enough to keep us fully anchored to the humdrum of our daily lives. The Moon slips into sensible Taurus at 5:01 am EDT, advising us to simplify our day and to be purposeful in our actions. The Moonís trines to lucky Jupiter and the willful Sun add much-needed resolve. However, we are restless as an anxious Jupiter-Uranus alignment stirs deeper longings for excitement.
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Gemini Virgo Sagittarius Pisces
Aries     Never has crossing things off your to-do list felt so satisfying as it does today while the Moon is generously supporting Jupiter in your 6th House of Logistics. However, your mind is on the future and the anticipation is driving you crazy. Thereís no question about your intentions; you are on a mission. Although your work ethic is admirable now, leave some room in your busy schedule for a pleasant surprise. An unplanned detour might reveal a new road thatís a reliable shortcut to your success.
Taurus     Youíre happy to be in your element now that the evocative Moon is back home in your earthy sign. Nevertheless, you may be tempted to slow down and indulge your senses instead of trying to make the most of the current cosmic energy. Planning your day before jumping in and getting started improves your chances of finding happiness today. Focusing on your long-term goals motivates you to get off the couch and do something truly amazing. You only live once.
Gemini     Itís a surprising relief when you realize you donít have to be the life of the party today, and the notion of a little peace and quiet is just what the doctor ordered. Use your time wisely by integrating recent experiences through practicing meditation, putting your thoughts down in a journal or just taking a much-needed nap. Donít rush the process; you will instinctively know when youíre ready to jump back into the fray. Even the most social of butterflies need to rest their tired wings now and then.
Cancer     You might feel like a baby bird thatís being poked and prodded in order to push you out of the nest. You begrudgingly go to the edge of your comfort zone but hesitate to take flight. It seems as if thereís no safe middle ground today and you're not sure which direction to head. You may want to run and hide now if others try to coerce you with emotional triggers. Nevertheless, remaining as open-minded as possible works to your advantage. Summon your courage; spread your wings and fly.
Leo     Demonstrating your leadership skills comes naturally but your irrepressible confidence can stir up the pot if youíre not careful today. The best leaders run alongside the pack rather than barking commands from behind. But racing too far out in front of others inhibits your ability to be in charge while also robbing you of the camaraderie generated in the collaborative process. Someone else might have a brilliant idea that can be incorporated into your strategy if you donít let your pride stand in the way. Adopting an inclusive approach is a win-win for all parties involved.
Virgo     You can see the positive results of your recent kindness to others today as your life slowly starts to return to normal. But a return to simpler times is not in the picture while expansive Jupiter is busy planting seeds in your sign. A renewed sense of clarity instills your soul with a feeling of purpose and amplifies your self-esteem. Opportunities for growth are already floating around in the atmosphere, encouraging you to explore unconventional ideas. However, you must take the initiative while the universe is blessing your endeavors; you reap only what you sow.
Libra     You may feel like hiding your head under the covers, but thatís not the best use of todayís introspective cosmic energy. Allow plenty of time for contemplation in your busy schedule, but donít let things get out of your control. However, productivity is less important now than your spiritual growth. Keep in mind that your philosophical frame of mind has more value in the long run than you realize. Although the planets are prompting you to hastily retreat into your imagination, donít forget to inform your loved ones of your plans for the day. Respect begets respect.
Scorpio     The practical support you receive today truly touches your heart. You breathe a welcome sigh of relief when you finally recognize you can tear down some of your protective walls because youíre in the company of true friends. Itís almost like slipping into a favorite pair of shoes as people provide for you in business or pleasure. This cosmic moment is a remedial lesson in accepting the generosity of others. Applying what you learn with grace and gratitude is the only sensible response.
Sagittarius     Itís all too easy to play the role of the Exagittarian today, but thereís really no need to push anything over the edge. You know that everyone has perceptual differences but your moderation is someone elseís extreme. Tone down your enthusiasm just a notch if you want your audience to be impressed with what youíre bringing to the table. A little less rhetoric and a bit more sincerity is your ticket to success. The fact of the matter is youíre on a roll now, and if your intentions are honorable you canít miss.
Capricorn     Just like King Midas everything you touch seems to turn to gold today. However, anything thatís too good to be true probably has a catch hidden somewhere. The current planetary emphasis is in your 9th House of Big Ideas, encouraging you to live life large now. But donít think for a moment that youíre idly lost in trivial daydreams. Your current reverie isnít just a creative lark; youíre embarking on a deeper exploration to discover the key to manifesting your dreams.
Aquarius     You feel a sense of duty to consider the perspectives of your coworkers and friends while envisioning all that you want to do now. You have an unquenchable desire for independence, but emotional attachments seem to crimp your style. Itís almost like others are purposefully keeping you from your destiny. Nevertheless, you canít bypass the intensity of your feelings when dealing with peopleís agendas. Normally, you tend to avoid drama at all costs; however, today you might have to engage in a spirited dialogue to obtain the beloved freedom you seek.
Pisces     Relationship problems almost seem to solve themselves today as the easygoing Taurus Moon aligns with the Sun and Jupiter in your 7th House of Others. Although thereís no need on your part to initiate action, you still must show up and stick around when the going gets real -- even if youíre tempted to bolt. Lucky for you, the Cosmic Accountant is keeping close track of your karmic credit. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
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