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Sunday, November 23
It feels like the cosmic landscape is shifting and the sky is clearing. The philosophical Sagittarius Sun, Moon and Venus open our minds and lift our hopes as we seek to understand the meaning of existence. The Moonís harmonious trines to futuristic Uranus and optimistic Jupiter prompt us to look ahead with anticipation while possibly ignoring sensible limits. It might seem as if we can accomplish anything imaginable -- and, maybe we can.
Aries Cancer Libra Capricorn
Taurus Leo Scorpio Aquarius
Gemini Virgo Sagittarius Pisces
Aries     You may be so caught up in your personal vision of the future that you lose focus on what youíre doing in the present moment. Making a far-reaching decision could create problems if you donít stop to think about the impact of your current actions. Fortunately, you have an excellent chance to advance toward your destination if you remember your original intent. Your dreams are highly motivational as long as you take concrete steps today.
Taurus     You might be overly confident that everyone will support your agenda today, even if you donít have all your ducks in a row yet. However, people arenít willing to jump on your bandwagon unless they have sufficient facts to justify your plans. Although you may make an emotional appeal, you could come across more aggressive now than you intend. Soften your approach since you appear overly desperate if you push too hard. Letting others reach their conclusions in their own time ultimately works better for all involved.
Gemini     Misinterpreting another personís actions is possible today since youíre prone to making snap judgments. You react so quickly now that logic doesnít even have a chance to influence your behavior. You might believe that people are angry when they are only expressing their true convictions. But open conflict wonít lead to a satisfactory solution, so donít confuse someoneís disagreement with a personal attack. Simply clarify your differences and seek common ground to create a foundation of trust.
Cancer     Although you havenít lost your eye for detail, itís easier to see the potential in a situation now than whatís wrong. Itís not in your nature to criticize anyone; you would rather help those you love accomplish something meaningful. Your approval influences the changing circumstances by motivating others to reach for the stars. It doesnít require a lot of effort to find something nice to say -- and your support goes a long way toward boosting someoneís self-confidence. Ultimately, you benefit from the power of positive thought just as much as anyone else.
Leo     Expressing your passion for a cause is one thing, but instigating a fight to prove yourself right is totally different. Although you might inadvertently turn a bit of intelligent caution into a battle of egos, this unwise strategy doesnít give you the platform to demonstrate your wisdom. You could accidentally send the wrong message, making others think that you are being petty by focusing on divisive tactics. Winning a competition doesnít always lead to success; remember, youíre all on the same team.
Virgo     Balancing your innate need to have all the details in place with your current desire to dream big makes it challenging to find peace of mind. Youíre more intrigued to explore your creativity now without worrying whether or not your ideas will actually work. Nevertheless, you canít just toss the facts out the window. Taking enough time to acknowledge the truth before surrendering to your imagination makes you more effective in the long run. Adding a dash of pragmatism gives your fantasies a fighting chance to come true.
Libra     One of your strengths is how you help colleagues feel at ease by supporting their efforts, but you might take your accommodating manner too far today without even realizing it. Unfortunately, focusing all of your attention on everyone elseís needs now could impede chasing your creative pursuits. Believe it or not, giving others more freedom to succeed or fail on their own is the ultimate empowerment. Stepping back just a little frees you to make a surprisingly significant breakthrough of your own.
Scorpio     You might attempt to avoid an uncomfortable feeling thatís growing stronger by the day, but the only way to resolve the tension is to simply stop struggling and face it. Instead of involving others in your unfolding emotional melodrama, make an effort to find a spiritual solution to your dilemma first. Losing your temper wonít bring anyone closer to happiness. Working toward your long-term goals reconnects you with what matters most to your heart.
Sagittarius     Rolling with a few surprises today is a piece of cake. Luckily, your cheerful resilience enables you to deal with one noisy distraction after another. Although the Moon is in your sign, her collaboration with intellectual Uranus empowers you to display your brilliance while intuitively responding to an emotional drama. Just remember, you donít always have to be rational. Itís sweeter to escape into your dreams for a while if you know youíll be pulled back into reality by tomorrow.
Capricorn     You donít want to reveal your new plan yet and your somber attitude might be an effective cover for your current optimism. Thankfully, you can rely on your natural organizational skills to throw everyone off track. They are focused on your external efforts while you are free to buzz away in your imagination. Keep up outer appearances while you embark on your spiritual journey. Your inner work is rejuvenating for your soul and will fuel your ambitions for days to come.
Aquarius     You could be living in a dream world today, where you believe that everything is perfectly harmonious between you and your network of friends and family. However, you might be in a state of denial now as you ignore a rift that has recently grown between you and others. Instead of sticking your head in the sand, let your feelings flow to the surface. Remaining free of judgment permits any ill will to dissipate naturally. Staying in touch with your heart inspires everyone else to do the same.
Pisces     Your friends may seek out your wise counsel today because your view of the future rises above differences of opinion and petty interpersonal politics. Maybe itís because you are just being too vague to commit to one position or another. However, itís more likely that your perspective has grown into a cosmic one, and you have chosen the moral high road. Donít be coerced into taking sides now. In the midst of emotional drama, play out your role of mediator with integrity and grace. Demonstrating your compassion saves the day.
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