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Thursday, October 2
Itís wise to think twice before sharing our feelings as the Moon visits emotionally conservative Capricorn. However, we may grow agitated enough to express ourselves anyhow when the Moon squares radical Uranus early this morning. Later, the Moon's annoying alignment with joyful Jupiter encourages optimism, but itís not healthy to take our newfound confidence too far. Ultimately, a lunar connection to calculating Saturn supports logic over emotion.
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Aries     Involving others in your process is a smart idea today, even if they aren't fully supportive of your plans. However, thereís no reason to express each and every idea you have out loud. Instead of furthering your agenda, you might be dragged into defending it. Reevaluate your goals and then diligently push toward your destination rather than worrying about what you could have done earlier in the day. Itís more effective to live in the present than to dwell on the past.
Taurus     Itís not easy for anyone to change your mind once you've chosen your path. Unfortunately, the most logical appeal won't work any better than an emotional one today. However, keeping an open mind might be enough to attract an ally that eventually alters your perspective in a positive way. You could have a fantastic plan already in place, but there may be someone who knows more than you. Listening carefully to others is your smartest strategy now because thereís always room for improvement.
Gemini     You may be absolutely certain that you need to strike out on your own today, but it won't hurt to try to meet other people's expectations, anyhow. Don't waste your energy resisting someone else's agenda, even if your natural inclination is to stay uncommitted. Thankfully, doing whatís best is easy now because your judgment is grounded by your common sense. Being practical is currently more important than remaining independent.
Cancer     Taking other peopleís needs into consideration is critical today even if their feelings make you uncomfortable. Your fear of being vulnerable tempts you to build unnecessary walls while the Moon is sensitizing your 7th House of Partners and highlighting relationship dynamics. Even if you donít fully understand someone elseís point of view, compromise is a better choice than just going off on your own now. Opening your heart isnít always easy, but itís the best path for personal growth.
Leo     You might not be able to contain your growing desire to have fun but you can postpone your escape for a while, if necessary. Nevertheless, you know exactly what you need to do at work today, even if your heart is elsewhere. Instead of letting your frustration get in the way of your commitments, use your fantasies as a carrot on a stick to motivate you to fulfill your obligations as quickly as possible. Changing your attitude enables you to enjoy the journey as much as the destination.
Virgo     Surprisingly, youíre not worried about how efficient your methods are at work today. Instead, you are preoccupied with pursuing whatever makes you happy. Although narrowing your focus to finish your work is your normal modus operandi, you are more effective now if you're also having fun. Ironically, being too serious can actually be counterproductive. Follow your heart and you might learn something wonderful.
Libra     Domestic responsibilities could be so demanding today that you donít have time to attend to your own personal needs. Part of your dilemma is that someone's expectations may be at odds with your original plans for the day. Nevertheless, you canít avoid the reality of your commitments now, even if it means you must temporarily juggle more than you prefer. Demonstrating your willingness to go the extra mile is enough to improve the dynamics and change the tone of the day.
Scorpio     Your hectic schedule might not leave room for idle daydreaming today. You're likely to be drawn into an intense emotional drama, even if you wish that you could have more unstructured time for spiritual pursuits. Being in the company of others may not be your first choice now, but you can truly benefit by engaging in a constructive dialogue with a close friend or trusted associate. Ironically, taking the time to process your feelings widens your horizons and opens your heart.
Sagittarius     You may have to stand up to a powerful adversary today because your plan is contrary to the consensus of the group. Unfortunately, your friends or coworkers might be too quick to choose the easy way out of a difficult situation. However, they don't understand your resistance now as you adhere to your core values over convenience. Although your unwavering idealism is admirable, you can take things one step too far. Don't be so obstinate that you cannot see the common ground youíre already standing on.
Capricorn     You might become so obsessive about accomplishing your objectives today that you could lose track of your legendary pragmatism. The emotional Moon's return to calculating Capricorn can prompt you to turn an easy task into a big project before you know it. Don't create extra work for yourself by committing to an unrealistic strategy; instead, avoid making a bad decision by maintaining your practical approach to success no matter what.
Aquarius     Your daydreams may seem as if they came right out of a science fiction movie today and appear to have no basis in reality. However, it's likely that your fantasies reveal something special about your future because theyíre inspired by your everyday experiences. Instead of trying to control your thoughts, patiently allow them to wander. Finding undiscovered treasures within your subconscious mind is possible when you let your imagination run wild.
Pisces     You could be feeling so confident that you staunchly defend your plans today. You may believe you have to harden your position if other people are overly aggressive in their criticism. The thought of facing an uncertain future is scary now, but it's still better than sticking to a story that's wrong. If you realize that you've jumped to an incorrect conclusion, acknowledge your error right away. Don't avoid the facts just because you fear the truth may be inconvenient. Honesty is your best policy, especially with yourself.
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