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Monday, September 26
The good vibes continue to ripple through our lives as the cheerful Sun-Jupiter conjunction puts a positive spin on the news. However, this cosmic amplifier might be too much, distorting reality by making everything appear better than it actually is now. The expressive Leo Moon runs into several tough aspects, prompting us to overreact. We may be rudely surprised when we remove our rose-colored glasses and see our situations in their true light.
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Aries     Youíre not ready to head back to work or school today, even if you must be responsible and show up. In fact, your focus will likely be on more frivolous activities as the jovial Sun-Jupiter conjunction stresses the playful Leo Moon in your 5th House of Fun and Games. Luckily, you can probably get away with an occasional flight of fancy now, as long as you keep up appearances. But donít push the boundaries too far or you will attract unwanted attention. Sometimes itís wise to fly under the radar when you want to stretch your wings.
Taurus     It takes serious self-discipline to develop new skills today, especially if it feels like a requirement rather than your own choice. Sometimes, consciously choosing growth as an option is your smartest path to success. Nevertheless, you might prefer the course of least resistance, putting changes off for another time. Ironically, being in over your head brings good fortune now by forcing you to step up to the plate. Once you gain enough momentum to move beyond the status quo, youíll be glad you made the effort.
Gemini     Thereís plenty of pressure to perform today and you might feel as if youíre faking it even if you put on a good show. Thankfully, even the trickiest problems can be untangled because you are blessed with luck now when you act like a leader. Adopting a positive attitude is crucial as you eliminate outmoded aspects of your life in preparation for whatís ahead. Concentrate on the potential of the future instead of mourning a loss of the past.
Cancer     You may be ready to take a risk today, but a good idea doesnít necessarily mean itís a practical one. Make sure your feet are solidly on the ground before you reach for the stars. Although you might be required to jump through some complicated emotional hoops now, your heroic efforts will be rewarded with the security you ultimately seek. Satisfaction is extra sweet when you accomplish what others say you cannot.
Leo     You are prone to exaggeration today, which fans the fires of disagreement even if there is no substantial reason for conflict. The childlike Leo Moon creates anxious aspects with the bombastic Sun-Jupiter conjunction, prompting you to express your opinions as if they were facts. Unrelenting attitudes can be great for moving mountains, but delicate egos are easily bruised by the barrage of words. Look within to understand, rather than trying to prove your beliefs to anyone else. Respect is a two-way street.
Virgo     You continue to surf a wave of self-confidence, although you still choose to keep your feelings to yourself today. It seems as if there are no limits to what you can accomplish, leading you to bite off more than you can chew. Ultimately, you might be overwhelmed by all that you promised, making it difficult to know where to start. You have no shortage of good ideas but could fall short of your lofty expectations. Donít let frustration get the best of you; using your clever time management skills helps you cross as many things off your list as possible.
Libra     You might see yourself as the leader of the pack today, but group dynamics are unpredictable when the Moon in your 11th House of Crowds forms an anxious aspect with the propitious Sun-Jupiter conjunction. You have a renewed sense of purpose, but that alone isnít enough to inspire others to follow your call. Thankfully, you may finally receive some well-deserved recognition now, motivating you to play a more expansive role in changing the world around you. The secret of getting ahead is getting started.
Scorpio     Your dreams seem so close today that you can almost reach out and touch them. The proud Leo Moon is at odds with the bountiful Sun-Jupiter conjunction that activates your 12th House of Fantasy, offering you a direct connection with the supernatural realms. Instead of chasing material goals by acquiring possessions, you will find greater rewards in spiritual pursuits. Fortunately, you can attain almost anything if youíre willing to make the effort. Albert Einstein wrote, ďThe true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.Ē
Sagittarius     You donít need to have a plan in mind today in order to reach your goals. People appear to understand your ideas without much effort on your part. Luckily, they continue to show up with exactly what you require to achieve satisfaction. However, itís tough to maintain a healthy perspective if you get carried away by your own big ideas. Even if everything seems great, blind faith can also land you in hot water with your support network. You may be on a roll now but you still must practice humility in order to succeed.
Capricorn     Be careful of any lingering insecurities that lead you to promise more than you can deliver. Itís wiser to express yourself frankly when it comes to complex relationship dynamics now that the stressed Leo Moon is hiding out in your 8th House of Intimacy. Remember, others are responsible for their reactions to your disclosure, so be kind but honest. The more you expect harmony at this time, the harder it is to accept dissension from those who know you best. Nevertheless, respect your right to your own emotions, whatever they are, rather than trying to justify your intentions to anyone else.
Aquarius     You may feel like a caged bird today if your routine seems too boring. However, this is no time to fly off into the sunset without a well-defined map. Your desire to expand beyond the bounds of your current relationships could just be a yearning for greater meaning, so you donít be quick to step out and turn your world upside down. Instead, commit to broadening your perspective with a new course of learning that opens career paths or travel that stretches your mind. Exploring your options is a delightful adventure in itself.
Pisces     Demonstrating your concern for someone at work could earn you a new level of admiration. However, whatever you offer today may still be construed as not enough. Thankfully, you can be the most generous person in the world as long as you receive pleasure from giving; unfortunately, your magnanimous behavior will be for naught unless it comes directly from your heart. Expressing your feelings with no expectations really means you expect nothing in return except for your message to be heard.
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