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Monday, October 20
We are riding a wave of creative cosmic energy as the mythical lovers, Venus and Mars, travel in harmony. Our frayed nerves are soothed by the cooperative Venus-Mars sextile as it smoothes out the bumps on the road of relationships. Itís easier to express our playfulness if we allow the discriminating Virgo Moon to eliminate extraneous distractions. Luckily, an optimistic Mercury-Jupiter aspect enables us to walk on the sunny side of the street.
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Aries     You may be drifting on the winds of fate, yet this can still be quite a memorable day if you relinquish control willingly. There might not be any reason to pretend youíre in charge if you're not -- and there are no advantages to working extra hard now just to prove a point. Events donít necessarily unfold as expected; graciously accepting whatever happens next makes your journey more enjoyable from the start. Exercising your sense of humor allows you to see life from a more lighthearted perspective.
Taurus     You might believe youíre at a creative standstill today, unable to take a current project to the next level. But thereís no need to let frustration sour your day; just find something else to occupy your time for a while. Once you're focusing on a completely different activity, your inspiration could return stronger than ever. Push yourself so you can get the most out of this unexpected burst of energy. Donít underestimate the power of your determination and the depth of your imagination.
Gemini     Your collaborative skills may be tested today because your patience is running on a rather short fuse. However, losing your temper isnít constructive if you really want to improve the dynamics. Remember, it's wise to keep your emotions in check as long as youíre willing to express your feelings later in the day after the urgency passes. Achieving positive results is more likely now if you donít blow things out of proportion. Timing is everything.
Cancer     If you are hiding your feelings behind a wall of safety today, it may be time to consider what you would do if the emotional dam breaks. Although your anticipation is exhilarating if you can go with the flow, it could also be scary if your resistance is strong. Keep in mind that your rational justifications for maintaining the status quo wonít necessarily prevent change, so you might as well stop fighting the inevitable and embrace the unknown.
Leo     Burying your head in the sand like an ostrich when it comes to a current financial crunch is a bad idea right from the start. Although you may be facing a tight cash flow now, you can gain a temporary advantage over a situation that has plagued you for a while if youíre willing to simply acknowledge the problem. Work hard to stabilize your current position, but don't expect miracles overnight. Yard by yard, itís hard; inch by inch, itís a cinch.
Virgo     Since you typically have high expectations for yourself, you can be hard on those around you, too. However, it may be time to practice forgiveness now if you recently judged someoneís behavior harshly. Understandably, it's difficult to be nice if youíre still harboring resentment. Admitting your own shortcomings increases your vulnerability and prompts you to be more compassionate when communicating your concerns to everyone else. Softening your delivery clears the path to experience grace and grow closer to others.
Libra     Take care of as much unfinished business as possible today while the Moon is moving through hardworking Virgo. But this lunar transit of your 12th House of Secrets tempts you to slip under the radar and hide your true motives. Your extra effort may not have the immediate impact you desire, but if you slack off now, you might not see any results at all. Donít give up when youíre so close to achieving your goals; it's better to have a delayed payoff than none at all.
Scorpio     If you find yourself pulling your hair out while trying to work with others on a project today, donít just ignore the problem by retreating into your shell. Instead of withdrawing completely, it may be sufficient to just step back and give yourself some breathing room. It's not that you are necessarily a loner; it's just that everyone elseís goals may not interest you all that much. Don't be afraid to set boundaries and let others know what you need. Opening the channels of communication is the first step to finding common ground.
Sagittarius     Your current desire to keep everything on track enables you to be quite productive today. You expect others to do their part and you donít want any surprises to distract you from your work now. Your can increase your efficiency by making a list of the tasks you want to accomplish, but don't waste time worrying about what you canít finish. Instead, give yourself credit for whatever you do manage to complete. Shifting your frame of reference helps you see your contributions in a better light.
Capricorn     You can immediately see several reasons why someone's big plan wonít work today, but donít let your pragmatism prevent you from jumping on the bandwagon and doing your share. Being practical is only one side of the equation; being pessimistic is something else. Just because you know how much effort is required to fulfill a promise, don't turn your common sense into unnecessary negativity. Recognizing the real deal increases your sense of authority but remember, the power of positive thought can move mountains.
Aquarius     Although asserting your individuality comes naturally to your unconventional sign, you might need to take extra steps today to protect your right to march to a different drummer. If someone moves in too close for comfort, you may need to reestablish healthy boundaries to maintain your sense of autonomy. But don't confuse your desire for independence with a fear of intimacy. If you want to live a life of no regrets, itís still wise to say yes to love if it knocks on your door.
Pisces     Your friends or coworkers may be on your case today, pushing you up against your limits. Your first inclination might be to try your hand at a diplomatic strategy to avoid making waves. However, it could be the wrong time to give up your power by pleasing everyone at the cost of your own happiness. Be honest and share your feelings, even if the consequences of your words are temporarily challenging. Ultimately, you will discover your true allies by seeing who respects your needs.
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