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Saturday, February 6
We might attempt to stay on the straight and narrow path, but rules arenít strong enough to constrain our attractions today. The calculating Capricorn Moon prompts us to consider how much weíre willing to risk in order to get what we want. But our emotions are on edge as irrepressible Uranus rattles the Sun and Venus, tempting us to ignore old limitations. Additionally, a happy-go-lucky Mercury-Jupiter trine encourages us to satisfy our desires.
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Aries     The anticipation of attempting a daring feat today wires your nervous system, even if others think youíre the epitome of stability. You may feel the urge to be wild and crazy since your impulsive reactions are so compelling now. Nevertheless, you canít act on every whim without ruffling a few feathers. Maintaining a sense of decorum compensates for your current unconventionality. Exhibiting an outer posture of reliability enables you to continue chasing your dreams in the privacy of your imagination.
Taurus     You start the day with rather simple goals in mind but complications develop as you capriciously follow an irrepressible craving, oblivious to what others think. You donít want satisfaction to be delayed now while unpredictable Uranus excites delicious Venus. But be careful not to destabilize anything that has enduring importance on your rush toward temporary gratification. Momentary distractions can be thrilling today, but keeping them in proper perspective prevents your pleasure quest from interfering with your long-term happiness.
Gemini     It appears as if everyone wants to have fun today and you certainly don't want to be left out of the action. You might think you can get away with a clever scheme in your search for the next thrill, but you could be surprised how quickly your mistakes catch up with you now. Attend to your unavoidable responsibilities first thing so you will be free to explore your options for entertainment later on. Acting like an adult suits you best.
Cancer     Your commitments may seem overwhelming today, but you can still find a graceful way to avoid too much drudgery. Your evasive behavior isnít necessarily an act of irresponsibility now, especially if you're setting your own personal boundaries. Fortunately, you arenít required to take on other people's worries just because they expect you to do so. Ironically, saying no to someone else might be the healthiest expression of self-love.
Leo     You can't help but grow more frustrated while thinking about how much fun you could have now if you ditched your current obligations and declared yourself free from responsibility. However, nearly anything you do today has immediate repercussions. It's in your best interest to think about the consequences of your actions before having to deal with a crisis of your own creation. Happily, there is no reason you can't enjoy yourself if you play within the rules.
Virgo     This might just be your lucky day if serious issues in your love life need to be dragged out into the open. No matter how you may feel in the moment, express your desires in a rational way that demonstrates your compassionate spirit rather than a selfish attitude. Sparks could fly today, but everything should work out fine as long as you speak from the heart and maintain your integrity. Happy relationships require honesty, kindness and respect.
Libra     Your unconventional desires can land you in unexpected trouble now, but a bit of self-awareness helps you slide through the day without too much drama. However, sidestepping an emotional scene proves tricky because unforeseen circumstances might sneak up on you. Your attractions may fluctuate wildly before you fully understand what's going on while your key planet Venus squares rebellious Uranus. Itís healthy to experience extreme feelings today, as long as you avoid acting on any one of them as if it is the ultimate truth.
Scorpio     Maintaining your concentration on chores is challenging today because enticing social circumstances are very distracting to your train of thought. You are tempted to drop everything in the pursuit of pleasure, but previous commitments stop you from cutting loose as much as you wish. Thereís no need to stress about the fun you might be missing now, since there will be chances for more frivolity soon enough. Instead, whistle while you work while secretly planning your sweet escape.
Sagittarius     You seem to have both of your feet planted firmly on the ground today, but your wild imagination may be soaring with the eagles. Paradoxically, concentrating on the present moment empowers you to let go and follow a stream of consciousness while still maintaining a solid connection with reality. Even if your work is a bit sloppy now, strive to be as original as possible. Creativity is the key ingredient to your success.
Capricorn     You canít resist your heart's desire today while urgent Uranus squares captivating Venus in your sign. Although logical analysis leads you to the right answers, it isnít sufficient to keep you on track now. Taking the high road by transforming your physical needs into compassionate action is certainly admirable. Self-restraint and an altruistic attitude can guide you along a spiritual path, but keep in mind that you are human. Honoring your current eccentricity is also an important part of your journey toward emotional satisfaction.
Aquarius     You might be a true believer of synchronicity today, convinced that pursuing a sudden attraction will bring you lasting happiness. Romantic Venus squares radical Uranus, encouraging you to risk more on your quest for emotional fulfillment and physical satisfaction than logic suggests is wise. Nevertheless, reckless behavior only leads to temporal pleasure. Sacrificing a little excitement now promises the security of long-term stability.
Pisces     Your mind is totally free to go anywhere while your imagination continues to play out one possible scenario after another. But itís not socially acceptable to express every thought today. Nevertheless, it is up to you to find the courage to bring your vision into full sight. Fortunately, you don't have to tell anyone about your fantasies now, nor do you need to immediately act them out. Simply revel in the fact that you are the writer, the director and the star of your own movie. Dream, baby, dream.
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