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Sunday, August 2
Weíre tempted to disappear into our dreams without explaining our absence to anyone. The intuitive Pisces Moon merges with surreal Neptune, inviting us to soar on flights of fancy. Love is in the air as Venus retrogrades back toward joyous Jupiter. Nevertheless, weíre busy spinning tapestries of radical thoughts while perceptive Mercury trines wild Uranus. Self-restraint is unnecessary; unfettered imagination leads to creative magic.
Aries Cancer Libra Capricorn
Taurus Leo Scorpio Aquarius
Gemini Virgo Sagittarius Pisces
Aries     Let your freak flag fly and flirt like thereís no tomorrow as mischievous Mercury trines uninhibited Uranus in your sign. Although social obligations and professional responsibilities continue to demand a significant portion of your attention, you have a sweet opportunity to reconnect with the innocence of romance today. A dream may be a wish your heart makes, but if you donít take a leap of faith and act on a fantasy, it wonít stand a chance of coming true.
Taurus     Dreams of the distant future pull you out of your comfortable past. As intrigued as you might be about all the possibilities that stretch out before you, itís less threatening to think about them than to take concrete action. Itís as if you want to shine your light while remaining safely under the covers. Fortunately, you can count on your friends and family to listen to your hopes and concerns. Visit the outer limits in your imagination but remember that home is where your heart is.
Gemini     You have a spiritual message to share with others today, but it may be challenging to find the right social context in which you can feel safe enough to let down your guard. There are plenty of thoughts running through your head now, including unorthodox political ideas and radical opinions about love. Hang out with a trusted friend who will walk on the wild side with you for a while. All topics are fair game; thereís no need to withhold your personal expression as you explore new territory. Go forth and conquer.
Cancer     You canít be faulted now for making a dramatic gesture that lets everyone know exactly where you stand on an important issue. Reality is giving you the green light to move forward and share things you may normally keep to yourself. As long as youíre not trying to enlist anyone to join your cause, itís healthy to state your beliefs clearly, regardless of what others may think. Although your closest friends might not agree with everything you say, they will likely stand by your current decisions, nonetheless. Step out of the shadows and into the light of day.
Leo     Although the universe is probably encouraging you nearly everywhere you look, too much of a good thing is not as wonderful as it sounds. If nothing else, at least examine your true motives if youíre being generous to a fault when interacting with those you love. Thereís nothing wrong with telling a story so captivating that your audience is mesmerized, but you could take it too far. Less is more; exaggerating isnít necessary to get your message across. Stretching the envelope could seem like a brilliant idea in the moment, but youíll have a hard time finding your way back to the truth if you do.
Virgo     You may be quite distracted by your vivid fantasies now even if they donít seamlessly fit into a conversation in your current social context. Although your imagination is working on overdrive today, you donít have to talk about your metaphysical beliefs to have a memorable experience. Thankfully, you can derive profound meaning from a spiritual awakening without anyone else knowing about it. Pursuing enlightenment is the natural thing to do while the magic follows you around wherever you go.
Libra     Youíre striving for absolute transparency in communication today, but the truth is hard to find. You want to know exactly where your friends stand, yet the more you uncover, the less you know. Itís even more confusing when the ones you love are sending so many mixed messages. You may eventually realize that everyoneís conflicting advice is muddying the water, not clarifying it. You might have to withdraw from the group to reestablish your bearings. You can always ask questions again after you reevaluate your unrealistic expectations and whittle them down to size.
Scorpio     You could surprise everyone today, even yourself, when you decide to buckle down and commit to a project. Although you are optimistic about your ambitious timetable, remember that Saturn the Tester is looming in the background now. No matter how much you plan, things could take longer than you think. Fortunately, your relentless nature works in your favor and will see you through to the other side. Thereís no reason to doubt your capabilities; just remain open to readjusting your schedule as often as reality demands.
Sagittarius     Although you Archers are the zodiacís Champions of Optimism, there are so many opportunities knocking at your door now that even you canít keep up with all of them. Adventures seem to be lurking around every corner; worlds are waiting to be explored beneath every rock. Itís as if youíre standing on top of a mountain and believe you can see forever and a day. Nevertheless, even the best of news comes with a price. If you lose all sense of boundaries, you could also lose your balance. However, maintaining a healthy and humble perspective enables you to go as far as you can imagine.
Capricorn     You may be uncomfortable with someoneís effusive display of unbridled joy today. Itís not that you want to restrain anyoneís natural expression, itís just that youíre uneasy with such intense emotional displays. Nevertheless, you might be surprised by the lessons you learn from this opportunity. Take a page from their book and see what it feels like to relax the rules. Revealing your true colors now wonít necessarily further your personal aspirations, but it certainly could bring a smile to your face that you will remember for a long time to come.
Aquarius     Youíre more than willing to go along for the ride with an unconventional companion today. Ironically, youíre eccentric in your own right, but may be suppressing your non-conformist tendencies because of current constraints. If others rattle your cage now, it awakens that part of your personality you have tried to bury for the sake of acceptance. Nevertheless, youíre okay with your denial because it seems safer to express your weirdness through another person. Enjoy the unexpected buzz while it lasts, since responsibilities will demand your attention soon enough.
Pisces     You could be lost in space today but youíre able to camouflage your confusion by coming through with flying colors. Unfortunately, you can feel the pressure because others are expecting a lot from you. Luckily, your command performances may be so technically perfect that no one even has a clue that more is going on than meets their eyes. While they are mesmerized by the magic of the details of your actions, youíre busy communing with nature, angels and aliens. Your clever trick of making everything seem normal gives you a wider latitude to explore all the other realms to your heart's delight.
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