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Tuesday, January 23
Although our thoughts are growing more intense as mental Mercury moves to join potent Pluto tomorrow, we try not to lose our creative edge. The enterprising Aries Moon forms magical connections with four planets, inspiring us to transform our visions into tangible reality. Nevertheless, itís tempting to jump into the middle of someoneís emotional drama or manifest one of our own when the Moon stresses Mercury, Pluto and irrepressible Uranus.
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Aries     Visions pop into your head today, revealing secrets that donít exist in the real world. On other days, you might see these as whimsical thoughts and move on. However, the urge to materialize creations of your imagination is strong and you could grow obsessed now, thinking about ways to make your dream come true. Unfortunately, you may not know when to let go of an unattainable fantasy. Inspiration can be found in the unlikeliest places so donít spend the entire day wandering around in your mind.
Taurus     Your desire to steer clear of the limelight may be a continuation of a recent strategy to accomplish more on your own. However, yesterdayís good idea can be todayís downfall. Push yourself past your reluctance and interact with your coworkers, even if you think their chatter is a distraction from the real work at hand. Surprisingly, a conversation might open the door to opportunities previously out of reach. Listen and learn.
Gemini     Your enthusiasm is a magnet for people with big ideas. Unfortunately, visionary thinkers may meet resistance from rational associates who respond to their dreams with caution. However, they see you as a potential ally because they expect you to encourage their grandiose thinking. Getting swept up in a creative tsunami can lead to a wonderful experience or it could be destructive if it pulls you away from your current work. Itís healthy to become a supporter of someone with ingenious plans as long as you establish clear boundaries.
Cancer     If a project isnít moving along as quickly as you think it should, it may be time to step in and exert more control. However, your involvement could run up against resistance if you try to limit anyoneís contributions. The current key to your success is your ability to nurture peopleís innate abilities while gently directing them toward a shared goal. You can end up being the hero who saves the day if you simply let each person do what they do best.
Leo     You have a very clear picture of what success looks like today, yet a coworkerís vision may conflict with yours. Complicating matters more, you might share responsibility for a project with someone who disagrees with the path you choose. Donít wait until youíre further down the road, for your differences will only multiply with time and denial. You must get past any surface clash of control in order to confront the true issue. The power struggle is real, but your divergent approaches wonít be resolved until you straighten out your interpersonal dynamics.
Virgo     You could stumble on a better way of doing something at work today, and you may choose to share your creative breakthrough with a friend. All is well until you run into a wall of resistance from someone you thought was your ally. Unfortunately, you can be so sure that your new idea is the best thing ever that it causes you to reevaluate your relationship. You are treading on tricky ground. Take a few steps back so you can see the situation from a different angle. Objectivity is your friend.
Libra     Youíre not sure how best to handle a person who isnít playing according to the agreed-upon rules. Someone may promise one thing and then do something different today. Or perhaps a close friend that you rely on is unexpectedly unavailable now. Itís tempting to over-personalize other peopleís actions and assume their behavior is specifically meant to communicate a message to you. Honestly, sometimes things just happen, and life is less stressful when you accept others whether or not they live up to your expectations.
Scorpio     Events at work may seem a bit crazy today and you have no idea how to get them back on track. What started out as a simple miscommunication could turn into a political drama with no resolution in sight. If you feed the conflict with your emotional intensity, youíll only create more stress. Fortunately, as complicated as things appear, they could settle down as quickly as they began. Ironically, sometimes doing nothing at all is the most efficient way to respond to a crisis.
Sagittarius     Erratic emotions could complicate an otherwise comfortable relationship today. Although negativity appears to suddenly explode out of nowhere, itís probably been festering for a while hidden from sight. However you choose to react, donít try to bury anyoneís feelings before they are fully expressed. It's likely the situation will require some additional work, but simply getting grievances into the open may be enough to calm everyone down. Cultivating a non-judgmental attitude sets a fine example for others to follow.
Capricorn     You might think itís important to be consistent in your communications and to hold onto your truth without bending it for the sake of convenience. Nevertheless, you can take your position of integrity too far today, creating a problem where none previously existed. On the other hand, thereís no justification for choosing the easy way out now by avoiding a conversation that needs to occur. Share your perspective in a way that encourages others to do the same.
Aquarius     You arenít one to pretend that youíre like everyone else. You know youíre different and you prefer to wear your nonconformity as a badge of honor. Nevertheless, you still want to work and play with others, even if you keep one foot outside the circle so youíre always ready to run. However, a current disagreement is not a reason to head for the hills. Your job isn't to convince anyone that your way is better, but to show them there are many different approaches to solving a persistent problem.
Pisces     You can feel powerful rumblings in the dark shadows of your unconscious mind, but you might not be able to shine light on the subject today. Nevertheless, there is still important work to be done, such as creating a psychological environment where your hidden thoughts and feelings can be safely expressed. Attempts to control this process or push it along faster might have the disastrous effect of shutting it down. Some of the most profound changes take time to catalyze events in the real world.
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