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My Personal Philosophy

My personal philosophy embraces the notion of man as a success in the universe.

"I assume that by increasing the feedback of relevant information, we humans have a unique chance to make conscious that which was previously unconscious."

My personal philosophy is built upon the conceptual breakthroughs that modern man has made, as we have moved from the pre-Newtonian physical universe to the post-Einsteinian quantum reality paradigm. This scientific connection is essential to my work. In addition, my understanding of universe has been expanded by the synergetic work of Buckminster Fuller, augmented by the Psychodynamic and Humanistic Psychology movements, and the influx of available information from ancient cosmologies.

My personal philosophy is predicated on the apparent duality of universe and resolution of this duality into the unity of an underlying, non-perceptible implicate order (as expounded by quantum physicist David Bohm).The movement of modern physics into using a holographic model to describe both the physical and metaphysical universe has validated my research.

I assume that by increasing the feedback of relevant information, we humans have a unique chance to make conscious that which was previously unconscious. This feedback process of relevant information has stepped up its pace considerably and now utilizes powerful high frequency electromagnetic technologies to increase both the relevancy of this information and the speed at which the feedback occurs.

Science, Bucky Fuller, and Astrology

Since science clearly shows the universe is vibratory, and furthermore, science has inventoried what vibrational rates each sense organ can perceive, it is now obvious that the universe is a vast ocean of non-simultaneous vibrations, only a tiny portion of which are directly perceived by mans' apprehending senses. With the goal of extending mans' understanding further into previously unknown reaches of the universe, modern science has developed extra-corporal technologies that extend beyond his own biological faculties. Man has developed mechanisms to perceive frequency infra (below) and ultra (above) his perceptual capability. We can now peer further into the fabric of space/time than previously thought possible.

We can see billions of years ago, to the very edge of time. We can see frequency events that have taken 14 billion years to reach our technologically extended senses. We can see subatomic wave forms and particles that defy the very existence of solid anything. But we cannot directly perceive vast portions of universe without employing sensory extensions by means of man-made technology.

Telescopes and microscopes have given way to radio-telescopes and electron-scanning microscopes. Tunable, high frequency electromagnetic receivers resonate to bumps in the fabric of space/time. These multi-plexes of invisible radiation have shape and it is the shape of this all-pervasive radiation that is accurately defined and quantified by Fuller's synergetic mathematics. In the first part of this century, Einstein clearly demonstrated that energy is the transformation of light to mass and mass to light. Fuller went on to describe that basic energy transformation in terms of geometric relationships between particles and waves. His incredible geodesic structures are merely an actualization of the metaphysical equilibrium of energy vectors that he discovered, and the power of structural stability that these energy vector systems contain.

Extending into the Macrocosm...

From the structural integrity of the atom, to the patterned integrity of chemical molecules, to the simple crystalline shapes of minerals and viruses, to the complex chains of organic nucleic acid crystals, Fuller's energetic/synergetic forms describe what we already know. By extending these concepts into the macrocosm, into the planetary order (as done by astrologers), we again can take another step into the realm of making conscious what has previously been unconscious.

This ever-increasing anticipatory design capability has now reached metaphysical realms, for by conscious acceptance of the cosmic, physical patterns that co-operate with our body and mind, we can begin to anticipate the re-occurring patterns and work with them in equilibrium, rather than against them in resistance.

As an astrologer, I work with analytical tools that help people expand their awareness into realms that were previously unconscious.

As an astrologer, it is my role to educate people with respect to how they co-operate with cosmic structure.

As an astrologer, it is my role to bring the unique and ever-changing macrocosmic energy patterns that were imprinted onto a structural molecular level at birth, into a consciously usable tool for each individual.

Overview | Benefits | Personal Philosophy | Note from Rick

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