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Saturn-Neptune and the U.S. Monetary System (100%)
by Robert Gover
Money: Dollar & Yuan (100%)
by Robert Gover
Saturn & Neptune: Money and Oil (100%)
by Robert Gover
War Fever (100%)
by Robert Gover
America's wars have corresponded with outer planet transits to significant points in the United States chart. 10/3/2002
Pluto and the Fed (100%)
by Robert Gover
The history of the Federal Reserve Bank is explored in light of its natal chart and the upcoming transit of Pluto in Capricorn to the Bank's natal Sun. 4/21/2012
Global Corporations & Territorial Imperative (100%)
by Robert Gover
Long-Range Economic Forecast (100%)
by Robert Gover
Long-term U.S. economic cycles follow a clear pattern based on transits to the nation's birth chart. 8/29/2002
Mayan Time and Money (100%)
by Robert Gover
Neptune and Inflation (100%)
by Robert Gover
We haven't seen an increase in gas prices like the current price hike since the rampant inflation period of the 1970s. Are we due for more inflation? 3/29/2000
Volatile Stock Markets and Pluto (100%)
by Robert Gover
On Tuesday, April 4, the NASDAQ dropped an astounding 574 points. What can this record breaking drop teach us about financial astrology? 4/19/2000
Social Security and Murphy's Law (100%)
by Robert Gover
Economists and Astrology, Part 2 (100%)
by Robert Gover
Financial Panics Past and Future (100%)
by Robert Gover
Can stock market crashes be predicted? Experts say no, but astrology can help us make some educated guesses about the next possible financial crisis. 3/8/2000
Economists and Astrology, Part 4 (100%)
by Robert Gover
Neptune, Pluto and Boundaries (100%)
by Robert Gover
Major patterns of historical change appear to correspond with the 493 year cycle of slow moving Neptune and Pluto. 5/24/2000
Vietnam, Iraq, Saturn & Pluto (100%)
by Robert Gover
Economists and Astrology, Part 5 (100%)
by Robert Gover
Zhu Di to G. Bush (100%)
by Robert Gover
Wal-Mart's Dilemma (100%)
by Robert Gover
The Bubble and Gap of the 1990s (100%)
by Robert Gover
An economic depression was forecast for the 1990s, but instead the U.S. had a record bull market. What does astrology have to say about the bubble and gap? 3/1/2000
The 72-Year Cycle (100%)
by Robert Gover
Economists and Astrology, Part 3 (100%)
by Robert Gover
Saturn and Great Depressions Part 2 (100%)
by Robert Gover
Despite economic predictions, there was no depression in the 1990s. Is there an economic crisis around the corner? 2/2/2000
Neptune and the New Fed Chairman (100%)
by Robert Gover
Economists and Astrology, Part 1 (100%)
by Robert Gover
Class War (100%)
by Robert Gover
Saturn-Neptune Avian Flu (100%)
by Robert Gover
Mercury, Pluto and the Vote Count (100%)
by Robert Gover
The Virtuous Circle (100%)
by Robert Gover
America is in a transformative time economically, preceded by the breaking of the "virtuous circle" economy of the 50s and 60s. 8/2/2000
The Real Estate Cycle (100%)
by Robert Gover
Real estate tends to move in an 18-to-20-year cycle. From one top to the next, as from one low to the next, about 9 or 10 years usually elapses. 2/15/2014
Planetary Aspects & Belief (100%)
by Robert Gover
Saturn and Great Depressions Part 1 (100%)
by Robert Gover
Will we have another recession or great depression? Let's look at history astrologically to find out. 1/12/2000
Dollar, Euro and War (100%)
by Robert Gover
Pep Rallies & Scouting Reports (100%)
by Robert Gover
Most investors were happily participating in the pep rally during the roaring bull market of the past 20 years. Few heeded the scouting reports. 8/15/2002
Stock Market Alert (100%)
by Robert Gover
Planetary patterns suggest a possible American stock market crash in February 2003. 12/12/2002

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