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Author's Notes for Two Goats Rockin'

Other Common Chart Factors
In the case of Elvis and Ricky, their Sun and Moon signs don't tell the whole story: two other planets in their charts helped them succeed beyond their dreams. Mars, a fiery and highly assertive energy, motivated them to be single-mindedly ambitious in the career zone, the Tenth House. This Mars factor is also behind the vibrant onstage performances they've given.

Uranus, a planet of uncommon self-expression, is found in the sector of their charts that deals with showing off one's talents, the Fifth House: it's the signature of an electrifying entertainer whose unusual impact wows an audience.

Elvis and Ricky were both also born with the Moon's South Node in Leo. The node symbolizes familiar habits or talents. The creative and dramatic sign of Leo is an accurate reflection of their natural abilities to entertain.

Elvis Presley was born on Jan. 8, 1935, 4:50am, Tupelo, Mississippi (source: Lois Rodden’s Astro-Data II)

Ricky Martin was born on Dec. 24, 1971, 5:00pm, San Juan, Puerto Rico (source: Kristin Sparks’ Ricky Martin: Livin’ The Crazy Life, Berkley Boulevard Books, NY, 1999, Chapter 2, p.13).

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