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For the Week of April 29, 2010

The Aquarium Age is a report on the general astrological patterns of the coming week for all signs, not just Aquariums.

There's simply no way to predict what this week's astral weather will deliver. I'm writing five days prior to the fourth exact Saturn/Uranus opposition, and you're likely to be reading this column two or three days after that potent contact. But the dilemma of taking this week's pulse isn't purely a timing issue. First, Uranus interactions always indicate unforeseen plot twists. Second, we don't experience the full effect of difficult astrological interactions until the planets start to separate and the tension releases. What's more, because there has been so much disruption since this series of oppositions began in September 2008, it's not possible to know the overall effect until well after the last opposition, which occurs on July 26. But that doesn't mean we won't be reactive to the upheaval and the uncertainty. For the next several months, the psychic and emotional atmosphere will grow increasingly erratic and unsettled. Expect the unexpected is the best advice I can offer. And don't be surprised if daily life resembles plot twists and time signatures as complex as the final episodes of Lost. 

Volcanic eruptions seem to be a part of the Saturn/Uranus disruption. Eyjafjallajokull and the power of its smoke cloud are a dynamic metaphor for the power of Saturn/Uranus. It not only disrupted the routines of daily life. It also offered a pretty obvious signal of nature's ultimate power. We may think we are in control, but on closer observation not really. I've been fascinated with this plume, awestruck by the simplicity of its effect: Mother Earth is letting us know who has the power. Many of the comments I've read online have commented on an angry Mother Earth—and just in time for Earth Day. But there have also been many more comments on the undeniable interconnectedness of our lives. If only we could extend that awareness to all the areas of life, not just air travel.

By the time you read this Katla may have erupted as well, triggering even greater travel and commerce chaos. In my volcanic stupor, I did a little research, looking up the other dates of Katla's eruptions. The last major Katla event was in 1918, and curiously, under a Uranus/Saturn opposition; Saturn was in Leo, and Uranus, in Aquarius. Uranus is active in the charts of all nine recorded Katla eruptions, which makes sense if you think about Uranus as the symbol of explosive events that disrupt and disturb. But don't whip out those astro proof-meters just yet. To draw any serious correlation between earthquakes and Uranus, the research would have to cover all known earthquake events over a substantial period of time.

But I am not searching for proof of astrology's validity. I am simply curious about the condition our condition is in. I am content to look at Eyjajallajokull's plume, as well as the possibility of Katla's eruption, as archetypes of the collective unconscious. From that view, volcanic eruptions symbolize violent emotional outbursts, the inability to contain psychic pressures, or long repressed and suppressed feelings that refuse to stay dormant or denied—an apt archetype for our cultural milieu.

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