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The Dixie Chicks, country music’s sassy, rockin’ breakout trio, are flying high on gold and platinum success and numerous awards. Called “the badass queen pins of country,” by Rolling Stone, they are the freshest thing to ever turn the country music industry on its ear. Beautiful, independent and irreverent, with a penchant for shaking up the status quo, The Chicks do things their way. Astrology gives us clues about their tight friendship, awesome talent and phenomenal popularity.

Flying High

Natalie Maines, Martie Seidel and Emily Robison, two Sun sign Libras and a Leo, respectively, are a combination of fire and air at its best. With multiple positive and energizing connections between planets in the fire and air signs reverberating between their astrological charts, they are inseparable, exuberant partners and are pure creative inspiration to each other. The extremely strong, shared Libra-Venus energy lends itself naturally to the beautiful signature harmonies of the group. The inferno of energy they expend in television appearances, photo shoots, interviews, pet causes like The World Wildlife Fund and their own web site—not to mention recording and touring—is exuberant and boundless.

It’s A Chick Thing

Two of the women, Natalie and Martie, were born when Uranus, the ruler of rebels and the unexpected, was very close to the Sun in airy Libra. The Chicks tattoo little chicken tracks on their feet for each number one single, turned an Irish ditty into a country hit and wouldn’t be caught dead looking like Dolly Parton or Tammy Wynette. They've been teased about their funky wardrobe and praised for their creative bravery. In an industry where female vocalists who play their own instruments are pretty rare, talented Martie and Emily wouldn’t think of trusting someone else with their musical vision, and as good as they are, nobody’s arguing with them. Other country music stars like Shania Twain have bucked tradition and been sharply criticized for it, but old school Nashville indulges the intrepid Chicks like mischievous, brilliant children, as entertained and bemused by their surprising approach as the rest of their fans.

Water Magic

The original songs they write and the work they select from other songwriters all reflect their focus on relationships, individuality and personal strength. Even their album titles, Wide Open Spaces and Fly, refer to the space and freedom so integral to the happiness of air and fire signs; but it may very well be the water element in their charts that bonds them together and gives them their superstar edge.

In their deepest and most personal perception and expression, the women share the creative, intuitive signature of the water element. The Dixie Chicks are inspired and compelled by the tides of their emotions and the all-consuming need to understand and communicate the truth about the human heart. The three women are so emotionally and mentally in tune with each other that their experiences likely border on the psychic; the energies they use to relate to each other flow and wind around them like their flawless harmonies.

Deep in the Heart

In Natalie’s extraordinary chart, we find her security and fears (Saturn), her opportunities and philosophical leanings (Jupiter) and her style of communication and thinking (Mercury) all in intuitive, emotional, complimentary water signs (a wide grand water trine). Her Mercury in Scorpio is particularly highlighted in her work with her musical partners, and reveals itself in her powerful, emotional singing, her chin-out, “Don’t Mess With Me” attitude and her fearless forays into the very heart of love and relationships. She has a penetrating, investigative mind, a talent for pulling the deeper meaning out of her experiences and makes decisions based on “gut” feelings.

This ties her to sisters Martie and Emily in deep and profound ways. Though the sisters are connected in other ways—a Virgoan work ethic and drive for musical perfection, among others—twin Scorpio Moons give the siblings an intense, probing emotional make-up. (Although we do not have an exact time of birth for the sisters, and therefore it is difficult to tell precisely where the Moon is, it is likely that they both have Scorpio Moons.) Plumbing the depths of their souls is something they revel in and simply must do.

The title track to their latest album, Fly, is a frank, unsentimental confrontation of the need to let go—a bare-boned, painful lesson we all learn eventually. In true Scorpio style, This Texas trio is not afraid to touch where it hurts, and Natalie’s Mercury is here to tell us all about it. Even the cheeky, controversial “Goodbye Earle,” songwriter Dennis Linde’s story about two girlfriends murdering an abusive husband, is classically Scorpionic. Gathering plenty of flack for the seemingly pro-violence lyrics in that song (some radio stations have refused to play it), the Chicks insist that they recorded it all in fun; but one can’t help believing that their attraction to the song goes a little deeper: Printed inside the Fly CD insert at the end of the lyrics is the statement, “The Dixie Chicks do not advocate premeditated murder, but love getting even.”

Whether they’re weaving pure, aching harmony or belting out raw, go-to-hell country blues, The Dixie Chicks speak to our hearts. The nature of the receptive, compassionate water element naturally taps into something collective in our souls, expressing so much that seems unexpressible, and endearing them to millions. During their summer North American tour, conditions couldn’t be more favorable for the Chicks; their future is wide open and the audience is ready to “Loosen Up Those Chains And Dance.”



Sharyn Smith is a freelance writer and life-long student of astrology. She is a former newspaper staff reporter and columnist and now publishes her independent articles and editorials on the Internet.

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