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Al Gore's selection of Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman as his running mate is being interpreted as a way to separate himself from the personal scandals of President Bill Clinton. Lieberman is best known for his condemnation of Clinton's liaison with Monica Lewinsky.

A conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn occurs every twenty years. It arrived in late May of this year at 23 degrees of Taurus in close conjunction with Saturn, Mars and Uranus in Lieberman's birth chart. Jupiter symbolizes both opportunity and righteousness. Saturn is the planet of integrity and accomplishment. This socially significant pair's connection with Lieberman's chart reflects the Senator's rise in status based on his reputation as a man of solid moral principles.

Transiting Jupiter is now in Gemini closely approaching the Senator's natal Jupiter in late September. However, Jupiter will then turn retrograde and will not make the exact conjunction until April 2001. This "not quite Jupiter return" is another indicator of expansion in Lieberman's life.

Uranus, the planet of innovation and surprises, is presently conjunct the Ascendant in Lieberman's chart (if the 7:00 am birth time is correct). This corresponds with his unexpected nomination as the Democratic candidate for Vice-President. It is the first time a Jewish person has been placed on the national ticket of a major political party.

Birth data source: Lois Rodden of AstroDatabank. From memory (A) Tony Louis quotes a close friend of the Lieberman family, "around 7:00 AM."

Editor's Note: Since this article was published, StarIQ has received two additional conflicting birth times for Joe Lieberman. When we are able to confirm which is correct, we will adjust his chart accordingly.


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